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Folding chair.jpg

Real Name:
None of your Business

Deed Name(s):
Folding Chair

Description and Notable Traits:
FC is a street kid of about 20 years old. He has a wiry build and a no nonsense attitude.

FC looks like a wolf/shephard mix with a mottled brown coat

FC is 10 feet tall and rather intimidating, with haggard claws and drooling maw, this Ahroun has seen his share of fights.

Information Known by The Nation


It's rumored that FC is related to Returns the Faith by blood in some way.

(Have at me! I've had worse!)

Quotable Quotes

  • "You know every stereotype bully that Kin hear about in the Garou Nation? Yeah...that's FC." - Tia Ragins, Glasswalkwer Kinfolk
  • "He is Alpha. But he has much to learn. And I teach him...respectfully." - Returns the Faith
  • "Bone Gnawers know how to deal with the shit life has dealt them. Leaders know they are gonna take shit and deal with it accordingly. FC know how to take care of shit and that is why he is Alpha." - Defrags the Spiral
  • "I haven't met him in person, but the amount of flak he's had to deal with so far tells me he's alright." - Michael "Wars-on-all-Fronts" Anders
  • "Thrust into a future created by loss, took responsibility, this brings Honor. Remaining past point of ability, leeches Wisdom. Courage to face all adversity despite odds, brings Glory. Alpha exactly as you would expect Ahroun to be. Exactly as Gaia made him, nothing more, nothing less." Speaks The Legion
  • "May Gaia grant him Wisdom in his new role in the Nation...a role that will do more to try his patience than all the BSDs in Arizona." - Returns the Faith
  • "A Soul lost and struggling, but one who learns eagerly. With time, should Gaia grant it, he will be great some day...but he has to learn the lessons She teaches first." - Sings the Forgotten

Soundtrack and Inspirations

  • Rodent - Skinny Puppy

OOC Information

Apocalypse PC

Player: Mike McGough
Character: Folding Chair

Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Bone Gnawers
Breed: Homid
Rank: Adren

Glory: 6
Honor: 3
Wisdom: 1
Domain: AZ-010-D

Player: Mike McGough

Location: Phoenix, AZ