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Rattle Watch Cell




A gangly person edging out of her teenaged years. Her hair is pulled black in a ratty braid and she wears baggy hoodies and reflective aviator glasses that never come off. She doesn't have a lot of facial expressions.



The hoodie is now filled with the screen of a Macintosh 128k and a body made of metal and wires. Her jacket gains additional designs that almost look like glowing brands, and dark stains around her collar seem to form odd sigils. (Characters with occult specs in Spirits and Vampires will recognize these, respectively.) Daylight glints off of her monitor and chassis whether she's in direct sunlight or not, and the smell of overheated electronics hangs in the air around her.


F13 is direct, impatient, sarcastic, suspicious, nosy as hell, and can get downright mean, even to those close to her. She survives by being incredibly and reliably helpful, logical, funny, and by always having a shit to give, even if she really doesn't want to, even if she knows it's a bad idea. She does not like being touched, at all, ever, by anyone other than Simon, even if you've been friends for a long time.




Mask: Yellow parakeet
Mein: Floating cuttlefish


Mask: Large praying mantis
Mein: Lightning mantid

The Rattle Box

A 1955 Chevy Bel Aire Convertible with an Interesting History.

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Behold, a profile page!
Player: Abby Estes
Domain: NY-004-D
VST: Matt Blank

Looking for

  • Hackers!
  • Young people!
  • Changelings!
  • Friends and Rivals!

Other Characters

  • Combined: the Accord: Belani, Invictus Nos Pax Romana
  • Changeling: the Lost: Meissa, Telluric
  • Vampire: the Requiem: Genevieve Asteria, Carthian Mekhet
  • Mage: The Ascension: Dovie, Apostate Acanthus
  • Cam/Anarch: Emma Klein, Camarilla Gangrel
Vera Kaufman, Ghoul
  • Werewolf: the Apocalypse: Red Rain, Theurge Red Talon



Sourced Directly

  • F13's Guide to the Accord
  • Local Sites and Attractions!
  • "Fuck yeah bitch go on and cry about it, your bitter caffeinated tears are delicious to me..." ((after having punched a Mr. Coffee back to life))
  • yeah i got 99 problems and fuckheads running their mouths are about 80 of them.
  • "I'm a fuckup is what happened and I was having some woe is me shit and she said some...really nice stuff and I'm just a complete idiot who decided the best way to react to really nice stuff is to break into an elite Starbucks bathroom and cry about it. Because I am not so much emotionally retarded as I am emotionally a cardboard box with the word FEELS written on it that someone left under a leaky ceiling in a hopeful but misguided attempt to help."
  • Well lucky for you, we're on the erupting pimply ass of the world with no contact with civilization so I can't really fire you. Also you're doing fine.
  • like yeah we were way in agreement until you went and made it all about you. your tits are all the fuck over the place, buddy. take them gently in hand. speak softly to them. tell them hush now, no one is arguing with you, my tits. everyone basks in your pectoral perfection. shh shh, sleep now. and then you pat those fuckers and let them rest easy..
  • "[The Accord] is ridiculous. I am pretty much incapable of being surprised by anything now. That dude over there could literally turn into a platypus right here, right now, and I would just buy him another beer. Congratulations, bro. Enjoy your poison ankle spurs."
  • I am not a super nice person, dude. I open my mouth and things come out of it.
  • Simon i am not licensed to own and operate a boy!
  • TL;DR: for the sake of everyone else's brains, please update Gatekeeper company policy re: field trips into foreign realms.
  • this has been "Translating from the idiot with F13". i now return you to your regularly scheduled actually doing something useful.
  • thus far i have no complaints about any of your idiots! all of my complaining must be focused upon my own, those lucky sods.
  • "So this weekend I got brain kidnapped because of a song and woke up when VIRGIL threw Mike at me to get me away from T-Pope who was actually giving literal birth, and then VIRGIL zapped the baby horror monster and then Mike killed T-Pope by shooting him in the fucking face, and then Harkin was revealed as a sleeper Servant guy and Jordan had to kill him, and then we had to go back to blow up the brain controlling generator thing, and Jacques says I'm probably not evil. How's things going for you?" *takes bite of cupcake*
  • "I don't care if you got how you are now because an Angel of the Lord appeared before you and scrubbed your floor clean with his lily white knees while giving you an RQ blow job as cherubs sung hymns up your ass, if you are about to consciously do shit to yourself that is putting you close to Servant levels of RQ that means that this city is going to be at a greater risk of tears and incursions, you better believe that the robot in charge is going to run some numbers before giving you a fucking hall pass to the broken shit dispenser."
  • there are so many things that are really not okay in this email thread. Bc - (After being declared Queen of the Accord)
  • GOODNIGHT EVERYONE, THIS HAS BEEN MAKING GUYS WHO COULD CASUALLY KILL YOU DEFINE THEIR KILLING-YOU BOUNDARIES WITH F1R3W@LL! tune in next time for the continuing adventures of Is He Really A Comic Book Villain Or Is It Just Another Thursday On The National List.
  • there was a... brain trap? like the whole fucking thing was a trap. there was nothing about that whole bullshit situation that was not "trap" BUT WE WALKED IN ANYWAY BECAUSE THAT'S JUST HOW WE DO.
  • if there's one thing we've learned about the Truth in the last year it is that it really does not understand where babies actually come from.
  • txt: with Pash's axe and Simon's bow, i will take the ring to Mordor.
txt: Mordor here is a metaphor for fucking up a bitch.
  • look the shit people have grown massive rage boners to beat each other with in this long process defies logic. if they decide to come at you with their phalluses of outrage at full mast "Parliament didn't say you could drop trow" is a long sentence to try to get out before you've got some dick giving your mouth something else to do.
  • txt: please tell me you are not going into the hedge.
txt: i will shit logs, cut them into boards, build a hall full of tables and flip them.
  • might does not make right, but it can make wrong irrelevant.
  • Fallen World = reality as a whole. ("Fallen". really. we are slut shaming actual reality. fucking god bless you people.)


  • "Nah, it's no wonder F13's covered in bitches. The two of us are the sexy superstars of TORCH. If you're feeling short of breath don't worry, that's a natural reaction to being in our presence. We are just that sexy. No one can escape feeling tingly in their special parts when they are around us. It's our actual superpower the other stuff is just window dressing." - P51M0N1C
  • "Bitch thinks she's so fucking smart, when she just needs to keep her fucking 'sass' to herself." - Mainardus
  • "That's my girl." - Lupei
  • "Yeah, she's odd, but she could find a whisper in a whirlwind." - Cora Kirkwood
  • "Family is family, and no matter what she is, she'll always be family." - Michael Kennedy
  • "Girl's got spunk, I'll give her that. Another decade or two, and she might be as good as Barb was." - Hank Sims
  • "I had reservations about bringing in a kid. But the more I got to know her, to understand what she's become, the better I understood that childhood wasn't an option for her." - John Harkin
  • "Mr. Anderison," F1R3W@LL says in a passingly horrible impression of Agent Smith from the Matrix. "Lucky you bro, I'mma take the pills for you." And lo, her goblin fruits healed 3L.
    • David straightens a bit and smiles at Fie. He then mimes taking off a pair of shades and says, in a *perfect* Keanu impression, "Whoah."
  • "Not a clue what she looks like still but i'd nail her just based off "dat brain"" - Dash
  • "I do not know her well. She seems talented and effective at what she does. So that's great." - Cassandra Jones, M.D.
  • "I finally found an Apple product that I like." - Rosemary Weald
  • "I spend a lot of time in minds, with all their messy connections and emotional distortion. It's a pleasure dealing with F1R3W@LL and accurate data." - Dr. Adrianne Kane
  • _(._.)_ - David Anderson
  • "I do not understand half her words, but the skills with technology are miraculous. Harkin's eye for talent has not weakened." - Setah-sefer
  • "One chocolate cupcake never seems enough payment. Maybe we should bring TWO." - Endless
  • "F13? She once lived with me for a whole week, would not have even noticed if she didn't have the cable company digging up my lawn to put in a dedicated t-1 line to my house. There's something to be sad for a quiet polite house guest like that. Its crazy, but I think the oven works better with her around." -Lynnette Kennedy
  • Im not sure what to say about her she is the best at what she does she can hold her liquor and i just think she might rip the walls if need be.-Reins
  • "Her cave is almost as nice as mine. If hers wasn't dead in the middle of a city, it'd be perfect." - Duchess
  • "Something tells me that she would like Akihabara a little too much." - 43
  • "Provide cupcakes and wonderful sugary messes are made...but do they love those cupcakes." - Aalina
  • "I make coffee for her. She called me Jessuss. I think itss a fair trade." Icarus Sphere.
  • "It wasn't the best of circumstances, but when Silas left, I knew she was the only one to turn to. And she outshone us all." - Danica Barrows
  • "She turns caffeine into miracles." - Irene Norton
  • "Despite the deadpan delivery, no one delivers a better verbal comeuppance." - Eva Carlisle
  • "We haven't exactly talked much but from what I've overheard her stream of consciousness is impressive." - Lucas MacKinder
  • "She can be a little to the point, but I appreciate that sometimes. And I tremendously appreciate the help and patience she's shown in...some matters." - Eric Barrett
  • "F13 is awesome. That's really all you can say. Awesome." - Frankie
  • "F13 is as talented as she is bombastic. Don't usually click with such people, but I'm proud to call her a friend." - Leonard Price
  • " Sagrim-Ur would be proud to call her one of his" - Gaff Hook
  • "She is too much awesome. I bow in reverence. One day I may have her street cred, but not for... a long-ass time." - Pash Halaby
  • "I thought at first she was just a silly child attached to her machine. She has proven herself to be much more. We could use about a dozen of her." - Abraxa
  • "heh, if she really wants to see my penthouse, I'd be more than happy to show her. As long as she remembers it's not my freakin' name." - Nazar Belitrov
  • "It doesn't matter how young she looks, or how many jokes she cracks, or how good her deadpan delivery is. What matters is that she makes the solid plans and the hard decisions and shit gets done and few people die. Sold." - Dani
  • (Upon being Ensorcelled and seeing F13's Mein) "Endless! You didn't warn me F13 was ADORABLE." - Irene Norton
  • "She is admirable. I like her." - Lilith
  • "If everyone in the Accord has half of the devotion she has, then we will be in very good shape." - Set
  • "The test of any commanding officer comes when the plan has gone to hell, and everyone is scrambling. She held things together long enough to get people out, and managed to keep a trap and ambush from doing more casualties than most COs I've ever had could. If she gives me a call, I'll answer." - Richard "Rick" Storm
  • "There something about her, that I can't quite put my finger on, but there is definetly more than meets the eye with her...I think" - Jason Harvick
  • "Firewall should take comfort in Exodus 21:26. And indeed, those responsible for the abduction of her sole-called 'race' deserve God's Wrath. But when weighed against the sins collectively made against Mankind, I see little difference between the Lost and the Found." - Father Gabriel
  • "Here's what you need to understand. Take her name - the name you know, I mean - and split it apart. Then think about those two words for a little while. The sum of any person is far more than their parts, but you can still get a lot of knowledge out of just those two." - Marianne Bennett
  • "Who? Oh the kid who pals around with Simon? Seems nice enough, can't say I've ever had a conversation with her." - Striker
  • "A good girl, who admits her gravest mistakes even when she could let them slide, forgotten. Perhaps I should be angry with her but yet her presence instead moves me to smile even now, every time." - 43
  • "I like her. She's got spunk. And she talks smart without giving me a migraine." - Marcus Jackson
  • "I often wonder how I would deal with technology without her, she makes it all look so easy. It's impressive though to see her work." - Juliette d`Escouperie
  • "I dunno...she's a little strange, but they say geniuses always are and I'm pretty sure she knows everything. Like, seriously, everything. All the things." - Amanda Burke
  • "I like her. She is spunky, outrageous and smart. I almost want to punch her in the nuts though, she lumped me in with that douche Jack Cooper. We might have both made deals for services rendered, but I am nothing like that idiot." - Dante Weber-Karg
  • "what...who....Since this little ball of hyper energy kind of scares the hell out of me, I don't even want to know...its better for my health" Beau Owens
  • "You know, the thing that I love the most about F13 is that she is always willing to help. She has thumbs, she's well-organized, and she is amazing at what she does. Plus, she's just fun to hang out with." - Dea Tacita
  • "Also? I kinda find myself wanting to give her a hug and pet her head. I feel overly protective of a small handful of people, and she is definitely one of them." - Dea Tacita
  • "Of all the Changelings I know, I despise her the least. Maybe it's because she's mostly machine and I understand machines. Maybe I'm getting soft in my old age. Dare I say, I kinda like her. She's a good kid... You're not recording this are you?" - Smitty
  • "I would have to shay that of all the people I have worked for, F13 ish the one pershon I trusht implicitly to actually lead and take reshponshibility when it ish time. Sshe trushts her teammatess to do what ish necesshary and sshe trushts their judgement to know their own limitss inshtead of telling them what ish, inshtead, besht for them. I know sshe doeshn't want to be incharge, but I'm pretty shure that in the dictionary by the phrase 'Good Leader' there ish a picture of F13." - Icarus Sphere
  • "It's refreshing to meet another intelligent Changeling, and this one puts me to shame. " Sylvia Thompson
  • "I think we're united by the fact we look at our own people and go 'Da Fuq is this shit and why was I cursed with thumbs to clean it?' and Scotch. Scotch helps." Rhys
  • "I owe her a sit down with a bottle of good Scotch. She's seen some shit." - Kyle Everett
  • " 'Stolen fairy tale girls mean the difference between life and death...' " - Naveed
  • "F13, your invention of 'maniacality' is without a doubt, the best new word to which I've been introduced in half a decade. Bravo, Tiny Robot. While I save the world, you save the world *and* improve English." - David Motherfucking Anderson
  • "Best robot ever." - Marilyn St. Paul
  • "A positive force for organization and good, sometimes to her own detriment. F13 will always be needed as long as stupid people need to calm their tits." - Sethos
  • "She said his face was quaint. I have the fucking BEST Cell leader!" - Dr. Steven Bradley
  • "She keeps shit together while still bein' funny - not many people can do that. I mean, I try, but I mos'ly jus' end up bein' mean 'stead a' funny." - Sybil Grey
  • "It's always fascinating to meet a robot, especially one programmed to be so in tune with modern culture, I believe Reddit may be incorporated into her source code. Understand there is no sexual meaning to it when I say I would like to crack her open and see how she works." - from the notes of Professor Philo Taylor, Ph.D
  • "I didn't know that robotss could prune. But the Lazy River sseems to have even beshted the flessh of the Robot Goddesss." - Icarus Sphere during Operation The Tower
  • "May be the most competent person in our cell. I'm sorry about that." - Ingrid
  • "You need *anything* you fucking call me. I have your back, but, like standing the fuck next to you." Lt. Jaq
  • "How does it make any sense that it's the "babies" of the Accord who have all their shit together? I mean, I'm not complaining, but you'd think that the adults would at least be able to pull their heads out of their asses long enough to do their jobs. I hope we don't all get stupid when we hit 'old'... Anyway. F13 is my favorite little robot. But I think maybe I make her brain hurt a little. Something about too much sugar and talking too fast and never stopping...Ooops? I make up for it with thumbs?" Red
  • "I stayed up late enough with her enough nights when things were bothering her and she didn't want to say... I'm glad she and Simon finally figured it out, you know? She needed that. I hope she sleeps better these days, though I don't actually expect it's true. She's seen too much." Blue
  • "I think she did not dig on The Dude-Bro at first, but we seem to jive now. Ya dig?" - Badger
  • "I will admit, I thought her odd, at first. Well...I still find her odd. But I respect her. I would hope that the sentiment is mutual." - Amalia Iliescu
  • "Great with people, bad at surviving. Why does she keep coming on Hedge trips with us?" - Senka
  • "Ms. Firewall is quite talented - while computers are not my forte, I am told by those I trust that she is nigh peerless in the field. She is rather...peculiar, at times, but I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt on such. And she is willing to stand up to those who could and would kill her with a thought despite being quite certain of that. I suppose I cannot fault her for inciting panic during our last meeting...she was unaware of my capabilities. I do not believe she will make a similar miscalculation in the future." - Dr. Lillian Cross
  • "I had no idea anyone could cuss worse than me. I'm so glad we're on the same team."--Ithilë Birchwheel
  • "Those are some shiny glasses." - Sister Mercy
  • "Oh she hates me. Like legit that bitch hates me. I'll work with her all the same, but maaaaaan...she DOES NOT like me....me? The field in which I sow my fucks is indeed barren." - Ridley St. James
  • "Nope..still can't figure her out. But at least I know what it is that scratched my brain." Jason Harvick
  • "She is one of two people that I can, quite literally, talk to about anything. In that way, she is a godsend." -Cora Kirkwood
  • "Thoughtful, tactical and solid. If only people really *heard* her, as opposed to simply listened to her." -Houston
  • "She's got obvious leadership chops. She's also kind enough to help out a total stranger like me get his life back together. She's got carte blanche to swear as much as she wants around me. I hope to get to work with her and the mad geniuses at Torch more in the future." -Ellis Kingsly
  • "Pretty sure she is the Spirit of the PC master race, but can not confirm yet." -Lowkey
  • "I just realized, this moment, that you and your boy, are Psi and Fie. Hence forth, you are Psi-Fie." - Badger
    • "...Yeah bro that's been a thing for legit 7 years, but hey never too late to show up to the party I guess."
  • "Did you bring your radiant wife along? It's not a party until she's cussing up the place." - Shkira to Simon
  • "She buffs tools. This has made me quite happy." - Makkusu
  • "She gets salty sometimes, and she likes to act like she's in charge, makes decisions. I know how to make her crack though." - Shade
  • "F13 gets shit done with her robot brain parts." New Guy
  • "Didn't think it was possible, but F13 is even cooler in person. Well, at least from the small interactions that we had. There need to be bigger ones soon. Over drinks, hopefully." - Ash
  • "She guards the secrets of the lings pretty close. She really didn't like it when I told her I'm all enscorceled. Wanted to have a chat with my friend. But hey, not her fault. Her cell leader (me) asked her to enscorcel. That's on me. But I respect her looking out, and being all prudent and stuff. Specially after that Cold Iron Coffin bullshit." - Badger
  • "How the fuck did I turn into you?" - Shkira Kushnir
  • "She yells a lot. It seems exhausting. But it was nice to have another ACE around. Stuff gets built so quickly!" - Volt
  • "All of us in the Accord had a part in the war for this reality. Some of us had small parts to play, and others large ones. It would hardly be fair of me to quantify each individual's contribution. So, allow me to be unfair: without Fie, we would have lost. Badly. I think all of us owe her more than we, or she, realize." - Mahaf

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