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Changeling PC

Player: Kenneth Wright
Character: Eugene Sweet
Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Brewer
Court: Spring
Freehold: Charleston, SC
VST: Liz Namiotko


Name: Sir Eugene Sweet

Seeming: Wizened

Kith: Brewer

Court: Spring

Title or Position: Knight of the Knowledge of the Tongue

Location: Dew Drops Tavern


Eugene is a rather unassuming man in his mid to early twenties. When he's not dressed in his typical bar-tending outfit, he can be seen wearing his uniform of his Entitlement: black pants and shoes with a white chef's coat. Behind the bar, Eugene is a whirlwind of activity, combining straight-faced but flashy showmanship with timely and quick order management. His time in front of a stove or campfire is equally hectic, but his dishes are masterpieces of taste and craftsmanship. He is difficult to read and doesn't display his emotions well unless he is at work. However, he is always bringing a new flavor blend or a new concoction for people to taste when he's around.

When his Mask slips away in the Hedge, Eugene's skin is a hodgepodge of discolorations resulting from his time in the Pleasure Palace in Arcadia. Most interesting is the back of his hands, which seems to ooze with a sticky, caustic substance resembling a thick jello shot mixture. His chef's coat reveals to be studded with various bottlecaps, and his belt is laden with metal olive spears and vials of various unknown and dangerous chemicals.

Either in or out of the Hedge, Eugene always gives off the smell of fresh berries and, for each person, a favorite type and brand of alcohol. When he so chooses, Eugene can make a strong mixed drink in which the alcohol cannot be detected, making many of his good neighbors question what he pours in their cups.


  • Eugene is Good Neighbors with the Freehold in Charleston, SC. He will not join the Freehold as it will interfere with his duties tending his Bar and his role as a Knight de Cuisine.
  • Eugene is a Knight de Cuisine and prefers the work of the bar and kitchen over the battlefield or banquet hall.


  • Consume responsibly around Eugene.

Customer Reviews

  • "Sir Eugene is quite the gentleman. Perhaps I may allow him to visit my manor, in time." - Evelyn St.Claire
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OOC Information

Player: Kenneth Wright

Member Number: US2012040124

Location: Savannah, GA