Estevan Rodriguez

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Accord PC

Estevan Rodriguez Portrait.png
Player: Allen Aguillard
Creature Type: Hunter
Conspiracy: Les Mysteres
City: Lake Charles, LA
VST: LA008D Accord

Character Information


Estevan Rodriguez
The Solar Priest




Lake Charles ()

Creature Type

Template: Hunter
Profession: Religious Leader
Conspiracy: Les Mysteres (•••••)
Crossroad: Path of the Soul
Other: Enchanted Mortal, Natural Medium, Sleepwalker

Character Description

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 152 lbs
Notable Merits:

  • A Little Knowledge
  • Anonymity ••
  • Enchanted Mortal ••
  • Indomitable •••
  • Locus-Drinker •••
  • Natural Medium •••••
  • Residual Spirit Energy ••
  • Inspiring ••••
  • Well Traveled
  • Pleasing Aura •••
  • Sleepwalker •••
  • Striking Looks ••••
  • Whispers
  • Dreams ••


Xiuh (Spiritual): A Helion that appears as a Quetzalcoatl.



01/23/1981: Estevan is Born

04/26/1989: Estevan is taken to Arcadia by a Loyalist but is intercepted and rescued by a Changeling

05/20/1989: Estevan begins showing signs of Spiritual nature

07/23/1990: Estevan is recruited by a local Cartel who follow ancient Aztec beliefs

09/24/1991: Estevan is Ridden for the first time

06/23/1996: Estevan begins his work as a priest for the Cartel, having the spirits aid him.

03/23/1998: Estevan starts a temple of his own

06/27/2009: A pack of Forsaken attack and destroy the Cartel, since there where members of the Pure that were part of it.

09/23/2009: Estevan has the leader of the Pack of forsaken immolated by the spirits.

09/24/2009: Estevan becomes a pacifist.

06/23/2010: Estevan retires from the drug trade, and serves the temple full time.

09/24/2015: After a peaceful life, the temple is attacked and destroyed by Servants of the truth seeking to draw power from it.

10/23/2015: Travels to America, after learning of the Accord who fights the Truth and then Joins the Accord.

11/10/2015: Les Mystreres assign him a new Disciple

01/02/2016: Arrives in Lake Charles, LA



Add looking for other Spirit Emissaries, Pure, Changeling, or Purified allies as well as Forsaken enemies from he past.


Quotes by Estevan

Quotes about Estevan



"Voodoo" by Godsmack
"Soy Parrandero" by Los Tucanes De Tijuana
"I'm Not Jesus", by Apocalyptica ft. Corey Taylor
"Santeria", by Sublime
"Irresistible", by Fall Out Boy ft. Demi Lovato
"Livin' La Vida Loca", by Ricky Martin
"Lie, Cheat & Stea", by Jim Johnston

OOC Information

Player:Allen Aguillard

MES Number: US2012040114

Location: Lake Charles, LA