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Awakening PC

Player: Corissa
Path: Moros
Order: Guardians of the Veil ••
Legacy: Thread Cutters
Consilium: La Perla del Sur Consilium
Cabal: The Horsemen
VST: Jake

Shadow Name: Famine

Former Shadow Name: Odalisk

Sleeper Alias: Adi Von Pose

Physical description: She is a white mid 30’s woman who is heavy set..some say fat, others might say curvy, or chubby. She has a baby face and a friendly smile, but she always looks serious. She has an hourglass figure ...just a bigger one then most people would envision. She says it just has more hours on it then most. She has a fairly large rack and grey eyes... her hair color changes frequently. But it is normally a deep chestnut brown with a single White Forelock in it. her face as been described as cherub like, much to her chagrin.

Path: Moros

Order:Guardians of the Veil

Consilium: La Perla del Sur Consilium

Cabal: The Horsemen

Nimbus: Her body, when light moves over it , depending on what parts, the shadows take on a sunken, starved emaciated look, eyes and cheek bones becoming hallow. her fingers and other bones looking skeletal under taunt skin. There is a sound of a spinning change wheel, that is often mistaken for a roulette or revolver barrel spinning. And some swear there is the smell of cupcakes and gun oil in the air.

Information Known by Awakened Society


Notable Features

  • White streak of hair, Fat yet beautiful. A distinct loner.


  • Never tell her, "you have such a pretty face" She will punch you
  • She lives off Coffee exclusively
  • She is always armed...always
  • Was a Miss USA Pageant contestant
  • Mention her weight , she loves that.
  • Sleeps with a stuffed animal Elephant
  • Has no soul
    • That is why she collects other people's souls
  • Hates the members of her cabal
    • no is dating her Cabal
      • Which one?
        • No, you heard me.
  • Suffers from debilitating nightmares
  • Is a kept woman, has a secret sugar daddy
  • get a box of israel candies one a month. signed חבר המתוק שלי translation "my sweetest freiend"
  • Is the 2nd worst Guardian ever.
  • Used to be considered one of the deadliest woman with a gun
  • She's gone soft
  • Serious Type A personality
  • was once married
  • Founding member of the Horsemen.
  • She is silently judging you.
  • No, that isnt resting bitch face.
  • Bickers uncontrollably with Black Dog
  • Heard someone call her Fluffy once and they didnt get punched.
  • Was recently kidnapped and tortured by a hunter who was also a shifter.
  • Secretly enjoys My Little Pony
  • She avoids Canada like the plague.
  • on her last op she drink, out cussed, an out fought all the men.
  • has a birth mark shaped like Reagan on her upper thigh.

Hey I know you!


From Famine

  • "Chubby chasers? Oh they can fuck off"
  • "I am super skinny in that I am like covered completely in skin"

From Others

(Feel free to add quotes)

  • "Oda? She is my cuddle buddy. No you can't cuddle with her, only me. If you try she will eat your soul..or I might. - Blaze
  • "Famine...what is there to say...oh wait...she is the kind to want to get things done" - Skittles
  • "Dolly and I really like doing that 'bad movie oreo' thing. Good movie, bad movie, good movie. We take turns picking the sets." - Tevye


Fictional Characters and Real People

  • Victoria Winslow from RED
  • miltant baker
  • "eff your beauty standards" - tess munster
  • rebel wilson


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