Eye For An Eye

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Character Information
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Shadow Lords
Breed: Homid
Pack: Thunder's Wrath
Sept: Sept of the Eagle's Talons
Rank: Cliath
Pure Breed: •••
Honor: ••••
Player: Anne R.
Storyteller: Laura D VST

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Character Information

Name: Maggie Reynolds

Deed Name: Eye For An Eye

Breed: Homid

Tribe: Shadow Lords

Position: Pack Beta of Thunder's Wrath


Battle Scars: Missing eye

Homid: A tall slender woman, strong in stature and with a severe look in her eye. Usualy dress in long black slacks, a simple white top and black heels. Not a stickler for fashion but she always strives to make a good appearance.

Information Known by The Nation

Professional History: Once a police detective in Boston, well reputed to always bringing a close to her cases, sometimes by any means necessary. She tackled the underworld head on, fighting fire with fire. After her accident that left her scared with only one good eye remaining she had to leave the force. She established her own private investigation firm where she works hands on with clients day to day.

Rite of Passage: She went through her first change during the interrogation of a suspect at an undisclosed location. This suspect was in fact a BSD. Upon the apprehension of the both The BSD and Maggie the tribe set them loose in a near by wood and gave Maggie the simple instruction of 'Hunt'. Upon her first capture of him through a struggle the BSD took Maggie's eye and scared her. He wiggled away for only a moment, once Maggie caught up to him again there was no place to hide that she could not find him. She bested her foe and took both his eyes as trophies. For this she was awarded the Deed name of Eye For An Eye.


Chosen by Grandfather Thunder, Thunder's Wrath is a small pack, based in the Sept of the Eagle's Talons.


  • Grandfather Thunder

Pack Mates:

Previous Packs:


  • It is no minor suspicion that she is eager to resort to extreme forms of interrogation.
  • She's still got her eye. It's in a jar on her mantelpiece.
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  • "You may make a bird screech by breaking it's wings, but ah to make it sing, in that lies the art." -Eye For An Eye

OOC Information

Player: Anne R

Ties: always looking for some especially other Shadow Lords

MES Number: US2012090077

Location: Boston, MA Boston, MA