Fairbanks Alaska Forsaken

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     Fairbanks Alaska          Requiem          Lost          Accord          Forsaken          Masquerade    

== Venue Information ==


Territory Type: Mixed

Dominant Uratha Faction: Stalemate

Local Pack Relations: Formalized Clutch

Preeminent Tribes: Bone Shadows, Fire Touched

History and Local Politics

In the years before the new millennia, the Pure held the city. Then two coalitions, the Lunar Consulate and the Word Keepers, kicked the Pure out of Fairbanks proper and have held the city sense. This could change at any moment. The Pure surround the Forsaken and have the numbers and strength to take the city, but not without heavy losses. This Mutually Assured Destruction has kept this Cold War from starting. Currently, the packs in the city patrol the border every day. Each pack takes turn what day they’re watching the border. The watch, and wait but mainly pray that the Pure don’t take the city, because at any moment, they could.


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Alpha Packs

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Beta Packs

Omega Packs

Uratha of Note

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Hunters in Darkness

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Storm Lords

Sergei (тиски) Reznikov

Blood Talons

Iron Masters

Bone Shadows

Ghost Wolves


Fire Touched

Ivory Claws

Predator Kings

Significant Loci

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Owners: (If any)

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Spirit Courts

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Predominant Choirs and Descants:

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