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Awakening PC

Player: Dennis Claveau
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Mysterium
Legacy: Tamer of Rivers
Position: Thyrsus Councillor (currently serving, in Rose's absence)
Consilium: Novum Consilium Umbrae •••
City: Cambridge
Cabal: Bookhouse Boys
VST: VST Reuben

Faize quietly sitting in Riverside Park, Cambridge - August 2014
Faize, altered, sitting outside of Nightshift's home, Cambridge - June, 2015


Birth Name: Eliwyn Liam Blake

Adoptive Name: Allen Edgar Faizal

Sleeper Name (Post-Awakening): Edward Fice

Shadow Name: Faize

Nicknames: "Dark Phoenix"

Proximi House: Blake

Path: Thyrsus

Order: Mysterium

Legacy: 1st attainment - Tamer of Rivers

Quote: "It was a s.. s.. stupid order." - Faize's answer to Themis asking why he disobeyed an order from the Sentinel



October, 21, 1988 - Born Eliwyn Liam Blake, the estranged parents vow their child to a better life. They leave their child with an affluent family who had been destined to not have children. They soon vanish, without any trace of their existence. Not even the doctors or nurses could remember their names or faces...

October, 31, 1988 - The mysterious child is renamed "Allen Edgar Faizal", by the chosen family, Victor and Jaclyn Faizal.

May, 1998 - Allen shows an aptitude in his studies. He receives glowing reviews during his time in private schools. His parents continue to press on his educational development, pressuring him with their goals to carry on the family practice.

September, 2001 - Allen is placed in advanced classes, to hyper-focus his studies on the sciences. His adoptive parents spare no expense in pushing his education.

June, 2007 - Allen shows a great aptitude in his studies, an almost natural ability towards medicine and nature. Allen's vision for his future starts to sway from what his adoptive parents intend. Allen begins to explore studies in animal medicine.

July, 2008 - Allen receives an acceptance to study in Montreal for a medical degree.

August, 2011 - Allen falls out of interest in his studies. He starts to explore the options of a veterinary degree, much to the chagrin of his father, Victor. After an explosive argument, Allen decides to disown his adoptive family, renouncing his claim to any financial support and pursues his education in Ontario.

June, 2014 - Allen earns his degree in Veterinary medicine in Guelph, and moves to Hamilton, Ontario to open his first animal hospital.


June 10th, 2014 - Allen is plagued by recurring dreams. Dreams that are vivid, but he can't seem to remember them. He is visited by a young woman at his clinic, who brings in two ferrets for vaccinations and check-ups. The two converse for a lengthy period of time and seem to have much in common. She departs after some time, forgetting her scarf on the counter.

June 11th, 2014 - Allen waits for the young woman to return for the ferrets and her scarf, but she does not arrive by the end of the business hours. Allen begins closing up the clinic, with the television turned to the news channel. A news alert describes a hostage situation at a local pet store, showing the young woman that had dropped the ferrets off the day before. She was held at knife-point by fanatic terrorists calling themselves "Acolytes of the Throne". The camera cuts out as gunfire can be heard, the news broadcast quickly goes out.

Allen, stunned at the events that took place, began to feel the room spin as he felt sick to his stomach. He sat on a couch in the reception area, leaned back and fainted.

He found himself in his intense, recurring dream once again. This time, he was able to move freely. He walked a path, brimming with life and growth, animals all around him as he walked a long path towards a towering structure. He heard whispers to write his name; he found that his touch on the pillar easily carved his name in it. He felt warm as a brilliant light overtook him.

June 13th, 2014 - When Allen awoke, he was in his apartment laying on his bed, his clothing and hands soiled with mud and ash. He felt disoriented and felt compelled to return to his clinic.

Arriving at his clinic, he found that it had been ransacked. Windows were shattered, electricity was shorted out, papers and supplies were scattered everywhere inside. He called the police. The police arrived and took his statement, commenting about how they have seen a spike recently in these kinds of violent crimes against pet stores, vet clinics and the like. One officer mentioned that the group that was likely behind it won't be any threat anymore after being killed in a fire that broke out in the abandoned building they were using for a hideout; a fire that started due to faulty wiring and it burnt "just right" to trap them inside.

After the police left, Allen began to start cleaning up the ruins when he heard rustling in his office. He investigated the source of the noise, and noticed one of the small ferrets hiding under some papers, under his desk.

The ferret called herself "Marci" and advised him that he was in grave danger. That he needed to change his name right away and look at going somewhere safer.

At the time, Allen believed that he had started losing what sanity he had. Post-traumatic stress, he equated it to. He took the ferret in and entertained his broken psyche by conversing with her. Over the next month, she educated him on High Society...

July 14th, 2014 - Allen, now calling himself "Faize", is walking the streets of Hamilton towards his vet clinic to retrieve some supplies after relocating to a motel for the past month. A strange man calling himself "Nomad" appears out of thin air in front of him and whisks him away to a safer place...

Marci in one of her many hats

Arrival in Novum Consilium Umbrae

August, 2014 - After meeting Nomad in Hamilton, Faize was invited to stay in the outskirts of Cambridge. Faize was brought to the Novum Consilium Umbrae after deciding that staying in Hamilton was too much of a risk, as he had to distance himself from his previous life.

Nomad assisted in packing Faize's belongings and transporting them to his cabal's Bookhouse Farm, until Faize could find a place of residence of his own.

August 20th, 2014 - Faize is invited to stay and join the cabal, The Bookhouse Boys, by Will, The Number, Favilla and Nomad. Faize agrees to set up a veterinary clinic on the edge of the farm, using one of the storage buildings near the entrance to the farm, and tends to the farm's livestock. Marci is made an honorary member of the cabal.

October, 2014 - Faize is officially sworn into the Mysterium

November, 2014 - Faize is made Thyrsus Provost by default and attends his first Council Meeting; declaring the Thyrsus' only request of that day in response to a recent announcement: "The Thyrsus would like it to be known... that we... do not want to be told... who we can have sex with."

December, 2014 - Faize visits Toronto's Free Council Assembly for the first time and meets Jack Ansible, who would begin testing Faize's resolve to initiate him on the path to becoming a Tamer of Rivers.

Faize spends mostly every weekend of the month in Toronto, holding free medical clinics for the homeless. He vaccinates and treats the sick and injured, upholding his vow of charity to the Vagrant Spirit of Toronto.

January, 2015 - Faize attends the Tytalus Winter Ball and participates in the Tournament Duel Arcanum. He bests his cabalmate, Will, in the first round. Faize meets Redips in the second round and puts up a valiant effort. Pushing himself beyond what his body could take, Faize ultimately was knocked unconscious to end the fight, lasting a total of 72 rounds.

February, 2015 - Faize completes his studies in the Matter Arcana. He starts on his path towards his legacy.

March, 2015 - Faize begins his formal job as a paramedic

April 2015 - Faize participates on the Siege in the Shadow operation. On the front lines, Faize alongside Goose, Coyote, Alice, Maggie and Elknar, fought two mammoth spirit worms which were part of Lilith's (formerly known as Leto) abyssal Legion. Together, they were able to defeat the "guard dogs" while Lilith attempted to ambush the support team.

The mages of the Novum Consilium Umbrae victorious over Lilith and her abyssal force and Faize assisted in the healing efforts post-battle.

May 2015 - Faize recovers the lost Heirarch's Staff with the recon team that visited the shoals. Faize is named "Herald" following the crowning of the new Hierarchy.

Faize volunteers to participate in the Operations Attack on Acamoth, using the perfected weapons to annihilate the Acamoth. On the approach, the group is encroached on by abyssal beings but not attacked. Faize attempted to trick the Acamoth into revealing information, but this effort was cut short by Sterling, who shot him in the back of his head. The team narrowly escaped with their lives.

Faize, who was critically injured during the operation, was healed by Nightshift. He was left somewhat jaded by the events, still reeling from the betrayal; a passionate glint has awakened in his eyes...

June 2015 - Faize undergoes a change. Cosmetically, Faize has changed his hair color to silver and dresses darker. Mentally, Faize has demonstrated a change as well. During the trial of Sterling, when Faize was questioned on his account of the events, he started exhibiting some consequences of the gunshot; He started showing signs of Ataxic Dysarthria and acute Amnesia.
Resemblance to Faize's new 'look'

Following a conversation with his legacy mentor, Jack, and the current stand-in curator, Olga, Faize decided to take the advice of taking some time out. The Consilium space was soon rocked by tremors, and news that the Acamoth was on it's way. After everyone was safely evacuated from the building, Faize returned to the Bookhouse Farm.

He soon discovered that the Acamoth had sympathetic ties to him and several others who had been attempting to usher it away from this realm. Faize, determined to keep his friends safe, decided to pack and leave the Bookhouse temporarily, until the ties had been severed.

During the first few weeks of June, a young woman has been spotted in public that could almost certainly pass as Faize's sister, though Faize himself has not been seen from at all since the events at Consilium.

Character Description

Faize is a quiet, awkward young man. He is blond (Long hair, usually worn loose; on occasion in a top-knot ponytail), 5'11 and can usually (until recently) be found wearing a pair of prescription glasses. He often wears earthy tones (greens, browns, tans) and occasionally absent-mindedly wears his lab-coat outside of his clinic.

Faize is generally soft-spoken and often-times painfully polite. His social skills are not well developed, beyond what was engrained in him by his adoptive family. He was taught not to speak out of turn and to never raise his voice. Mind his manners and always show humility.

Since pairing with his ferret familiar, Marci, he has made strides in being less socially awkward.

Despite his quiet and shy nature, Faize is capable of being incredibly bold. When he argues a point he is passionate about, he is brutally stubborn and can be exceptionally cutting.

To the ones he considers friends, Faize is unyieldingly loyal. He will, without pause, assist his friends without any regard to his own safety. He refuses to give up hope in any situation and refuses to let his friends give up.

Always a believer of "Where there is a strong will, there will always be a way.", Faize will approach a situation with a grim determination and unyielding spirit, no matter how hopeless it is.

He is a potent mage, who is still raw. His familiar, Marci, has been tasked with shaping him and guiding him in the right direction.

Altered Faize

Faize's self-studies into the Life arcana blended well with his studies of the human mind, and body. After hearing about the ability Thyrsus had to physically change themselves, Faize began experimenting with the Life arcana in an attempt to gain a full understanding of what emotions and feelings were like on the other side of the coin.

Initially, his interests were academic in nature; he would find that after his traumatic encounter during the Attack on Acamoth mission, that this ability would become less of an academic pursuit and more of a therapeutic escape.

After achieving adept-level understanding in the Life arcana, Faize began work on greater changes to himself.

To help cope with the emotional trauma, Faize has adopted an "alternate" persona; a young woman, 5'6 with silver hair, average looks and yet a stronger, more outspoken personality.

He has only shared this information with those who are closest to him. Faize is, unknowingly, struggling with losing himself to the comfort that the altered persona brings.

It is evidenced by the fact that even when not in this altered state, Faize retained the silver hair and the personality is beginning to bleed into his own.

Mundane Identities

Faize has several identities that he is known by. Some have been recent changes, but as a responsible mage he knows when it is appropriate to utilize them.

Allen Edgar Faizal

Allen was a bookish young man with high academic aspirations. Pushed by his family to be in medicine, he never fulfilled those dreams. He would dress conservatively, wear glasses and was generally very meek and unassuming. He has not been seen after his veterinary clinic closed in Hamilton early in 2014. Allen opted out of his lease and reportedly left town shortly after his clinic was attacked. It is assumed Allen has relocated elsewhere.

Eddie Fice

Eddie arrived in Cambridge to very little fanfare. He quietly opened a practice of veterinary medicine on a farmhouse in a rural area of Cambridge. After taking some time to resolve his lost identification, Eddie began taking classes at Conestoga College. He excelled in his studies, passing a pre-requisite text with 99% accuracy to allow him to begin taking advance classes immediately. After several months of studies, he obtained a placement with Cambridge Memorial Hospital as a paramedic, where he currently is employed on shift-work. He operates between several hospitals in the area as a paramedic, though his knowledge is vastly beyond his station. He is rarely dressed in anything other than his paramedic uniform. When he does have time off, he can usually be found in collared polos, a khaki jacket and brown cargo pants. He is usually seen with a blond ponytail, though has been known to wear it down.

Marceline May

An intern that recently appeared around Cambridge Memorial Hospital. Hired on in June, nobody knows a lot about the girl outside of the fact that this is one of her first jobs. Referred to the job by Eddie Fice, "Marci", as she prefers to be called, has been making a positive impression around the reception desk. Friendly, outgoing and flirty, she seems to have a carefree approach that wins her a lot of praise (and attention) from her co-workers, even though working only part time. She dresses formally for her position, and when not on the job has been seen to sport heel-wedges, sleek dress and earthy colors. She dresses to compliment her stunning silvery hair.


The area feels like a warm, spring day, full of life. A warm breeze blows past as the faint smell of pine-tar floats through the air. Those close by feel a slight numbing, pins-and-needles effect on their extremities.


- Prove his worth

- Protect his friends and loved ones

- Find somewhere he can call "home" and discover his family


Rumor has it that Faize was the one that caused the fire and he used his powers to murder the building full of Seers...

Rumor has it that Marci took control of Faize and caused the fire that killed the Seers...

Rumor has it that the second ferret was the familiar of the girl who brought them...

Rumor has it that the girl who Faize met in his clinic was also a mage...

Rumor has it that there is a masked vigilante who resides at the bookhouse...

Rumor has it that power failures in the area are tied to Faize's mood swings...


"The Thyrsus would like it to be known... that we... do not want to be told... who we can have sex with." - Faize's first appearance on council as Thyrsus Provost

"Sometimes, we NEED to make the tough decisions!" - Faize to Sterling in the Athenaeum, following the failed Operation "Attack on Acamoth".

"I am not going to back down!" - Faize during the Duel Arcanum Tournament

"That... was stupid... of me." - Faize following the Duel Arcanum Tournament

"I like this kid. He's got fire. Literally. It was awesome, watching him light up those shitheel clone Leibnitz attack dogs. I'll take him on my team any time. Bit shy, though. Needs to come out from behind his ferret and stand on his own two feet" - Payette


Marci - Ferret Familiar, Spirit of Guidance
Lamed (aka The Number) - Mastigos, Guardian of the Veil
Lockdown - Mastigos, Guardian of the Veil
Rose - Thyrsus - Mysterium
Nightshift - Thyrsus - Adamantine Arrow
Will - Acanthus - Silver Ladder
Elknar - Moros - Mysterium
Nomad - Obrimos - (Ascended)
Ariadne - (deceased)
Favilla - (deceased)
Payette - Obrimos Free Councillor of the York Assembly


The Bookhouse Boys