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"Salvus erit sic tamen quasi per ignem."

Camarilla Uber Alles


in Seattle and Austin

Confirmed, Established, and Privileged
as an Elder

Noble and Commander
as an Archon to Justicar Marissa Cole

House Tremere


Evelyn Atwood,

Childe of
Porfirio Dos Santos
Childe of
Childe of
Childe of

Origin Atwood.png
Magic Circle


Atwood dot2.png1622 - 1637Cambridge, England
Atwood dot2.png1637 - 1667HMS Ultimate, The Caribbean
Atwood dot2.png1667 - 1667Veracruz, Mexico
Atwood dot2.png1667 - 1689Mexico City, Mexico
(Ghouled to a Camarilla domitor)
Atwood dot2.png1689 - 1888Mexico City, Mexico
(Tremere Antitribu,
House Goratrix)
Atwood dot2.png1889 - 1946Seattle, WA (Sabbat)
Atwood dot2.png1946 - 1956???
("Debriefing" by the Pyramid)

Atwood dot2.png1956 - 2014Seattle, WA (Camarilla)
Atwood dot2.png2014 - Austin, TX (Camarilla)


Born in Cambridge in the early 17th century, the young Atwood faced involuntary conscription into one of the armies of the Roundhead Rebellion. Choosing neither, he fled to Blackpool and set out on one of His Majesty's privateering vessels, the HMS Ultimate. The next thirty years were a glorious romp through the Golden Age of piracy in the Caribbean, a rum-soaked panoply of sodomized cabin boys and plundering the Spanish.

Atwood met Tamerlane while in port in Veracruz in 1667. His former life faded in a blink, and the erstwhile privateer put two feet on dry land to follow his Domitor inland. Under Tamerlane's tutelage, Atwood received a formal, advanced education. When the fighting in Mexico City grew fiercest between the Sword and the Tower, Atwood was abducted and forcibly embraced by House Goratrix at Palla Grande in 1689--revenge for his former Domitor's successes in the field.

Atwood refuses to speak much of the next two centuries--only that he learned much, met Nenette in a very unlikely place, and eventually ended up relying on Goodman Goring...or being robbed by him, depending on whom you ask. What began in Mexico City ended in Seattle: with the help of Nosferatu allies, Atwood defected from the Sword of Caine in 1946 (for reasons upon which he does not elaborate) and re-emerged in Camarilla society, fully vetted and Acknowledged in 1956.

In 2013, Atwood concluded a two-decade tenure as Primogen of Seattle, helping to repair the damage done by the dastardly former Seneschal, Richard Cornell. He proved reasonably competent in the role, made possible only by his colleagues in The Glass Pyramid.

In 2014, Atwood effected the abdication of Darla Wilkerson and maneuvered Enid Markson into place as successor to Seattle's Throne. He did so while holding no office.

After relocating in late 2014 for reasons not spoken aloud, Atwood currently serves as Primogen of the Tremere in Austin.

In 2015, Atwood became an Archon for Her Grace, Justicar Marissa Cole.

Tremere Only: Atwood is the Regent of Austin. His rank is Regent of the First.

Notes Atwood.png

Atwood dot2.png The Glass Pyramid — (Order)
Atwood dot2.png House Goratrix — (by Embrace)
Atwood dot2.png House Tremere — (by Liberation)
Atwood dot2.png Embraced: October 31, 1689
Atwood dot2.png Former Harpy of Seattle
Atwood dot2.png Current Primogen of Waterloo


Atwood dot2.pngThough he Possesses many different servitors, the curse-brand invariably removes all doubt as to his identity.
Atwood dot2.pngVisible only to other Tremere, the curse-brand smoldering in the center of Evelyn Atwood's forehead is an unmistakable sign of his origins in the Sabbat. It scars his future as indelibly as it inscribes his past.
Atwood dot2.pngAtwood wears a black suit with a purple tie. He almost invariably wears a pair of black horn-rim glasses.
Atwood dot2.pngAtwood's demeanor is calm, his voice even and pleasant.

Assoc Atwood.png

Tamerlane Captain Sawyer Phillip Avery Redgrave Goodman Goring
Nenette Samuel Harverton A. Winchester Richard Adams
Viktor Cantemir Eva Wolfner Wayland Winslow Aquila
Enid Markson Alister Macarthur Tyler Vaughn Alexis Godot
Adalina Marchand Durante Archon Steiner Archon Bellamy Empty

BR Atwood.png

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Atwood Atwood dot2.png"You're a very bad man!" "Oh no, my dear, I'm a very good man. I'm just a very bad wizard."—L. Frank Baum, The Wizard of Oz
Atwood dot2.pngAtwood conjures the demons out of Hell.
Atwood dot2.pngAtwood is an infiltrator for the Sabbat.
Atwood dot2.pngAtwood is considered expendable by the Elders of his Clan, yet somehow survives.
Atwood dot2.pngAtwood has successfully achieved Awakening and has gone on to master all forms of magic.
Atwood dot2.png"A sturdy ship, so long as its pilot is brave and true, will always reach the shore."Tamerlane
Atwood dot2.png"The concepts of damnation and salvation are intriguing to consider, forgiveness seems to be an integral part of the process yet it begs the question: Is there anything that is truly unforgiveable, is there a point of no return? If there exists no act that bars redemption... then is not damnation merely a place for the foolish or the obstinate?"An observation from Phillip Avery Redgrave
Atwood dot2.png"His success isn't in being able to shed the weight of his past, but in having a spirit unbroken by it."Richard Adams
Atwood dot2.png"Of anyone in the Glass Pyramid, I relate to Evelyn the most strongly. I respect his struggle... and that is not always a comforting thought."Viktor Cantemir
Atwood dot2.png"Mister Atwood shows all the poise, grace, and magnetism of a born leader. That his history is so sordid, and his career within our Clan so thoroughly blighted is a great shame. It may, in this singular instance, still be safest to err on the side of caution."Captain Sawyer
Atwood dot2.png"Mister Atwood bears himself impeccably. His movements are always smooth and measured. His voice is always soft yet clear. His gaze is always calm and unblinking. I esteem him immensely. He often terrifies me."A. Winchester
Atwood dot2.png"We have a rapport, he and I. He makes thinly veiled threats, I blow kisses, words are exchanged, and then everything goes back to normal. I initially thought he'd make a good dramatic rival, but Mina said we'd just end up in bed, and she's usually right about these things." — An unusually coherent Alexis Godot
Atwood dot2.png"Mr. Atwood is an asset and proof of our unique political goals....but I will confess one thing: Terrifying is the physician who looks forward to plying his trade for want of recent practice."David Daniel Steiner
Atwood dot2.png"Mssr. Atwood is quite the gentleman. He often gives me more praise than is due."Adalina Durante
Atwood dot2.png[Upon meeting Mr. Atwood] "Have I been charmed? I feel like I've just been charmed."Caston Kane
Atwood dot2.png"A dashing figure and the soul of courtesy; he is the iron of the anvil that shrugs off the hammers blow, and he is the fire that melts the steel to reforge it anew. He is a hard gentleman of valor, stepped living from the prose of a Kipling poem."Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
Atwood dot2.png"I hate to be the smartest person in a room. Fortunately, when I'm with Mr. Atwood, I never need to worry about that."Adeline Bellamy
Atwood dot2.pngTremere Only:"I escaped from my past, but his is always visible. Like a scarlet letter, he has been marked for all time. What a weight that must be."Calvin Hastings
Atwood dot2.png"I saw Mr. Atwood. He made it a point of having himself seen."Zaina
Atwood dot2.png"Mr. Atwood speaks of transparancy but I've found that Kindred who are so publicly transparant often hold the deepest secrets. I admit to some small measure of curiosity but I won't pry. We monsters must stick together afterall." Angelo
Atwood dot2.png"Me and him have more common ground than he might suspect." Tamberland
Atwood dot2.png"He speaks straight forward for a Tremere and a vampire, I haven't decided what that makes me think of him. But for now, I admit I respect his ways."Valerius Giovanni
Atwood dot2.png"One of the few Tremere that I don't outwardly ignore on principle, his perception is keen though. I wonder what sort of occult talks we could have if he was willing to not be flocked by his clan."Michael
Atwood dot2.png"I don't know about angels, but it's fear that gives men wings.."Alexander Nikephoros
Atwood dot2.png"Archon? How delightful. Mr. Atwood has proven that anything is possible with a driving will, an acceptable amount of callousness, and the ability to be charmingly brusque."Alicia Vangelista
Atwood dot2.png"Obviously he only expends his charm when he wants to lull you into a false sense of security. So yes, he can be charming."Nenette
Atwood dot2.png"Archon Atwood, I know everything that goes on in my city."Don Donovan Dunsirn
Atwood dot2.png"Frankly, I hate that you are here in Texas. This state has been a bastion of tradition for a very long time. Now that you’ve come and brought your glass pyramid nonsense here, I find myself on edge and very upset."Walter Rook
Atwood dot2.png"Great, the new Big Bad Evil Guy (TM) is here. If he wants a fight, we'll give it to him. If not, that's cool too."Flynn
Atwood dot2.png"Archon Atwood honored me, not every night one of his station seeks out a meeting with me."'" — Tony D
Atwood dot2.png"He's a shark in the water. Lord help you if he smells blood."Magdalene Lys
Atwood dot2.png"Archon Atwood is something akin to a force of nature. When he speaks, I find myself both unable and entirely unwilling to look away. I respect him a great deal, and pray that with time I'm half the man that he is."Russell Caulfield
Atwood dot2.png"Bottom Line Up Front: I'd do him. If I didn't have to wait in line behind everyone else clamoring for his dick. One Word Is Too Often Profaned."Johnny Rocket
Atwood dot2.png"There once was a man from Nantucket... WHY didn't he just stay there!"X, Alastor
Atwood dot2.png"Evie and I are the best kind of friends. We know exactly what gifts to exchange."Enid Markson
Atwood dot2.png"My first conversation with Archon Atwood was about as awkward as it gets, but I was met with nothing but grace. Hell, I'm still shocked."Tyler Vaughn
Atwood dot2.png"Your Quote goes here."Your Name

OOC Atwood.png

Evelyn Atwood

Player: Zach Corleissen
Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Tremere
Abiding Status: Confirmed, Established, Privileged
Fleeting Status: Acclaimed, Courteous, Honorable, Loyal
Domain: Austin, Texas
VST: Austin Cam/Anarch VST

If you are interested in ties, please feel free to contact me. I'm always up for developing roleplay connections, either as allies or enemies.


Atwood dot2.pngThe Dinner Party — Bear McCreary
Atwood dot2.pngSymphony No. 7, Allegretto — Ludwig Van Beethoven
Atwood dot2.pngThe Nest — Jherek Bischoff
Atwood dot2.pngFandango - Antonio Soler
Atwood dot2.pngGay Pirates — Cosmo Jarvis
Atwood dot2.pngThe Organ of Davy Jones — Hans Zimmer
Atwood dot2.pngArrow (Ghosting Remix) — The Irrepressibles
Atwood dot2.pngDido's Lament - Henry Purcell, Dido & Aeneas
Atwood dot2.pngWhat Power Art Thou? — Henry Purcell, King Arthur
Atwood dot2.pngFire, Burn and Cauldron Bubble — Eduardo Morales-Caso

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