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Eva Wolfner
"And I’ll dance with you in Vienna, I’ll be wearing a river’s disguise..." — Leonard Cohen


"Man is not what he thinks he is.
He is what he hides."
— Andre Malraux

Camarilla Uber Allez


by Prince Darla Wilkerson of Seattle

as an Ancilla

as Primogen of Clan Tremere

by Prince Darla Wilkerson of Seattle

by Prince Aquila of Cleveland

House Tremere


Eva Wolfner,
childe of
A. Winchester,
childe of
Captain Sawyer,
childe of
Mr. Mayhew,
childe of

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Chess.jpg Eva Margit Wolfner von Ujpest was born the only child of an ennobled Hungarian leather merchant and a socialite from a family of Viennese art collectors. Educated at the local private Jewish girls' school and by her father’s brother, a rabbi and Kabbalist, who instructed at the Rabbinical Seminary of Budapest, Eva displayed a high level of intelligence and aptitude for strategy games, specifically chess, very early in life. She was especially close to her father, Baron Abraham Wolfner, who, realizing that the training his daughter required was unavailable in Hungary, eventually made the difficult decision to send Eva to live with his younger sister and her husband, a respected solicitor in London. From the age of 13, Eva studied chess under a prominent Grandmaster (among her fellow pupils was female chess prodigy Vera Menchik) while continuing her academic studies with a private tutor and her religious studies via correspondence with her uncle. She learned English assisted by a collection of the short stories of Arthur Conan Doyle, given to her by her aunt.

Eva and her family kept in close contact via letter during her years in London. As she traveled with the Grandmaster, playing in tournaments in Amsterdam, Lausanne, Zurich, Hastings, Liege, San Remo, and Copenhagen, she made every effort to visit Hungary regularly. In the summer of 1936, horrified by the rising tide of anti-Semitism in Europe (particularly in news stories and rumors surrounding the Olympic Games in Berlin) and by Hungary's expanding alliances with Nazi Germany, Eva urged her family to emigrate to London; although he shared his daughter’s concern, Bram Wolfner steadfastly refused to abandon the country his family had called home for more than a century.

Eva Paris.jpg The months that Eva spent in the Wolfner home that summer were to be the last. She did not see her family alive again.

The invasion of Poland by Germany on September 1, 1939 prompted England and France to declare war. In 1940, Hungary officially joined the “Axis” powers. Eva, now a political refugee, applied to the British Foreign Office for wartime service. After undergoing an extensive vetting process (during which her long-time residence in England and her uncle's social and political connections proved invaluable), she was assigned to a post as a code operator in a radio listening station attached to Bletchley Park; her aptitude for logic games and fluency in Hungarian and German were considered assets. Later that year, the Blitz began, forcing Londoners to endure 57 consecutive nights of German air strikes. Eva's aunt and uncle fled with their extended family to the countryside; despite their protests, Eva remained in London to continue her work. She studied French from borrowed textbooks on her lunch hours and at night in the shelters "to pass the time."

After a year of service as a code operator, Eva, anxious to do more for the Aliied effort and hoping to somehow contact her family, applied for a position in the field. After extensive testing and preparation, she was posted as a Special Operations Executive Agent to serve as a wireless operator with a resistance cell in occupied Paris. She was parachuted into a French forest on the night of July 13, 1941 and assumed the cover identity of Violette Caron, a Parisian shopgirl.

Eva BListen.jpg When her knowledge of gematria proved useful in de-crypting a message from a resistance cell in Marseille, Eva came to the attention of a Jewish Tremere ghoul who had attached himself to the movement in Paris. He befriended her and eventually introduced her to an American agent, A. Winchester, a private investigator sent to assist the Paris chantry during the occupation. Eva and Winchester began working closely together.

Eventually, Winchester brought Eva into service with the Tremere, first as a ghoul and then with the Embrace on Christmas Eve, 1943, after several resistance members witnessed the Christmas concert given for the Nazi elite at Notre Dame Cathedral.

Eva Wolfner/Violette Caron was reported Missing/Killed In Action to the British Foreign Office in January, 1944. Later that year, Nazi occupation of Hungary led to mass deportations of Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz-Birkenau. When word of the deportations reached France, Eva requested permission from her sire and superiors to travel to Hungary to attempt to aid her family. She was denied on the grounds that travel was far too perilous and that she must relinquish all remaining ties to her mortal life.


Eva dot1.png 1943 — 1946: Paris, France
Eva dot1.png 1946: Boston, Massachusetts.
Attends 9th Conclave, in service as an assistant for higher ranked members of her clan.
Eva dot1.png 1946 — 1950: Paris, France
Eva dot1.png 1950 — 1971: Washington, D.C./Various.
While resident in the Washington, D.C. chantry, travels extensively, working with task forces dedicated to hunting down and eradicating diabolists, hunters, and rogues in: Targoviste, Romania (1955); Vratsa, Bulgaria (1957); Bialystok, Poland (1960); and Brno, Czechoslovakia (1962).
Eva dot1.png 1959: Vienna, Austria.
Attends 10th Conclave.
Eva dot1.png 1971: Eastern Europe.
Disappears while on assignment.
Eva dot1.png 1981 — 1991: Washington, D.C./Various States
Reappears in Kindred society, traveling with Captain Thomas Sawyer. The pair spend a decade visiting many established chantries in the continental United States.
Eva dot1.png 1998: Vienna, Austria.
Attends 13th Conclave.
Eva dot1.png 1992 — Present: Seattle, WA.
Takes up residence in Seattle to assist Sawyer and other members of House and Clan in re-establishing the Clan’s presence and reputation following atrocities performed by the notorious Regent Cornell (NPC) in that city. Becomes an original signatory to the Seven Hills Compact and a founding member of The Glass Pyramid. Continues missions, traveling with various teams to: Cetinge, Montenegro (1995); Makarska, Croatia (1997); Odessa, Ukraine (2000); and Sofia, Bulgaria (2005).

Eva Priv.png
Eva Portrait.jpg While Eva Wolfner has established a reputation for leading thorough and efficient investigative teams and strike forces against diabolists, hunter cells, and Sabbat, rumors have surfaced from time to time that the ostensibly dignified grandchilde of Captain Thomas Sawyer has a temper ferocious enough to rival any Brujah — and that her difficulties controlling it have landed her in hot water with her superiors more than once, preventing her ascension through the ranks.

Despite this whisper of notoriety (or, perhaps, because of it), Eva has been sought out, again and again, by members of the Camarilla who require assistance with eradicating occult threats to the Tower. She does so quickly, cleanly, and — most importantly of all — quietly.

Eva prefers to wear professional attire that is feminine, but functional. When she is working (which is almost always), she prefers suits paired with knee-high, 20-hole black Doc Martens, trench coats or leather jackets, and leather gloves. She wears jeans or black BDUs when in the field.

Eva hound.jpg
Her colors are dark or neutral, and her jewelry is kept to an absolute minimum; she frequently wears only a pair of pearl earrings. When she is not working (or playing on assignment), she prefers simply cut dresses, often in black, but occasionally in jewel tones with striking “statement” accessories. Any stones she wears are real. No matter the situation, her lips are always blood red.

Eva is known to be a staunch ally and defender of the Camarilla, and clearly has a special affinity for the Clan of Kings, exemplified by her role as Liaison to the Ventrue for The Glass Pyramid. She is almost always accompanied by a massive black wolfhound.

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Eva Quotes.png

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Eva Mata.jpg Eva dot.png "I have rarely been so sure of a decision as I was the night I brought her back into the waking world. I needed her zeal, her intellect, and her excellence. It was selfish of me to rouse her from her torpor to further my cause, but I cannot bring myself to regret it."Captain Thomas Sawyer
Eva dot.png "It is said that behind every great man is a great woman crafting all designs of fortune. It is, perhaps, God's greatest irony that the woman who stands so diligently beside me...counts herself from a Clan I so long loathed. The Almighty works in mysterious ways, indeed."Benjamin Baker Chapel
Eva dot.png "An elegant lady is like an elegant weapon. Beautiful in stillness, but deadly when her steel is unleashed."Tamerlane
Eva dot.png "I well-remember my first sight of Eva: defiant, beautiful, a bright star in the dark field of wartime France. Why does any Kindred embrace a mortal? Some may do so for purely practical reasons, coldly calculating the benefit of bringing a new Kindred into being. I far prefer to follow my heart."A. Winchester
Eva dot.png "She has been spoken of to me quite highly, and my first impressions of her certainly seem to prove their claims correct. I believe our future associations will prove most interesting."Mina Chandler
Eva dot.png "Fraulein Wolfner and I understand each other in a way that...that very few could understand. I cherish that we are here to have that understanding even as I curse the reasons for it."David Daniel Steiner
Eva dot.png Wolfner's dog's name is short for "Ejszaka"'--"night" in Hungarian--and she speaks to him exclusively in her first language.
Eva dot.png It has been suggested that Wolfner was demoted from her previous rank as a result of actually coming to blows with a fellow Tremere while debating a point of scholarship.
Eva dot.png There's no "suggestion" to it--Wolfner punched Viktor Cantemir! That she walks among us these nights is a testimony to the formidable Elder's grace and restraint.
Eva dot.png Wolfner's armoured black LR4 was presented to her as a gift from her colleagues after she crashed no fewer than five chantry vehicles while on assignment.
Eva dot.png "I don't know everything about her, but I know enough. She comes from a culture based on rules, and has surived chaos and fire and blood more gruesome than you are likely to wield. So no, I won't claim that she is under my protection. I expect she hardly needs it." — Michael Cayhill, Elder of House Constantinian
Eva dot.png "Hm? Oh, yes, I'm very fond of Eva. I'm not actually at liberty to discuss it, but there was a thing where she did a thing to a thing with a thing and saved my thing from the thing. And I'm pretty much eternally grateful for that, even if I can't look at her without hearing 'Don't Cry For Me Argentina'. I hate that song."Alexis Godot, betwixt cheery renditions of not-quite-famous showtunes
Eva dot.png "My mentor Viktor warned me of her weak hold on her temper, I have only observed her exceptional levels of professionalism and brilliance . I applaude Capt Sawyer's difficult choice and hope that we may only see great things from her.."Alister MacArthur
Eva dot.png "Captain Sawyer speaks highly of her. I do hope she has learned her mistakes, an uncontrollable temper can be a terrible burden."Viktor Cantemir
Eva dot.png "It is not always an easy thing, to be chosen to carry knowledge that others secretly fear; it is rare that one so chosen carries the task with skill and pride."Eileen Vargas
Eva dot.png "Ms. Wolfner is a charming lady. Perhaps, if time is kind, I will find myself in discussion with her, again."Orenna Komnenos
Eva dot.png "Quote."Character Name

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Eva Signs.jpg Eva dot.png Character Name"Quote you left for an associate."
Eva dot.png Character Name"Quote you left for an associate."

Eva Wolfner

Player: Leigh
Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Tremere
Sect Status: 4
Domain: Seattle, WA
VST: Seattle VST

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