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Seeming-Ogre.png Erik Mason, PI Court-winter.png|Entitlement Knighthood of the Utmost Silence.jpg


Changeling PC

Player: Ryan Van Every
Character: Erik Mason, PI
Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Cyclopean (Triclops)
Court: Winter
Freehold: The Freehold of the Oaken Refuge (Des Moines, IA)
VST: Alex Pudans

Character Information

This information is public consumption for Changelings via rumors, contacts, etc. Feel free to contact me for ties.

Name: Erik Mason, PI

Seeming: Ogre

Kith: Cyclopean (Triclops)

Entitlement: The Knighthood of Utmost Silence

Court: Winter

Notable Traits: Winter Mantle 3

Title or Position: Silent Knight; Defender, Freehold of the Oaken Refuge



Mask: A well-built man in his mid 40s.

Mein: A triclops with a patch covering his third eye, and skin the color of ice. He bears an image of winter on his face and ice covers the area where his mouth should be. He always blends into his surroundings, just a little (Winter Mantle: 3) making it difficult to observe his finer features. If provoked, Erik will invoke the deathly cold of winter into pure cold energy around his hands to fight (Lethal Mein).

Mantle: When his mantle flares, wisps of snow and ice flow around him.


Still to come.

LAF Investigations & Security Consultations, LLC

We'll help you put the pieces together.

Description: LAF Investigations & Security Consultations, LLC is a small private investigation firm. The fees are reasonable and the work is second to none.

Clientele: Erik will help anyone who needs help finding someone or something.

Location: Des Moines, IA

Acquaintances, Friends and Enemies


  • Professor Alan Lansky - A Wizened Inventor of THOTH who I have spoken with on a couple of occasions. This guy is good. I once saw him build am Automaton in a matter of minutes.
  • Stogie - He's a business man, and he knows business better than anyone I've ever met. I have spoken with him on a few occasions.
  • Jason Whitemarsh - He is an incredible man. The work he does for children is unprecedented. His charity sets the bar for any others like it. Just don't toss his name around lightly, even if it is for an important purpose. It just makes him mad. I would stand side-by-side with him in any battle.
  • Cilia - A Darkling Mirrorskin who I have crossed paths with on a couple of occasions. Though she serves the Dusk Court, she is still respected by fellow members of the Court of Sorrow. I would not want to be on the receiving end of her blade, that's for sure.
  • Lolly Jenkins - A Darkling Gravewight, who, like me, is very good at finding things. She is learning the ways of a Private Investigator, and I think she will make a damn good one, when the time comes.


  • Vargus - What can I say? An Elemental Fireheart that I would trust with my life. He was the first Changeling I encountered upon my escape. He was the first true friend in my "new" life. He kept me alive in the Hedge while we searched for the way to get me back home.
  • Barry Greene - An Elemental Woodblood that I trust and respect. He is a brother in arms or rather a protege. I took him under my wing to teach him the ways of the Silent Knights. He believes in the same ideals as I do and wants to help others as he was helped.

Still working on more. You wanna be my friend?


The True Fae (Obviously). Especially The Hunter and The Sadist.

Motley Information

Erik has no Motley of his own yet.

OOC Information

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Player: Ryan Van Every

MES Number: US2004061576

Titles: AVST NPCs Accord

Location: Des Moines, IA

Other Characters

Christopher Stevens - Accord; Wizened, Inventor, The Honorable Order of the Third Hour