Eugene Hawthorne

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Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Milwaukee, WI
Player: GL ARST Masq CAI
Storyteller: GL ARST Masq CAI

Sire: Malcolm O'Shea (Anarch)
Residence: Milwaukee
Acknowledged as a member of the Camarilla
Confirmed as an Ancilla of the Camarilla
Noble as Primogen of the Toreador of Milwaukee
Courteous by Prince Vladimir Penzl of Milwaukee
Loyal by Harpy Adrianna Tiernay of Twin Cities
Honorable by Prince Monique Preusen of Twin Cities

Notable Traits: Eugene Hawthorne can be socially awkward at times, but his brilliance is doubted by none. He always has an air of grace about him, fueled by patience to outlast his opponents.

Information Known by Kindred Society

The information below is reasonably available to characters of the Masquerade Camarilla/Anarch/Independents continuity. Some subsections are marked as available knowledge only for certain groups of characters, and thus would not be known by every character.

Known by Kindred Society At Large

Eugene Hawthorne was acknowledged as a member of the Camarilla in 1886, when he moved to Milwaukee, where he sought to make a name for himself in the Clan Toreador and the Camarilla, and where he has lived ever since.

Eugene Hawthorne is known to be somewhat eccentric, but his grand vision for urban planning is known far and wide. It was his effort in the late 1800s that arranged for Frederick Law Olmsted being brought in to design Milwaukee's "Necklace of Parks". In fact, nearly all of Milwaukee's urban planning since the 1890s has been done by Hawthorne, and what he didn't do himself, he oversaw and manipulated. Such talent has been noted by many Kindred of the Lakes-Mississippi Heartland.

Hawthorne is known to be the target of an incredible amount of wrath by Prince Vladimir Penzl, but the Toreador always bears it with an air of grace, apparently counting on his belief that the elder Nosferatu tyrant will tire with his rage eventually. Sometimes, the prince's wrath is unprovoked. Often, however, Hawthorne brings it upon himself by attempting to make changes to the appearance or layout of the city without consulting the Prince beforehand.

Known by the Harpies

Eugene Hawthorne has occasionally served as Primogen of the Toreador in Milwaukee before the 1980s, but more frequently he has been the city's Harpy. His recent installation as Primogen to replace Lucina has had the effect of removing the patronage of Milwaukee's Toreador Primogen from Archon Samuel Vesper and ultimately reducing him in standing. Furthermore, since Eugene has made no secret of his disapproval of the Archon's rakish ways, this upset effectively means Vesper must seek patronage elsewhere.

Back when that city still thrived, Eugene made the journey south for nearly every gathering held by his clanmate Anabelle Triabell in Chicago. The late harpy was also his patron until her untimely death.

Known by the Clan Toreador

Hawthorne's early career is the stuff of Toreador legend, but not without its trials. Upon his arrival as a fresh young neonate in Milwaukee, he approached his career with legendary rapidity. He undertook two major projects as soon as he had established himself in the local court, using the demands for beautification placed upon him by Prince Pointene as propulsion for his work, and even as a means to cut through the red tape of the city's Kindred affairs among the mortals with the will of the prince behind his words. His strategy was brilliant, though not with out cause for scandal.

Considering how the new 19th-century profession of landscape architecture was not strictly part of the core arts practiced by the Toreador Clan, he put forth the "Necklace of Parks" in Milwaukee (Lake Park, River(side) Park and Washington Park) to establish himself as an artist. At the time, it was whispered among critics that his work in these parks, more the arranging and manipulation behind the mortal work of Frederick Law Olmsted was more suited to a financial patron than an artist. But Hawthorne framed the project in such a way as to relate the land development aspect to the aesthetic of the existing North Point Lighthouse, defending his definition of the project as a higher-level city architectural scheme firmly grounded upon the contemporary outgrowth of landscape architecture and urban planning from the field of architecture in 19th-century Anglophone culture. Many grant that the success of this admittedly beautiful project is worthy of some kind of recognition, but its classification as a work of art is hotly debated. The park project was completed in 1891.

Almost immediately afterwards, as such things are reckoned by Toreador Kindred, he presented his masterpiece for consideration: the Milwaukee City Hall. An uncontroversially architectural piece of his own design (though ostensibly by the local firm of Henry C. Koch), Hawthorne's plans for an ambitious Flemish Renaissance style structure were submitted through the mortal firm and won the competition. (In fact, it's rumored that no Kindred manipulated the choice of the City Council to use his design and that it was clearly ahead of the competition in its own right.) This undertaking of Hawthorne's, also propelled by his financial skills, led to the completion of the Milwaukee City Hall in 1895, with finishing touches such as the installation of the tower bell called "Solomon Juneau" and the clock in the bell tower in 1896. The Milwaukee City Hall was the tallest habitable building in the world until 1899. Given the clearly architectural nature of the piece, and the astounding skill and aesthetic quality of the building on many concrete and symbolic levels (as well as the general recognition of Hawthorne's brilliance in his field), Hawthorne could not be denied his place as a masterful artist, though the speed of his climb was nonetheless quite the upset in Toreador artistic culture.

Further complicating the Clan's image of Hawthorne is that he is generally known to be highly skilled at funding major development projects, meaning that he could easily best many Ventrue financiers at their own specialty, but he has never chosen to pursue that, as he claims it would mean betraying his Clan's traditional caste system of artists.


Sire: Malcolm O'Shea (Anarch)

Note: Those looking for a lineage for their PC or NPC may speak with the GL ARST Cam/Anarch/Indep about lineage ties.


Quotes by Eugene Hawthorne:

  • "Milwaukee has been my favorite canvas so far, even with certain obstructions to the energies within it."

Quotes about Eugene Hawthorne:

  • "Hawthorne's work in this city prior to my arrival was invaluable, but sometimes, I think he forgets to whom this city belongs. That is most unfortunate." - Prince Vladimir Penzl
  • "Eugene Hawthorne has a non-traditional medium but he has been a cornerstone for our clan in the Lakes-Mississippi Heartland for many decades. His civilized manner is always a welcome presence in my Court." - Prince Monique Preusen of Twin Cities
  • "I thought he and I had an understanding of our roles in this city but apparently, his jealousy at my attention to other matters got the better of him." - Harpy Lucina


  • Hawthorne is more closely allied with the Toreadors of L'Etoile du Nord led by Monique Preusen than with the clanmates for whom he now speaks.
  • Hawthorne never kicked his 19th-century fascination with Spiritism, and so he is wont to deal rather too closely with the Clan Giovanni than is politically acceptable.
  • Despite his claim to be a born and bred Boston Brahmin and the English name Hawthorne originating in County Durham, he is suspected to be a Scottish lord in actuality.
  • Hawthorne has very powerful patrons in Clan Toreador - Elders, at least, if not a Methuselah or two.
  • Like any Toreador of his stature, he surely resents having to bow to a cur like Penzl in order to stay near to his masterpiece of city beautification.
  • Karl Meyer could not have achieved the artfulness that is manifest in the Tripoli Shrine Temple without Hawthorne's guidance and tutelage.
  • Hawthorne has a seething hatred for Clan Giovanni, who he blames for the 1950s fall of the cultured "Bronzeville" neighborhood of Milwaukee and for the failure of Clan Toreador to control the Motown music industry.
  • Some say that Hawthorne has much darker interests as well, particularly in matters of ghosts and psychic phenomena.
  • His interest in the supernatural is focused on his mastery of necromancy, which explains his hatred for Clan Giovanni, his primary competitors in the field.
  • Hawthorne did not have have a "+1" for the All Hallow's Eve Toreador Ball 2013.

OOC Information

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