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Changeling PC

Player: Oliver Hong
Character: Epicarus
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Flamesiren
Court: Spring
Freehold: Freehold of the Bitten Apple, NYC
VST: Ephraim Gregor

Character Information

Name: Epicarus

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Flamesiren

Court: Spring

Title or Position: Spring Monarch

Notable Traits:

Mein- You know that cover of the album cover art of Pink Floyd’s “Wish you were here”? Well, imagine the guy who’s on fire, but make the flames blue, and carve a slender, pretty face on that mug. There's a faint smell of butane gas around him, and his flames sound like jets coming out of a brulee torch.

Mask- Think a late 20s-ish Anthony Bourdain dressed with all the best clothes of the local goodwill. Hand-me-down Polo shirts and scuffed-just-right oxfords, designer jeans faded by the throes of several industrial washing machines.

Mantle (Spring 1)- A warm spring night, muddle with mixed conversations, garnish with the clattering of silverware. Shake gently. Serve neat.


  • He has a drinking problem.
  • He doesn’t have a drinking problem.
  • The reason he’s so salty because he’s drunk all the time.
  • He’s not that drunk.
  • Either way, have you tried his cooking? It’s good. Maybe a bit too good.
  • The way he handles drugs is puzzling for a Spring Monarch, he'll trust the people around him with his wallet and his phone when he's on something other than alcohol. You'd expect someone from the Emerald Court to blow his cash on drugs all the time.


  • "I thought you were just being springy and facetious." "I was being springy and facetious, I was also telling the truth." -Personal Quote
  • ""I guess his Desire is to be a downer." - Ryan Olson
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OOC Information

Player:Oliver Hong

MES Number: US2016020012

Location: New York, NY