Erhard Dresner

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Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: Tri-Cities
Player: Geoff Chastain
Storyteller: VST Raymond Peterson

Name: Erhard (Earl) Dresner
Clan: Brujah
Social Class: Neonate
Status: Loyal(X4), Victorious

Information Known by Kindred Society

Zeppelin Doc.jpeg

Earl generally comes across as rude, ignorant, and loud. Those who get past that quickly discover that Earl is actually kind and studious.

He fashions himself a bit of a renaissance man, dividing his free time between working on his prized Zeppelin, studying various sciences, and searching for hidden knowledge.

Though he often does not reveal this fact until faced with a situation in which physical violence is the only answer, he has mastered several fighting styles, including several martial arts, boxing, and Bartitsu.

Earl is the Brujah Warlord of the North West.


Earl's Lineage is Completely unknown.

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  • Earl is here to spy on us.
  • Earl left Germany, Destroying all ties he had there, at the start of World War II.
  • Earl is the head of a secret organization which has eliminated several Kindred.
  • He was chosen as Brujah Warlord of the West, because he was willing to "keep an eye" on his Clanmates locally.
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  • "He comes across as being simple at first, but Earl somehow turns what seem like bad decisions to his advantage." - Juice
  • "He seemed a decent sort, but I shall not "drink in advance on the hide of a bear", as an old saying goes." - Eileen Vargas
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Timeline - OOC

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Player Info

Player: Geoff Chastain

Cam Number: US2013050149

Home Domain: Tri-Cities, WA