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Rattle Watch Cell

AKA: what even are all these words people keep saying?
post F-13 version. (the event, not the me. there is no post-me, there is only me.)


dang, this thing got long.

>>The Basics: Truth, Believer, Tear, RQ
>>Bad Guys: CUT, RAT, Langley
>>The Accord: The High Council, Parliament, Judges, Justice, Cell, Menats
>>Division: ACE, AIS, Chobu, Fulcrum, Gatekeepers, Lex Talionis, Ministry, Quicksilver Knights, Samaritans, Vault
>>Terms: Realms, Denizens, Supernaturals & Humans
>>So Now What

The Basics

The Truth

basically a reality virus that wants to consume the world. it gets stronger the more people know about it, and when someone who knows about it dies, it eats their soul. this thing is awful.


someone who knows about the Truth, may join the Accord, may join CUT, we prefer the former. all Believers have an RQ, which is basically how fucked up they are compared with reality's standards and is explained more below. the soul of a Believer who dies is devoured by the Truth - no passing on, no leaving a ghost, no nothing. basically we are fucked unless we win. sorry.

once Belief has set in, there is no known way to remove it - all supernatural means, mind wipes, re-writes, etc etc included. we've all tried. once you Believe, you're stuck and the Truth is stronger for it. for this reason, we are VERY CAREFUL to keep our activities secret and do all we can to keep Belief from spreading. killing a Believer immediately raises the local RQ, so that's bad. don't kill Believers.

even things that do not have souls/whatever can become infected with Belief. this includes spirits, ghosts (it can happen after death), hedge denizens, imps - basically anything that can be self-aware can be Truth-aware.


a Believer who has joined the Accord to fight against the Truth. that's you! some people call us Accordians. those people either do not listen to themselves when they speak, or they think they're funny.


a Believer who has given themselves over entirely to the Truth, which is referred to as being Corrupted. They're just evil at this point and killing them weakens the Truth - smash at will! unfortunately it's hard to tell the difference between a Believer and a Servant - Cell leaders can do it, so if you find a Believer and you're concerned that they're super evil, let your cell leader know!


sort of a massively overpowered hulk monster that has supernatural powers and needs to be killed twice. do NOT handle one on your own. they enter our reality through tears in reality so if you see a tear be prepared for an Abom. (Tears are explained below. if you see a tear and can't find the Abom then your life has just become a more horrible sort of interesting.) after you kill an Abom, keep its bits! they are useful for study, and we have been able to learn better ways of taking them down.


Tears are literal rips in reality, through which Abominations come. they are super bad! they can be closed by willing power into them (you seriously just sit there and THINK REAL HARD about your own power flowing into them), and all have an emotion/theme that they are attuned to. if you can figure out what that emotion/theme is and align yourself to that theme, they are easier to close. most Tears will need more than one person to close, so don't go crazy, just go get help.


an object that has had a Truth ritual performed on it and become the focus for a Tear. DO NOT TAKE THEM INTO OTHER REALMS. this is a bad plan and will form an insta-tear. Artifacts are always more durable than they appear, and thus can be difficult to destroy.


"Reality Quotient", a measurable impact that a being or action has on the strength of reality around it. each Believer has an RQ, called their "personal RQ", which vary from individual to individual. mages and promethians tend to have crazy high RQs, humans and changelings tend to have low RQs, and your RQ can change over time. once you're in the Accord, you can see people's RQs! anything below like. 40, is pretty low. anything approaching 100 is stupid high. over that and people are like GOD WHY. certain activities also affect the RQ, this is called "action RQ" or aRQ. crazy spells and stuff can just raise numbers because reality is like WHAT DID YOU DO, RAY? (mages have problems with this.) the combined personal RQs and aRQ that a city has going on add up to a "local RQ". for a city, a local RQ of 500 is considered medium, 1000 is considered fucking horrible. a high RQ results in tears forming in reality, which suck. basically the local RQ is your barometer for how fucked up a place is.

RQ goes up as Belief spreads, as Believers die, and as people do shit that causes aRQ. RQ can be lowered in the following ways: closing tears, killing Servants/Abominations... and that's kind of it.


if a city's local RQ goes over 1000, the High Council may (and probably will) call down a Quarantine, which is the mystical equivalent of surgically removing a tumor. it erases the city and everyone in it from reality and effectively creates a new reality for everyone where that city never existed. this is always awful! in cases where the city was very old/very important, it is extra awful as it creates ripples as reality tries to settle down into a stable state without that city.

for this reason, people start freaking the hell out when the local RQ gets close to 800. nobody wants to be erased from reality! when it gets to about that level, it's usually sign that CUT or a truth cult is up to shenanigans above and beyond what most cells can really deal with, and it's often prudent to call in help.




Bad Guys

The Church of Ultimate Truth

or CUT is an organization of Servants that spreads Belief. they're our main bad guys. they have different levels of Truthiness, called "Rays". please note that many members of CUT aren't necessarily Believers, especially at low levels - CUT is a church that does a lot of philanthropy stuff like there are a lot of people who are there just for that. when people get deeper into it (they go up in "Ray" levels) they start seeing deeper into the wonky ass shit, and that's when we get Believers and, if they drink the kool-aid, Servants. there are no few Accordists who were in CUT for years and defected when shit got way too weird, so spoiling their public image and poaching their members for our ranks are 100% legit tactics.


the head of the CUT is the Pope. the first Pope was a guy named Talbot Northson (they canonized him so now they call him Saint Northson) who had a Mormon-esque revelation in a desert in the mid-80s, came out and founded the Church. the Pope after him was a guy named Felton Weathers who was notable for 1) being a bad southern baptist priest stereotype, complete with Colonel Sanders suit, 2) having a preposterous personal RQ, like 4500 or something it was actually mindboggling, 3) the ability to rip the super right out of your natural. like bam, no more being whatever else you were, he could just reset you back to human from across the room, AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST 4) ACTUALLY BEARING THE TRUTH'S LITERAL CHILD. like full on gore fanfic mpreg. (if those words mean nothing to you do NOT google them, your brain has enough to deal with right now.) we shot him in the face real hard and VIRGIL fried the baby. and this is why i drink.

the current Pope is a guy named Elijah Grey who got elected in December 2014. we don't know too much about him yet other than that he pulled off some shenanigans with time, cloned himself a bunch, and was called the Red Priest because i guess they're big Game of Thrones fans in Broward County FL.

Research And Applied Technologies

aka a bunch of RATs. they decided to do science to the Truth and it has turned out poorly for everyone. we've had super addictive Belief-spreading drugs from them, we've had zombie plagues from them, we've had time warps from them, they're making supernatural chimeras, like vampires with mage powers and changelings with war forms, and all sorts of other bullshit.

the Obelisk that fell on F-13 is their shit, so let's all blame them for that.

Diadem Logistics

investing and shipping for evil? more about them later.

Truth Cult

not all bad guy Believers join CUT, some form cults of their own, often around Corrupted entities. these guys can be harder to find, but easier to clean up. they tend to form around (and sometimes cause to occur) Artifacts and Abominations. it's all very charming and Lovecraftian, really.


so back in the beforetimes, there was a wizard named Frank Langley who was a member of the Accord and on the High Council. he decided to take some dudes and charge into a Tear and fight the Truth in its own digestive system. the result of this is that the Truth ate him and spat him back out as a Servant. he came back in 2010 at a big convocation of a lot of the members of the Accord at the time and murdered them all in an event we now know as the Langley Massacre. pretty much anyone you meet who was a member of the Accord at that time knew somebody that died there, and thus a lot of us are extra motivated to not like Langley very much anymore.

Langley seems to have been sufficiently powerful that even though he is a Servant, when he spreads Belief it has its own unusual flavor. Langley Believers are sometimes called Pilgrims, and they tend to be really suicidal.

The Accord

That's Us

a globe-spanning confederation of supernatural creatures dedicated to fighting the Truth. all members of the Accord are Believers. it is run by a High Council of old/powerful beings of many types who establish how we're going to work together and keep everyone from just going crazy at one another. the base structure of the Accord is the Cell - a local group that is in charge of keeping their territory from being taken over.


The High Council

The incredibly powerful supernatural entities in charge. i am not going to go too much into them, but most supernatural groups have a Council member, as well as high-tier hunters. Councilors are marked by having very high RQs, and by not putting up with a lot of bullshit.


  • John Smith - head of the Council, may actually be Merlin. not originally from this reality. mage.
  • Blair McMullin - Council Second, kind of known as the nice one. is also the Council's liaison with Parliament. mage.
  • Red Tape - Secretary, was the one who figured out how to make RQ/Belief sense-able and quantifiable and how to make menats. she's in charge of distributing them and is thus BUSY ALL THE TIME. changeling.
  • Dracula - like literally Vlad Tepes Dracula, also serves as the list mod for the national mailing list. GUESS WHAT HE IS.
  • Elinor Wells - yeah, the Senator. human hunter.
  • Son of Wolf - pretty reasonable guy for being an utterly terrifying death machine. werewolf


Parliament is a representative body of the Accord that can discuss and pass Proposals which go into effect as Accord law. they also investigate and rule on issues of High Justice, as discussed above. each cell is able to appoint a Member of Parliament (MP) to represent it, and each MP serves for at least three months, as long as they are not killed/incapacitated by wartime horrors. One MP is appointed as Chairperson and their job is to herd these fancy cats, while a General Secretary (who is not an MP) helps with organization. Parliament is overseen by a member of the High Council, who has veto rights over their decisions.


"Justice" is how the Accord keeps its members, who come from every walk of life and with every horrible way to fuck over a person imaginable working together. in all cases, Justice must be invoked and then investigated. it is not automatic.

Low Justice

dispensed at the Cell level, Low Justice covers resolving disputes between Cell members and punishing stupid and dangerous behavior. this is a war, even if you are not a warrior, and we need all Accordists to be focused, cooperating and responsible. Low Justice infractions include purposefully harming or interfering with another member of the Accord, recklessly spreading Belief, and draining cell resources unnecessarily. punishments range from a public finger-wag to community service to swearing mystically-binding Oaths re: shaping the fuck up, to banishment. Consult with your Cell Leader or Myrmidon about your cell's Low Justice Policy.

High Justice

for those times when the fuck up is of really impressive proportions, or goes beyond just the cell level. killing another member of the Accord falls into this category, as does rape and treason. matters of High Justice are investigated by Judges appointed by the High Council.


  • Anthony Albright - Washington DC, changeling
  • Badger - The Dragoons of Northern Iowa, mage
  • Blue Mudra - Black Mesa Cell, USVI, shifter
  • Lucas Mackinder - Cincinnatti OH, shifter
  • Mahaf - Unit 1004, Seattle WA, mummy



the basic building block of the Accord. there's always stuff to do somewhere in the world, but our first and most important job is to make sure the place we live is protected from the Truth. Cells share a common structure, but may call their positions by different names and appoint them in different ways! here's the lingua franca version, which most people use even if their own cells work differently:

  • Leader - the buck stops with this person, they are in charge of how a cell runs. has the ability to discern Believers and Servants, is given high status in the Accord.
  • Myrmidon - not actually an ant-themed warrior. basically the cell's problem solver, in charge of investigating and resolving disputes. if someone is having a problem with another member of the Accord, they go to the Myrmidon to help resolve it, rather than just punching it out. the Myrmidon is responsible for dispensing Low Justice.
  • Quartermaster - in charge of making sure a Cell has the stuff it needs to do its job. the High Council has basically magic items that they can give out to cells upon request, and it's the Quartermaster's job to request and deliver the goodies.
  • Guardian - basically the dude in charge of security, both internal and external. they set policy for how a Cell handles dangerous situations and are in charge of organizing things if we have to go kill something.
  • Meister - overlaps with Quartermaster a little in that they make sure the cell has what it needs, but the Meister specifically handles mortal relations and getting stuff via mundane means.
  • Voice - the cell's PR person with the rest of the Accord.
  • Ritualist - person in charge of the mental & spiritual well-being of the Cell, which is important since war is hell.
  • Curator - person who keeps the Cell's history & records.
  • Parliament Representative - so in theory the Accord has a central governing body for high justice and passing 'laws'. Each cell appoints a person to liaise with other reps and the High Council.

In NYC we have a custom subset of project leads that handle different basic jobs:

  • Day - stabs: combat.
  • Dusk - intel: investigation.
  • Night - maneuvering: social sway and cover-ups.


magic items! your quartermaster can request these from the High Council. they last a month.
((OOC NOTE: These descriptions are In Character and thus not stated in terms of mechanics. Here are the actual mechanics!))

Cost Name Description
1 Escape Plan Delta "focus" to exit "the Shadow" at "a Locus."
1 Nitro Booster get a luck boost to the next thing you do.
1 Portable Hole ever wanted to be Bugs Bunny? creates a PERMANENT opening large enough for an adult human to pass through. doesn't work on magic stuff.
1 Psychic Paper ever wanted to be Dr. Who? paper shows appropriate credentials for any scene, as if you are an expert or superior who should have access to it. doesn't work on electronic scanners or give you access codes.
1 Scrutinizer learn the best and worst tendencies of a target. probs works best if you talk to them.
1 Skell a usually not-actually-key-looking thing that gives you a big boost to picking locks and even helps hack shit. one-use. SHOUTOUT TO Smitty AND OTHER PEEPS FOR DEVELOPING THIS ONE!
1 Tasty Battery Once every fifteen minutes or so, use this to instantly boost your energy/supernatural juice, even if it would give you more than usual.
2 Ain't No Thang automatically out-talk a human.
2 Fist of Doom take your stabs and SET THEM ON FIRE. who regrets tangling with you? the Truth.
2 Secret Decoder Ring ever wanted to be Dick Tracy? send a completely secure message to a fellow Agent any time, anywhere.
2 SURPRIZE WOLF-OUT change into something pointier a lot quicker.
2 Tricky Dick who the fuck named this thing, seriously. if you are not good at lying or could just use some help with it, this thing fools powers.
3 Enervator if someone is trying to pull shit on you, possibly with magic or bullets, this will make it harder for them.
3 Fizzler stare at object. think real hard about object falling apart. object will be more likely to fall apart. especially if you have any ability to figure out how the object works in the first place.
3 Luck Bug did the thing you just attempted to do fail? ha HA no it didn't. or at least it failed less hard. everyone fucking loves a luck bug.
3 Ripper why bruise someone with you club of doom when you could cut them instead?
4 Ninja Moves it's harder for people to gang up on you in a fight. due, presumably, to the ~SPIRIT OF THE NINJA~ which you now have. fuck yeah cultural appropriation, i guess.
4 Sacrificial Lamb so you see your buddy over there is about to get stabbed. use this, and the stab damage will go to you instead.
5 CTFD the aRQ went way up? well now it went up 10 points less. CELL LEADERS. REQUEST AT LEAST ONE EVERY MONTH. IF YOU DON'T I JUDGE YOU.
5 Skullcrusher you know how sometimes you just want the amount of damage you're doing to a dude to be a little MORE ridiculous? we've got just the thing to help you out.
5 SPF 9001 so the sun still sucks for vampires but it sucks at a significantly more tolerable level if they put this stuff on. it is way fucking expensive, though.


Above the Cell level, Accordists organize themselves by interest and intent in groups called Divisions. here are the big ones:

Accord Corps of Engineers (ACE)

ACE's mission is to provide practical support to cells and Accordists everywhere. if some big level operation is going down, or a cell is in trouble, or there's weird shit going on in an area where there is no cell, ACE is there to provide shelter, supplies, weapons and manpower. the different factions within ACE include a r&d department, major money backers and influence jockeys, medical specialists, and scouts/infiltrators/hackers.

Accord Investigative Services (AIS)

with this many different kinds of being in the mix toes get stepped on and lines get drawn in the sand quickly, so having people who can get shit settled without blood feuds opening up is pretty important. AIS has two missions: investigating internal conflicts and providing counseling. the investigative side is focused on finding and presenting evidence in an unbiased manner in situations where Justice is called for. they also try to keep conflicts from starting to begin with by providing counseling services to those who have to cope with too much too quickly and who face catastrophic losses. which, let's be clear, is all of us.


based in Tokyo, this half Accord, half a branch of the Japanese government that deals with the supernatural.

The Gatekeepers

popular with people who are all about other realms. they pre-date the Accord and they're FUCKING HUGE i think they've got more guys than anybody, but they're well organized and good at what they do. they specialize in dealing with ghosts, spirits and other shit from beyond reality. if you're having trouble with other realms, talk to them.

Lex Talionis (Lex)

Lex is all about getting things done efficiently and by any means necessary. originally formed by Traveler vampires, they have an intense vetting process and demand a great deal of loyalty from their members in order to help keep everyone pointed in the same direction.

Project Fulcrum

Fulcrum is about proactively fighting the enemy, and helping Cells fight the enemy better. they don't want to just go to a front line, they want to find new front lines and put pressure on the Truth.

The Samaritan Group

the Samaritans focus on using fame fortune and influence to steer mortal and supernatural society.

The Ministry of the Immaculate Equivocation

the Ministry has evolved from an organization that fights the CuT's dogma with other dogma to a broader skill set focused on countering CuT at every level. they are also good at coverups and cleanups.

Quicksilver Knights

the biker division, the Knights are transportation specialists. there are a lot of situations where Accord members need to move cross-country, and many of us are not the subtlest people in the world. the Knights are there to make sure that everyone gets where they're going safely, without making a mess along the way.

The Vault

while ACE has some research and lots of implementation, the real R&D and experimentation goes on in the Vault. if there is weird shit going down and nobody is sure what it is, we call in the Vault guys because if anybody is gonna have a clue how to deal with it and how to fit it in with everything else that's going on, they will. there are a few action researchers, but this is a good division for people who don't necessarily want to be on the front lines of war.

the Vault also receives and stores dangerous items that Cells do not want / should not keep at home.

Supernatural Terms

There's a lot of shit out in the world and you're going to need to work with some/all of it. it's ok to be surprised, but here's a rundown of the basics


so there's mundane reality, and then there's everything else. everything else tends to reflect mundane reality to some extent, and the relationship may go both ways. not every supernatural type has access to every realm - it is NEVER a good idea to go traipsing around a realm without someone who knows what's up with you. also i totally had Twilight and Shadow mixed up when i started this because...seriously maybe there are too many realms guys. I AM NOT A GATEKEEPER. the Shifters call one of the two the Hisil but idek anymore. A MYSTERY FOR YOU TO SOLVE ONE DAY, there now it's motivation.

  • Twilight - idk how much this is a proper realm so much as sort of a layer where ghosts hang out.
  • Shadow - the realm of spirits. Shifters are all up ins this realm. apparently once the spirit world and mundane reality were one, which the Shifters call Pangea in a complete disregard for current scientific understanding of Earth's history. now they are not one and some of them think that this is a good thing and some of them think it's not.
  • The Underworld - when Twilight and the Shadow get together and get REALLY platonic, you get the Underworld. Sin Eaters are all over this place, do not fuck around down there without them. there are many different layers, each of which has rules which you...might be able to identify. follow those rules hardcore. there are also rivers to cross, the waters of which have supernatural powers.
    • Du'at - it actually makes a lot of sense that there'd be a whole thing in The Underworld dedicated to Egyptian stuff considering how all about the afterlife those guys were. the Arisen are associated with this.
  • The Hedge - unless you are a changeling, DO NOT GO INTO THE HEDGE. (even if you are a Changeling, seriously. maybe just don't.) the divider between mundane reality and Arcadia, the Hedge also has rules but it's not going to tell you what they are and they will change randomly. it's full of thorns that tear your soul as well as your flesh, and denizens who will buy every memory you ever had of your mother in return for a marble. AND you might get kidnapped by the Gentry. don't go there.
    • Goblin Markets - man i don't even want to bring this up but it's becoming a bigger thing so here goes: there are entities called goblins who organize into Markets where they can buy and sell things like memories, skills, powers, etc. they are not human. they do not experience empathy or sympathy or mercy, they just want to profit off of you. there a few Markets that have been infected with Belief and we all need to make VERY SURE that they don't spread that shit. (you can cell your Belief, but it will not make you NOT a Believer - you will still be a Believer just really fucking confused, and then the goblins can still sell that Belief to infect someone else.)
  • The Supernal - magespace. possibly sort of like The Underworld but less goth.
    • Mage Arcadia - APPARENTLY THEY LIKED THE NAME? i lol forever. and by lol i mean weep. it is not the same as Changeling Arcadia and the less we all talk about our specific iterations of an imaginary pastoral paradise named after a spot in Greece, the better.
  • Hell - well. demons come from there. there are souls there? afaik people don't really go there. which is probably for the best.
  • Abyss - apparently we have a negaverse as well. great. one more realm to NEVER GO TO.


  • Ghost - an echo of a dead person who was not a Believer. not the same as their soul? unclear. ghosts are everywhere, usually in the Twilight. they stick around because they don't realize they're dead, or have unfinished business. sometimes they know useful things or can be convinced to help out, but aren't super strong usually so ymmv.
  • Spirits - platonic embodiments of things and ideas. there are spirits of freedom, of buildings, of rats, of basically anything that makes a strong enough impression on reality to manifest as a building block. they exist in the Shadow and the Twilight and their power is measured in "ranks". Rank 1 is little, Rank 5 is big and very powerful. they organize in courts based around common type and theme.
  • Imp - small demon?
  • Kereboi - powerful spirit-beings in the Underworld, they basically run the layers and are unto gods. do not mess with.
  • Goblin/Hob - creatures native to the Hedge, they can look like anything between a person and a fantastical beast. they are prone to tricks, deceit, manipulating promises, and magic.
  • Keepers/the Gentry/Them - in Arcadia they are gods. in the Hedge they are god-like. in mundane reality they fucking suck so hard. i'm going to just quote Terry Pratchett here:
Fairies are wonderful. They provoke wonder.
Fairies are marvelous. They cause marvels.
Fairies are fantastic. They create fantasies.
Fairies are glamorous. They project glamour.
Fairies are enchanting. They weave enchantment.
Fairies are terrific. They beget terror.
The thing about words is that meanings can twist just like a snake, and if you want to find snakes look for them behind words that have changed their meaning.
No one ever said fairies are nice.
Fairies are bad.

Creature Types

these are the creatures in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood, in your neighbor-ho-ood. these are the creatures in your neighborhood, the creatures that you meet each day.


does what it says on the tin. many prefer to be called "kindred", and react to being called "vampire" the way most people would react to being called "monkey". others think kindred is a dumb term, so there's really no winning, just be polite and when an individual tells you what term they prefer, roll with it. kindred have a lot of subtypes and a complex internal political system. stay the fuck out of it.

also, kindred blood can heal you and lend you powers maybe, but it is also super addictive and will make you like the kindred a lot more than you would otherwise. drink responsibly. by which i mean not at all if possible. letting them drink your blood is sometimes necessary and it feels really good, but the blood of non-humans has weird effects on them. try not to get anemia.

Traveler Vampire

so our reality is not the first that was devoured. a bunch of vampires from another reality managed to make little interdimensional pockets in which they survived and can escape into our world in. some of them were really fucking old and powerful in the world they came from, and have a little bit of difficulty dealing with the fact that they have to start all over here. most are just really fucking happy that there is a "here" to begin with. their experience and expertise are valuable.


blanket term for anyone that turns into an animal, including Changing Breeds & Werewolves. many are very chill people, but as a general rule they tend to be a little aggressive and have some behavioral tendencies of the animals they turn into. (territoriality, predatory nature, etc.) they care about the "Hisil"/Shadow and keeping Spirits healthy.


does what it says on the tin. if you're in a fight, get behind the werewolves because they become huge death machines who heal almost any sort of damage they get. There are two kinds, Forsaken and Pure, and they do not like each other. Both are in the Accord so if you're a werewolf reading this, make your peace with it, and save the internal fight for after we're done saving reality.

Changing Breed

so werewolves are sort of their own thing, but there are were-everythings. Bats, spiders, bears, swans, owls, elephants, rats, cats, dogs, tigers, etc etc etc. i have met like ONE changing breed person EVER that is not utterly fucking convinced that they are the absolute shit, so be prepared for some fun ego adventures with these guys.


a person who was kidnapped by the Keepers and managed to escape. tend to have the ability to trick reality into doing what they want without making a big impact on the RQ. often react poorly to any gesture or situation that evokes being kidnapped because PTSD is a thing. deal with a realm known as the Hedge which nobody else needs to worry about, seriously.

Will Worker

aka mages, people who can basically change reality at will. tend to have high RQs and their magic tends to have high aRQ values, but when they do get down they do really super powerful stuff. there are two kinds, Tradition mages and Seers and they do not like each other. Both are in the Accord so if you're a mage who's reading this, make your peace with it, and save the internal fight for after we're done saving reality.

Sin Eater

these are dudes who have died and were kind of chosen by a spirit/ghost combo entity called a geist, who brought them back to life and is now their invisible buddy. sometimes people confuse the Sin Eater with the Geist, but the Geist is the spirit dude, not the person dude. Sin Eaters are also called Bound. they're really invested in the Underworld and can do some crazy area-based effects. Also often affected by PTSD, because of the whole dying thing.

Purified Immortals

so like at some point some humans figured out how to commit suicide in such a way that their souls would become basically Spirits of themselves. they look and feel just like people and their people-brains are present and accounted for, but they're actually made of spirit stuff and are thus nigh-unkillable people who live forever. like i saw one once walking around with a massive hole straight through his head and like half a torso and he was just kind of annoyed at the inconvenience.


or more accurately people possessed by demons. they somehow summoned a Demon, made a deal with it and allowed it to possess their body in return for some sweet powers and kind of immortality? except that most Demons can just hop out of the body they're possessing if shit gets real, so whoops. possessed dudes who become Believers are screwed, though, as if they leave their human host the Truth eats them, so the ones who are in the Accord are super motivated.

so it will probably surprise no one to hear that trusting a demony sort of person to have your best interests at heart is pretty fucking naive. they take their promises seriously, but they also are all about the seven deadlies. be aware of this when dealing with non-Accord demony sorts and maybe see if you can find one in the Accord if interaction is required.


aka Frankensteins. probably don't actually call them Frankensteins to their faces. idk too much about them other than that they were created, sort of like Frankenstein's monsters hence the term, and tend to have high RQs. they can be super powerful and are generally really really bad at dealing with normal people.


man there are a lot of kinds of humans! anyone who tells you humans are weak or a liability is a complete moron and should be stared at like a monkey eating its own poo. this is a gross analogy and it is gross on purpose because i am really fucking tired of people swallowing this particular flavor of shit.

(un)common types of humans:

  • Psychics - human with extra brain powers that can involve: telepathy and mind reading, mind control, dream visiting, post-cognition, pre-cognition, pyrokinesis and telekinesis.
  • Shifter-blooded - people who are related to but are not themselves werewolves or changing breeds. tend to smell REALLY GOOD to the relevant shifter type and to have shifter relatives that will ruin your life if you mess with them.
  • Lucifuge - people with demon heritage. can sometimes turn into a demony form! live forever.
  • Dhampyres - people with vampire heritage. don't ask me why they thought an "h" and a "y" were good spelling choices. possibly they organized in the 90s, idk.

most humans in the Accord belonged to Hunter conspiracies who came across the Truth. here are some Hunter groups:

  • Malleus Malifcarum - killing monsters for Jesus.
  • Cheiron Group - doctors who think it's a good idea to like graft werewolf arms onto themselves/others. be aware of this when dealing with non-Accord Cheiron people and maybe see if you can find one in the Accord if interaction is required.
  • Network Zero - a loose group of YouTubers and hackers who keep surprisingly organized through the web. They're not usually combat oriented, but non-Accord members are dangerous to the Accord due to most of them being focused on "spreading the word" about how supernaturals exist. If you are targeted by Network Zero go to the Accord hunters and hackers to have them suppress it.
  • Task Force Valkyrie - aka TFV, basically SHIELD. also have cool toys.
  • The Union - basically like a big neighborhood watch system where they are also watching for monsters.
  • Abbey - okay so apparently at some point someone got the idea that killing monsters was not enough and that they should also shoot/snort/wear us. be aware of this when dealing with non-Accord Abbey people and maybe see if you can find one in the Accord if interaction is required.
  • Bear Lodge - fucking idiots that the rest of the Hunters don't even like.
  • Night Watch - street gangs who go after supernaturals on their turf. not especially highly trained, but reckless and desperate enough to want to tread lightly.
  • Null Mysteriis - scientists, researchers, and investigators who study the supernatural. more likely to want to study and understand supernaturals rather than just want to fight them.
  • Knights of Saint George – man these guys hate mages. they are pretty old fashioned and combat oriented.
  • Les Mysteres - these guys partner up with spirits to go after threats to humans and spirits alike.


these guys are super new and are kind of... mummies? something? they tend to have cults that follow them around and are good at alchemy, architecture, calling TVs talking boxes, and being convinced that they are literally gods. they tend to have cults of followers who are similarly convinced that they are literally gods, soooo it's good work if you can get it, i guess.

That's Great F13, But What Do I Do Now?

Steps for Winning in Accord

1) don't be a dick

i don't care how much of a badass you are, what kind of powers you have, how many kills you notched into your belt, how many wars you fought in, or how many people thought you were cool in high school, it's a whole new ballgame now and you need to give yourself time to figure out the lay of the land and everyone else time to get to know you. don't be a dick, because i guarantee that there is someone, probably even someone in your Cell, who can fucking eat your face.

not in the sexy way. well possibly also in the sexy way but take 'em out to dinner first at least, jesus.

2) leave your prejudices at the door

so as you may have noticed above, there are fucking demons and vampires and Seers and stuff just running around. you may be used to fighting with these people! as long as they are members of the Accord, mentally transmute "fighting with" from "fighting against" to "fighting alongside" because they are now the buddies who are helping you and those you care about from getting et by horrible reality virus.

"but F1R3W@LL", i hear you say, "once we win won't they go back to trying to fuck with me?" the answer is "yeah we all kind of assume that so maybe DON'T TELL THEM ALL YOUR SECRET SHIT (changelings i am fucking looking at you i swear to god) but it's best to cross that bridge after we actually win, because right now it's looking like this is not going to be a problem."

3) find your level

you do not have to come into the Accord and immediately act like you have your shit under control and are going to personally save the day. it's cool, it's a journey we are all going on together. instead, know that your presence is valued and your skills are going to be super helpful so the best thing you can do is get a sense of where to apply them. get to know your Cell. talk to some Division reps. see what is needed and where you can step in and step up. this will be very different from Cell to Cell and even month to month!

4) if you don't know what to do, ask

ask your cell leader. ask your friends. ask the guy you don't like. ask anybody who looks troubled. ask them what you can do to help if you don't have anything to do at the moment.

5) if shit comes up, get help

number four there works way better if you include others in your problem solving activities. plus if you organize efficient responses to stuff, you look like an awesome leader person, and people are attracted to awesome leader people.

ALSO. WAR SUCKS. every single one of us is having to face shit in this fight that we are not prepared to handle. horrible monsters from beyond reality, the loss of friends and loved ones, reality literally getting re-written around us. this will lead to wounds on your body and also wounds on your mind. there are many excellent medics who can heal the former and i have observed that most people are smart enough to not conceal a sucking chest wound or whatever when getting it healed will obviously mean that you can fight better (and will give the healer something to fell useful doing as well, if they are more medic and less combat.) i have observed that most people are COMPLETE STUBBORN IDIOTS about seeking assistance for wounds on the mind/heart/soul. there are all sorts of psychologists/counselors/therapists/confessors/life coaches in the Accord who will help keep you at your best on the inside as well as the outside, no matter what your speed is. if you'd like someone to talk to, contact Dr. Cassandra Jones and she will hook you up.

remember: don't go crazy, go get help.

6) if all else fails, call me

seriously, if shit is just completely incomprehensible or out of control, ping me and i will help.