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Character Information

NAME: Evgeny Ivchenko
CLAN: Pander
Initiated as Sabbat
Loyal by Bishop of War
Loyal by Bishop of Resources


Unpublished - Unknown

Info Known by Kindred Society

Evgeny is a former Russian Mafia enforcer. He came up through the rough streets of Moscow, spent more than one stint in a Siberian prison, and has all of the tattoos to prove it. Fifteen months ago, he was called to the US from Moscow, and embraced by his brother, Yegor.

Evgeny speaks broken English, with various Russian idioms.

As a kindred, his skills in a physical fight are formidable to say the least. He is also a renowned Russian Bowler as well as being an accomplished Russian Juggler.

If you speak Russian: Evgeny speaks Russian with a high class accent, and is clearly eloquent and very well educated in the classics.



  • He's not actually Russian.
  • He's a Russian Prince from the 18th century.


  • "Evgeny Strike!" - Evgeny
  • "I don't understand most of what he says but he likes vodka and smokes. I think I can work with it." - Jude

Character Information
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Sabbat •••
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City: Austin, TX
Player: Troy Stults
Storyteller: Rich Czerwonky