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Retired from play.

Camarilla/Anarch PC

Erica Kain, Keeper of Cleveland, University Librarian

Character: Erica Kain
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Keeper of Elysium
Status: 10
Domain: OH-022-D
VST: VST Casey Hearn

Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Cleveland, OH
Player: {{{p}}}
Storyteller: VST Casey Hearn

Character Information

Name: Erica Kain
Clan: Tremere
Apparent age: 35

Title or Position
Keeper of Elysium of the Sixth City
Tremere Primogen of Cleveland

Status: 10

  • Acknowledged as a Member of the Camarilla (Abiding)
  • Enforcer and Guardian as Keeper of Elysium of Cleveland (Abiding)
  • Noble as Tremere Primogen of Cleveland (Abiding)
  • Confirmed as Ancilla. (Abiding)
  • Favored by Elder Amadeo Durante of Atlanta, GA. (Fleeting)
  • Favored by Elder Ventrue Jokero Anansi of Cleveland, Ohio (Fleeting)
  • Favored by Elder Torquil of Cleveland, Ohio (Fleeting)
  • Courageous by Elder Prince Martin Shallow of Cleveland, Ohio. (Fleeting)
  • Acclaimed by Archon Kilroy, in service to her Grace, Justicar Marissa Cole. (Fleeting)

Tremere-only information

Physical Description

  • 5'2', average weight, very nice curves. Dresses conservatively, usually in a business suit or a cardigan and khakis. Always wears a blue scarf,always has a tooth pick in her mouth, and wears a distinct purple pennant. Very rarely will you see her in anything less than modest, unless the mood strikes her.
Erica Kain and her sire, Zoe De Medici


Notable Traits:

  • She constantly has to ask others to repeat themselves. She should really get a hearing aide.
  • Her property, Gareth, is never far from her side. She treats him as one of her prized possessions, the pinnacle of excellence for a ghoul.


All of this information is OOC until learned IC.

  • She's the University librarian of Case Western Reserve University. She owes her new job to her connections with Percival Berkshire. She's a rather private person.
  • Type-A personality, driven, and motivated. Peel back the layers of the onion, however, and you may find a more intriguing character.
  • Went through a plethora of abuse before and after her embrace. Has a tendency to lock it away tight.
  • Was a research assistant for a certain Brujah Scholar throughout the 1990's into the 2000's.
  • Seen as somewhat of a prodigy when it comes to picking up and learning about Kindred society. So much so, that she's become an ancilla. But there's still whispers about her because of the age of her sire and why she's superseded her in station.

Known Associates

All of this information is OOC until learned IC.


  • A certain Brujah elder, Nicholas Ewing,finds her to be the first useful Tremere he's known.
  • Her hunger for knowledge and information is even more insatiable than most Nosferatu. You might even want to go for her for information before you ask a Nosferatu.
  • Her skill set is more diverse than the run of the mill Tremere.
  • Though she's a meek librarian, she breaks every stereotype and is the first on the scene to defend the Camarilla.
  • She's thinking about changing her name to avoid being made fun of. She was born when All My Children was created.
  • She may have a staking and boxing fetish. Especially when it comes to Arthur "Anon" Campori.
  • She really has a strong desire to be friends with Christopher Maurice. Wants to organize a book club with him. He refused. She thinks he's a hypocrite now as a golconda seeker who makes judgements against kindred without getting to know them.
  • The only person that can make her relax is Zoe De Medici. That may have changed recently, though.
  • Was she really embraced just recently or is she much older than she claims, her actions and abilities might lead you to believe that latter.
  • She's actually the childe of Genesis, hence why she's a lot older than she's giving on.
  • Was the motivating force behind the movement for 24/7 university libraries. A campus hero to the late night crammer.
  • Does she really have kinky sex with her graduate assistant in the stacks, or is that just a campus myth.
  • Was she really supposed to be a Brujah?
  • If it weren't for a specific person, she would still be in the long sleep.
  • Seen recently with a huge ruby on her finger. Is it from that mousy toreador?
  • Is the real Tremere in charge in Cleveland.
  • Really, really, obsessed with France.
  • Unknowingly insulted a Ventrue Prince while at the gathering in Nashville.
  • One of her biggest goals is to eliminate the prevailing Tremere hatred in Cleveland.
  • Her property is really well trained. He follows her around like a sick puppy. He got whipped after pissing off Ulfric the Seer, the Nosferatu primogen, for being around while Ulfric was talking to Erica.
  • She trains and breeds ghouls using genetic engineering. She's a kindred Darwin. Or perhaps, she just has a good science mentor.
  • Is a member of Goring's Gamble by the recommendation of Elder Torquil.
  • Was almost killed by Goodman Goring for challenging him over a philosophical matter about how she fights for the righteous causes over gold.


  • "I liked much better when the Tremere were in their holes reading books but this one is now with a licence to stab. I am slightly concerned as to what she is doing with the riff raff she is catching." - Edward O'Neill
  • "I must say there was one good thing to come from Temple's short reign, he managed to name a halfway decent Scourge in this one." - Spencer
  • "As long as she keeps the Sabbat from our doorstep, she's alright in my book." - Isobel O'Neill
  • "I think the Tremere I like the most is also the one most likely to have blood on her hands." - Gregory Knight
  • "Erica has constantly made me proud. She just needs to slow down and have some fun every once and a while." - Zoe De Medici
  • "You don't have to be afraid Erica we're your friends just let it out. You don't have to repress how you feel."- Lydia Brooks
  • "Strong in mind and body, this one knows what she is doing. Very useful."- Margareta Sasul
  • "I found her to be quite a capable research assistant; I believe she ended up in precisely the right Clan to further her knowledge."- Eileen Vargas
  • "An excellent and effective Tremere. She will go far." - Zahra Blanc
  • "Quite an enchanting woman, even for a Tremere. I would enjoy getting to know her better." - Cadance
  • "Add your quotes here." - You

Character Inspirations

"When I was young I had such a vision of myself. I dreamed I'd be someone to be reckoned with, you know, in the world. But one learns one's scale. I've such a dread of ending my days alone. But recently, I've allowed myself to think that I may not be. Am I wrong?"
  • "Erica Kane" played by Susan Lucci in All My Children---For namesake and as an antithesis.
"Why on earth would I bear my scars to you?"
"[W]here was Providence? Perhaps, like that other god of whom the ironical Tishbite spoke, he was talking, or he was pursuing, or he was in a journey, or peradventure he was sleeping and was not to be awaked."

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