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"Their winding-sheet the bluidy clay,

Their graves are growing green to see;
And by them lies the dearest lad
That ever blest a woman's e'e!
Now wae to thee, thou cruel lord,
A bluidy man I trow thou be;
For monie a heart thou hast made sair,
That ne'er did wrang to thine or thee.'

―Second half of Lament for Culloden
--Robert Burns
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Character Information
Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent
City: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Player: Colin Douglas
Storyteller: Bobby Lee
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Name: Ewan Andrew Dunsirn

Clan: Giovanni


  • Recognized Independent of San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Don of the Giovanni of Puerto Rico

Notable Traits: His right foot looks like it's turned in a bit and he has some scarring on the back of his hands.

Description: Of medium stature, not standing more than six feet and no less than six feet ten, he strikes an impressive figure, a giant among men, a king too lofty to look upon the Princes and Lords of the night, for when death and taxes are all that is certain in this world what care you for the politics of damned souls. His eyes two golden pools survey the landscape betraying an intelligence deeply seated in this god among men. His walk is the only cursed betrayal of his own mortality, while it is with unsurpassed authority that he steps his stride is still broken by a limp which to the foolish may mark him as easy prey. His skin still holds that mortal glow and upon the backs of his hands scars from wars fought long ago. Upon his head sits like a crown his fedora of black with red feather like crimson blood, his suit of blue with charcoal pinstripe denotes his wealth and in his hands he grasps a leather satchel as if life its self depends upon it, and in his other hand is his cane so carefully crafted and subtly jeweled glinting with an otherworldly quality striking fear into the hearts of men and kindred alike for this belongs to Don Ewan Andrew Dunsirn of Clan Giovanni.

Information Known by Kindred Society

Ewan grew up in Scotland soon after the treaty of Union (early 1700's), while one might assume that he was in favor of the Jacobite rebellion given his Catholic faith he is not terribly open about this matter. He comes from a rather well known (among kindred) banking family however he himself is not a banker, rather his mistress is Lady Justice. He has been practicing law before his days as a ghoul and far before he was embraced, he has throughout his years assisted a variety of kindred in their needs concerning legal paperwork (birth certificates etc.), he has also worked as a diplomat between other kindred (due to his status as an Independent) and was instrumental in making Puerto Rico an Island where Clan Giovanni would be free to practice Necromancy unregistered and unrestricted. He has visited Detroit, Scotland, and Italy from time to time and has a strong kinship with his clan.


Known Childer

Alistair Montgomery Douglas Dunsirn Matteo Giovanni

Known Grand-childer

Marshall Cartwright Milliner III

Amelia Dunsirn

Known Ghouls

  • placeholder

Known Associates


  • It is said that Ewan's souffle is to die for... no really, to *die* for.
  • It is said that Ewan truly demanded a pound of flesh from a client in compensation for services rendered.
  • It is said that Ewan has certain members of Clan Gangrel and Brujah at his disposal if anyone shirks from what they owe him for services rendered.
  • Is so fascinating that he can use his body to spark conversations that will render entire clans immobile with gossip and speculation.


  • "Ewan and I have kept in touch over the years - it's always convenient to have a good lawyer who will also invite you to spend summers at their Caribbean estate." - Carmina Giovanni
  • "Want to scare off the riff-raff? Don't release the hounds, release the lawyers." - Salvatore Giovanni
  • "Ewan is probably one of the reasons Zombie rumors pour like water from the Caribbean Islands, being so fundamental in making Necromancy unrestricted in Puerto Rico. Whether it is true or not, who can say?" - Gregori Giovanni
  • "If you want a legal quick-fix you can go ahead with some mortal slob. Now if you want to bury something or someone so deep that their only way out is to dig for China, you call Ewan Dunsirn." -Frankie Giovanni
  • "I do not know what it says about me, but I say, Ewan is a beautiful creature. Mind, body and in every other way that I think counts." - Roxie Ocho
  • "Ewan is a smart man but .... watch his temper. He knows how to make people disappear" - Brenna Dunsirn
  • "He seems to think he has a lot more weight to throw around than he actually does. Though I don't want to be the one to test that theory." - Lydia Brooks
  • "He is now my new Don, I treat him as my sire would treat him. I will work with him as my sire would work with him. I am my sire's extension to Don Dunsirn." Nicolia
  • "Non scopare con mio fratello." - Angelo
  • "Ewan? Well, unlike some of us among the unico sangue, I don't immediately look down upon the other families - not so long as they prove their worth, at any rate. Ewan? He's proven it in spades. And a tip to those who think to look down on a man like him because of blood? Hold your tongue. If you can't, well...I'll miss you when you disappear, I'm sure." - Vitalia Giovanni
  • "The Don and I have a very unique relationship in that he was the first to not underestimate me. I'm not sure if I take that as a compliment, but I will spend forevet repaying the kindness he has shown me, in every way I can." Annamarie Giovanni
  • "He is my Sire. You speak of him in the past tense. His contract with me is still very much valid, and I hold him to it." Matteo Giovanni


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Oh Flower of Scotland

Ghosts of Culloden

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Friend of the Devil

OOC Information

Player: Colin A. Douglas

Location: Montana