Ex Tenebris Debut Gala 2014

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Invitation, Guests, and Rumors Schedule, Venue, and Symbel OOC Information


Kindred of the Ivory Tower,
Formed recently on ideals that have long been held sacred by the Camarilla, the Society of Ex Tenebris seeks to safeguard, cultivate, and celebrate humanitas. To that end, we offer education, support, and defense of all Kindred who hold these ideals as close as we.
On July the Tenth, Two Thousand and Fourteen, the Society will meet on the island of Puerto Rico for our first formal Salon. Humanitas will be discussed: a focus on ideals and preservation. Humanitas will be celebrated: a focus on quiet evenings born of discussion in natural beauty. Humanitas will be debated: what are the limits of our existence, and when must we sacrifice the jewel of the Ivory Tower in its defense. We are certain it will be an evening to remember.
Written on Behalf of Ex Tenebris,
Elder Prince Lucien Paricii, Dux Immolator
Elder Orenna Komnenos, Dux Praeceptor
Elder Primogen Alonso Gutierrez, Dux Cantor
And the members of Ex Tenebris

Honored Guests

Mona Leesa
Vittoria Boeotarch
Baron Cimetiere
Jack Mitchel
Gabriel Locke
Mal Walker
Isabella Andreas
Henry Fuller
Maxwell Jacobs
Alexander Riencour
Vi Radcliffe
Ivy Mason
Marianne Stearns
Margareta Sasul
Aramayis Eskandarian
Amber Tsigane
Bartolomeus Castaldus
Samuel Jenkis
Fr. John Slade
Joseph Twomoons

Rand Ryan
Adrienne Maxwell
Dorian Ash
Jacob Slynt
Harpy Forbes
Michael Williams
Veronica Devries
Marianne Stearns
Clé deMontes
Anna Russell
Samuel Graves
John Rodriguez
Brooke Kane
Calvin Hastings

Eris Sonatia
Eirik Alexson
Walter the Grey
James Hart
Lillian Jameson
Naomi Wallace
William Edric
Quinn Douglas
Julian Marcus Haldane
Charles Jouffre

Boris Baeronisky
Reginald Preston
David Daniel Steiner
James Harlan
Ansel Holden
Luca Tripoli
Lochlann MacAllan
Juliana Rossellini
Maria Aigner
Sofie Renner
Alexander Riencour
Zahra Blanc
Zoe De Medici
Erica Kain
Maria Aigner
Isabella Andreas
Christian Harper
Franky Corso
Addison Bell

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Rumors and Quotes

  • "You would be surprised what romance of which Ventrue are capable. And sometimes... very loud romance." -- Clé deMontes
  • A second place winner was declared in the symbel, though such was not announced at the beginning. The subject of the winner's story, intended to receive a gift from the hosts, demurred and requested it be passed on to one of the symbel contestants, instead.
  • Though the invitations were sent to members of the Camarilla, only, several independents showed up to offer their support...or to laugh at the concept.
  • Prince Lucien somehow managed to keep introductions down to a minimum, so he could actually enjoy the festivities. His enjoyment was dampened when a few individuals, who had primogen to care for them, insisted on approaching him later in the evening just to be seen with the Prince.
  • Several individuals involved in the Battle for Chicago gathered to celebrate their recent victory and reconnect on less hostile grounds.
  • Prince Lucien was five minutes late to his own party. Granted, he walked in with Orenna Komnenos, who was probably entranced and staring at a statue for those five minutes.
  • Speaking of entrancement, Orenna Komnenos seems afraid to hear Addison Bell sing. She keeps putting off hearing Ms. Bell's lovely music.
  • Mona Leesa was seen storming off after being given a gift by Aramayis Eskandarian. Temper, temper!
  • ...