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Ex Tenebris is a society of kindred devoted to the cultivation, protection, and celebration of the crown of the Camarilla: humanitas. Kindred of all clans are welcome into the three pacts of Ex Tenebris, each focused on supporting humanitas by its own means. The head of each pact, called the Dux (Latin for captain or leader), provides guidance and support to the younger and newer members.


The Cantors

Cantors celebrate humanitas by exploring its many facets through art, philosophy, and performance. Through study of their subject, they create and share works that inspire all kindred to strive for righteousness.

The sign of the Cantor is the moon, with its phases representative of the many faces of humanitas, and the myriad of forms art may take in its depiction and praise.

Dux Cantor: Elder Alonso Gutierrez
Cantors: Franziskus Winter, Cle de Montes, Ezebella Davien

The Praeceptors

Praeceptors are teachers, devoted to guiding others who seek to keep, or regain, their humanity. They use lectures, essays, Symbels, and other tools as means of instruction, and may take on students who seek direct help in rebuilding what violence and necessity may remove.

The sign of the Praeceptor is a star, the constant light by which others may find their way.

Dux Praeceptor: Elder Orenna Komnenos
Praeceptors: Prince Alexander Konrad, Elder Elija

The Immolators

The Immolators are the soldiers of the Camarilla, sacrificing their humanity in order to protect that of others. Though necessity may steal from their souls, Immolators do not glorify violence, and seek to repair their own at every opportunity.

The sign of the Immolator is a comet, made bright by the fire of its sacrifice.

Dux Immolator: Prince Lucien Paricci
Immolators: William Edric, Lochlann MacAllan