Evelyn St. Claire

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Changeling PC

Player: Mahesh Mohan
Character: Evelyn St. Claire
Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Antiquarian
Court: Autumn
VST: Mitchell Kramer

Character Information

Name: Evelyn St. Claire

Seeming: Darkling

Kith: Antiquarian

Court: Autumn

Notable Traits: Autumn 3, Striking Looks 4, Wyrd 4

Title or Position: Lady Sefton (former), The Baroness Sefton (former), the Viscountess Molyneux (former)



  • "She's *cough* a real Baroness... like actual royalty... that's impressive in and of its own self... but she has a preternatural beauty about her." - Dreyfus Mulligan
  • "An intriguing customer with a healthy sense of curiosity. If she digs any deeper, she'll be rewriting my recipes from memory." - Eugene Sweet
  • "No God-damn help, that's what she is. Little Miss Wingman and a fucking bad influence." - Arc
  • "Hot and not a knot." - T.I.T.


June 15, 1946 - Evelyn is born to Alexander and Cornélie St. Claire in their estate in Liverpool, their only child, thus making her the heiress to the St.Claire fortune, as well as the titles of her father.

1951 - She was a fairly bookish child, spending hours in the estate's library, reading whatever she could find. Her favorite subjects were history and science.

1965 - Accompanied a university professor on a dig in Ankara, learning the ropes of being an archaeologist and discovering she enjoyed the lifestyle, decided to continue it.

1967 - Returned to Liverpool and took up the mantles of the Baroness Sefton, the Lady Sefton, and Viscountess Molneaux the after her father passed away without any other heirs to the title. Her mother had passed away of sickness a few years prior.

1972 - Evelyn was whisked away to Arcadia while on a dig in Cairo. At the precise moment of her disappearance, she was on her way back to the hotel she was staying at from a local club. The title became extinct after her disappearance, since she hadn't named a heir or had a child to continue the line.

1972 - 2002 - The archaeologist was forced to become one of The Scientist's assistants, helping him recover artifacts from dangerous locales within his demesne. Evelyn eventually shifted to a pale-skinned and dark haired beauty from spending so much time in the depths of the earth.

2002 - She escaped her Keeper's domain somewhere with one of his artifacts in her possession, and began to travel the globe again, pondering about how she was going to pick up where she left off. She took care to kill her fetch, ending the imposter's existence as well as destroying any ties she formerly had to the nobility once and for all.

2002 - 2004 - She found her way to a freehold in Des Moines, learning about her new existence, and settled in for two years, before travelling south.

2004 - 2015 - Began establishing a hollow fairly deep inside the hedge outside Manhattan, Kansas as a mirror of the estate she grew up in. She began to establish an archive of knowledge the following year, making contact with the organization known as the Phantom Tong to help her in this regard. Evelyn also hired a few retainers for the upkeep of her hollow while she went on digs to retrieve lost artifacts.


Indiana Jones
Evie O'Connell
Victor Frankenstein

Evelyn St. Claire

OOC Information

Player: Mahesh Mohan

MES Number: US2014110015

Location: NYC