Everitt Lawson

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Everitt Lawson
Clan: Malkavian Malkavian Symbol.png
Sect: Camarilla Sect-Camarilla.png
Player: User: Matthew S. US2002023361 [1]
VSS: Dark River Columbus, GA
ST: User: Nathan P. US2015050103

Everett Lawson is an Elder Malkavian of the Camarilla who has been rumored to have existed since the mid 1600's. Having his origins from New York, he chose to not travel for the first several hundred years of his existence and was strongly invested in the city to which he was born. His economic success was up and down through the years and tended to follow the successes and failures of the mortal population in which he chose to live. It was not until the early 21st century he made his first long distance move and arrived in Southern Georgia.

Character maintains a web page at: http://praxis.twilightbasin.org/
Although the IC page is only accessible by direct access to the computer located in the Columbus Elysium of the Springer Opera House.

Status Traits:
Acknowledged in the Camarilla
Confirmed Elder of the Camarilla
Established Elder of the Camarilla
Privileged Elder of the Camarilla

Elder of the Camarilla
Sheriff of Columbus, GA (8/29/2015 - 10/24/2015)
Prince of Columbus, GA (10/24/2015 - 3/28/2015)


Everitt Lawson

Known Acquaintances:
- Fremonte Crusoe
- ?

- Everett Lawson appears to all observers to be a human being. He possesses a heart beat, breaths, eats food, has a mortals aura and upon questioning will answer that he is in truth still mortal, although he will admit the answer is perhaps more complicated than that. In spite of the evidence, clan Malkavian has vouched for Elder Lawson as a longstanding member of the clan and member of the Camarilla.
- Lawson is an Accountant of the Ivory Tower and charged with maintaining the ethereal books of record for his domain - Lawson has extensive influence into many financial resources for different cities - Missing and presumed dead, last word was given by Prince Fremonte Crusoe who stated that Lawson had mentioned going to the middle east to destroy the progenitor of his clan in order to prevent the coming apocalypses. He has not been heard back from sense.