Erhard of Minden

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Acknowledged within the Camarilla

Confirmed as an Elder

Established as an Elder

Privileged as an Elder

Noble as Primogen


Erhard of Minden

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Raleigh, NC
Player: Jacob Tessendorf
Storyteller: Andrew T. Hermann
Erhard of Minden

Notable Traits

  • Erhard is missing his right eye
  • When he is stressed he often drops into German
  • Often he will walk around barefoot

Known to Kindred Society

  • Erhard is known to be active in the Tower in the 1690's
  • Erhard specializes in extracting truth, but will only do this upon request from a Prince or Archon.

Known to Local Kindred

  • For a long period of time Erhard actually resided in Winston-Salem
  • He refuses to use a phone or carry any modern technology

Known to Clan Malkavian

  • Erhard is a member of the Thought Police
  • No one seems to know who his Sire is.



Words on the Street


  • He eats babies.
  • He makes Daughters of Cacophony shake in their boots.
  • He's obsessed with the Tower.
  • He's not humane.
  • He's will reporgram your personality if you are not careful.


  • "It is an honor and a privilege to be a pupil of Elder Erhard. He has changed my perspective and enlightened me in many ways in a very short period of time. I admire him greatly."- Charlotte Belle
  • "Elder Erhard is a learned Scholar and very wise he is what I hope to be in 500 years."- Sir Vince Black
  • "For a Seer, his vision is incredibly narrow." - Maxwell Usher
  • "He never fails to remind me why his kind make my hair stand on end. Creepy fuck.. Polite, though. Guess that's somethin'." - Lexi