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  1. Fargo-Sabbat-IC

[2016-02-02 16:26:51] → Joined channel #Fargo-Sabbat-IC [2016-02-02 16:26:51] * Channel mode set to +nt by the server maple.on.ca.darkmyst.org [2016-02-02 16:26:51] * ChanServ set the topic to 'The Esbet Gathering takes place at The Fargo Theatre, nestled in the heart of downtown Fargo, features 364 days of cutting edge entertainment in a historic atmosphere. 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[2016-02-02 19:09:32] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> He nods with a smile. "Evenin" [2016-02-02 19:10:02] <[V]Sinombre> hey [2016-02-02 19:11:20] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "Michael McCullen. Parson for Saint Blaise. Ductus of One Eye Open. And by the end of the night should be Bishop of Spirituality." he extends a hand [2016-02-02 19:11:38] → [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] joined (LuckyTech@ng84-7-77-801.ph.ph.cox.net) [2016-02-02 19:12:11] → [V]Obsidian|Garg|EP joined (u762141@2605:6000:ef55:lgpv:yvjx:wggl:orn:nwps) [2016-02-02 19:12:13] — [V]Sinombre shakes hands [2016-02-02 19:12:22] <[V]Sinombre> Sinombre. Tzimisce. Visiting. [2016-02-02 19:12:28] — [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV] walks in, smile plastered on his features. He shoves his phone in the pocket, giving a wave to the two present. [2016-02-02 19:12:30] — [L]Isabella[EP|P4] comes inside, flanked by two girls who look to be 15 and identical in appearance. Isabella's wearing http://www.polyvore.com/antonia/set?id=182890191 . She looks over at Sinombre and Michael, moving in Michael's direction and motioning the girls to follow her. "Ductus." [2016-02-02 19:12:31] <[V]Sinombre> Dunno much about myself after Brazil... [2016-02-02 19:12:33] <[V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV]> "Evening!" [2016-02-02 19:13:06] <[L]Isabella[EP|P4]> Oh, I'm sure I can help jog your memory.... [2016-02-02 19:13:15] ← [V]Obsidian|Garg|EP left (u762141@2605:6000:ef55:lgpv:yvjx:wggl:orn:nwps) [2016-02-02 19:13:41] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "Ah, ISabella. This is Sinombre." [2016-02-02 19:13:48] ← [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] left (LuckyTech@ng84-7-77-801.ph.ph.cox.net) [2016-02-02 19:14:08] — [L]Isabella[EP|P4] smiles pleasantly, extending a hand. "Isabella Sandoval. A pleasure." [2016-02-02 19:14:20] <[V]Sinombre> You can? How? [2016-02-02 19:14:26] → [V]That_Pander[Hum|Tmpr] joined (androirc@107.14.vh.wz) [2016-02-02 19:14:43] <[L]Isabella[EP|P4]> Why, with the right type of drugs. [2016-02-02 19:14:53] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "Don't get his hopes up too much. I hear that eater of names did a number on quite a few cainites." [2016-02-02 19:15:10] <[V]Sinombre> (veyr clearly female  :P ) [2016-02-02 19:15:19] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> (Her) [2016-02-02 19:15:27] <[V]Sinombre> ya... no name, no hisotry, no pack,... nothing [2016-02-02 19:15:34] <[V]Sinombre> well, got a pack now but yeah [2016-02-02 19:15:40] — [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV] gives Isabella a curious look. "If that's one of your talents, I know a guy out in New York that could use a hand." [2016-02-02 19:16:21] — [L]Isabella[EP|P4] looks at Isaiah. "I'm a Serpent, dear. And who is this lost soul?" [2016-02-02 19:16:26] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "Ah which pack are you with now?" He looks to Isaiah. "Evening." [2016-02-02 19:17:00] <[V]Sinombre> Furious Ascension, out of San Fran [2016-02-02 19:17:09] <[V]Sinombre> cool dudes, I felt comfortable there right away [2016-02-02 19:18:13] <[V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV]> "Evening." He gives another smile, this time directed to Isabella and Michael "I'm known as Isaiah, and I tend to be the type that's prone to wandering, though I've been sticking around Western New York as of late." [2016-02-02 19:18:40] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "Ah, a nomad, I'm the local parson for Saint Blaise." [2016-02-02 19:19:04] <[V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV]> "Nice to meetcha." He offers his hand to the parson. [2016-02-02 19:19:28] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> He shakes it. "As well Ductus of One Eye Open. Michael McCullen." [2016-02-02 19:20:02] → [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP joined (Jessye@hu07-375-22-785.om.om.cox.net) [2016-02-02 19:20:26] ⇐ [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV] quit (Mibbit@mqs-21-405-321-55.buffalo.res.rr.com): Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client [2016-02-02 19:20:36] — [V]That_Pander[Hum|Tmpr] meanders into the Theatre, doing his level best to seem as inconspicuous as possible. As he nears the gathering, he slows to a halt near the periphery. [2016-02-02 19:20:44] → Kitsune joined (Mibbit@mqs-21-405-321-55.buffalo.res.rr.com) [2016-02-02 19:20:55] <Kitsune> " [2016-02-02 19:21:12] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> He glances over, "Ah that Pander. Good evening." he makes a beeline [2016-02-02 19:21:24] — [L]Isabella[EP|P4] looks at the Pander. [2016-02-02 19:21:36] → [V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd] joined (Maximilian@66.sub-39-304-302.myvzw.com) [2016-02-02 19:21:53] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "Glad you could join us. You've been a frequent visitor. we appreciate that." [2016-02-02 19:21:59] * Kitsune is now known as [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV [2016-02-02 19:22:23] — [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV grins at That Pander [2016-02-02 19:22:26] — [V]That_Pander[Hum|Tmpr] looks up at the sound of his moniker, closing the distance to Michael. "Still alive and kicking. Good to see." [2016-02-02 19:22:38] <[V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV> "Fancy seeing you out here. And here I thought I was the only one that liked to travel from our area." [2016-02-02 19:23:03] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "Ah, you both are from similiar areas? nice. I'm originally from Newark." [2016-02-02 19:23:14] — [L]Isabella[EP|P4] looks at Isaiah. "Isabella. Serpent of the Light." [2016-02-02 19:24:18] <[V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV> "Yeah, New York area." Isaiah nods, "And nice to meet you, Isabella." [2016-02-02 19:24:51] — [V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd] enters quietly, examining the location. His pace and inhuman focus suggest he is simply continuing the work he began outside [2016-02-02 19:25:27] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP a alien of a woman arrived on her own, looking about with dead black eyes that stood out among her pale but perfect flesh... She has long purple,pink and teal hair that cascades down her back. Her movements are harsh, and deadly.. It was clear she was a predator and there was no hiding that fact.. Her eyes glanced about as she took everything in.. though she was a monster, with [2016-02-02 19:25:28] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP many metal piercings running down her arms and collar bone with gold chain rings, she wore a master crafted dress of her enemies... http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/0/77/2911833-2711008_20c_super.jpg [2016-02-02 19:26:14] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP the woman carried a book with her, it was a german book on eugenics and breeding, and genotypes and predicting the physical outcome of a union.. [2016-02-02 19:26:59] — [L]Isabella[EP|P4] looks at Angelique, studying her and giving the woman a faint smile. "Welcome to Fargo." [2016-02-02 19:27:01] — [V]That_Pander[Hum|Tmpr] looks to Isaiah, eyes widening with faint surprise. "Well, I'll be. Good to see you joining the fight." [2016-02-02 19:28:08] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> He approaches, "Good evening, welcome to Fargo. Quite an outfit. Very exquisitely made." [2016-02-02 19:28:48] — [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV gives a nod to the Pander's statement, "I'm hoping my skills will be of more use here." [2016-02-02 19:29:16] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "Michael McCullen. Ducutus of One Eye Open. Parson for Saint Blaise." [2016-02-02 19:29:23] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP her eyes glance over to Isabella. "Hello there, thank you." Her eyes drift looking to Michael "Evening." she smirked some. "Danke." [2016-02-02 19:30:13] → Cy[Archbishop] joined (shawn_ooc@u-51-092-954-029.hsd9.pa.comcast.net) [2016-02-02 19:30:49] <[V]That_Pander[Hum|Tmpr]> We never really touched on that, did we." That Pander grimaces, then nods. "All skills are useful, one way or another. It's just a matter of properly utilizing them. What do you, ah...do? [2016-02-02 19:31:53] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> Dr. Angelique Bratovitch, from Domina Lux. [2016-02-02 19:32:52] — [V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd] continues examining the Esbat, going upstairs and down, slowly pacing through, looking it over, sniffing the air [2016-02-02 19:34:41] — [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV looks down at his phone. "I deal with information. Speaking of, there's something going on by the church. So says this anonymous source." He sounds amused. [2016-02-02 19:34:45] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> Michael glances at a text then looks around for someone with authority [2016-02-02 19:34:57] — [V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd] returns to the group [2016-02-02 19:34:59] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "Oh you know too?" [2016-02-02 19:35:24] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd]> "Have any of you ever been to Elysium?" He growls to the room [2016-02-02 19:35:25] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> He makes his way to Cy [2016-02-02 19:35:37] <Bryan-VST> **CY HAS NOT ENTERED IC YET** [2016-02-02 19:35:44] <[V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV> He smiles at Michael, "At least I'm not the only one." [2016-02-02 19:35:50] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> ah ok [2016-02-02 19:36:03] <[L]Isabella[EP|P4]> No [2016-02-02 19:36:32] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "Unless you count that this place is apparently an old forgotten one." [2016-02-02 19:37:16] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> Is the Bishop of War or the Cardinal around? [2016-02-02 19:37:18] — [V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd] turns to Michael "Has it been preserved as one?" [2016-02-02 19:37:52] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "As of last time we were here, there was some old Salubri that was gonna protect it as such, if we didn't commit violence. Not sure what happened with that." [2016-02-02 19:37:55] — Cy[Archbishop] in a booming voice "YES! We are told this is an Elysium that Fargo has forgotten." [2016-02-02 19:37:57] <Bryan-VST> BEAST OF WAR enters the room [2016-02-02 19:38:05] <[V]Sinombre> a forgotten Elysium? [2016-02-02 19:38:06] — [V]That_Pander[Hum|Tmpr] smiles crookedly. "We probably could've done something if we'd known. We should talk to the newly minted bishop, and coordinate...but that's for later, for another front. Fargo has been...similar in ways." [2016-02-02 19:38:19] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> He makes his way to them. [2016-02-02 19:38:39] — Cy[Archbishop] walks down the the stairs of the balcony to the front railing [2016-02-02 19:38:54] <Bryan-VST> BEAST OF WAR stands by the entryway to a set of balconies and then follows the Archbishop [2016-02-02 19:39:36] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> Whispers to Cy [2016-02-02 19:40:02] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP stood in silence where she was left, her stillness would bewilder any mortal creature, so complete it is. It is a neutral gesture, without obvious malice or bemusement. [2016-02-02 19:40:53] — [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV his eyes turn to the newcomers, still holding his phone. [2016-02-02 19:41:41] → [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] joined (LuckyTech@ng84-7-77-801.ph.ph.cox.net) [2016-02-02 19:43:20] <Bryan-VST> BEAST OF WAR follows Cy [2016-02-02 19:43:23] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> he nods and let's him take the floor [2016-02-02 19:43:39] <[V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV> "Admittedly, I'm not a local. Does this place have as many churches as Buffalo?" [2016-02-02 19:43:46] — Cy[Archbishop] moves toward the center of the stage [2016-02-02 19:44:02] — [V]Sinombre looks to the Archbish [2016-02-02 19:44:04] <Cy[Archbishop]> hello one and all. There appears to many new FACES tonight [2016-02-02 19:44:06] — [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV hushes as he sees someone taking the stage [2016-02-02 19:44:34] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP looks over with just her eyes to Cy, and the Beast of War. [2016-02-02 19:44:54] — [V]That_Pander[Hum|Tmpr] lowers his voice in the presence of the lower clergy. "Not sure, for certain. I've depended on local Intel. Seemed wrong to try to play Bull in the China shop." [2016-02-02 19:45:20] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> Michael gives his attention to Cy [2016-02-02 19:45:33] <[V]That_Pander[Hum|Tmpr]> ((*local! Autocorrected!)) [2016-02-02 19:45:54] — [L]Isabella[EP|P4] bows to the Archbishop, then looks at Isaiah. "Anywhere can be a church. You just have to know where to look." [2016-02-02 19:46:06] <Cy[Archbishop]> I'm glad to see members of the Sword here tonight a it is time that Fargo slide back to those who should control IT [2016-02-02 19:46:16] <Cy[Archbishop]> That would be us brother and sisters. [2016-02-02 19:46:32] <Cy[Archbishop]> It is past time for the tower here to crumble. [2016-02-02 19:47:20] → [V]Obsidian|Garg|EP joined (u762141@2605:6000:ef55:lgpv:yvjx:wggl:orn:nwps) [2016-02-02 19:47:28] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "Praise Caine!" [2016-02-02 19:47:44] <[L]Isabella[EP|P4]> Praise Caine. [2016-02-02 19:47:48] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] arrives with Obsidian, though Tommy's appearance is far less fantastical and far more common-ish. He simply looks like a standard mortal cowboy that simply appeared from nowhere. Though his black leather hat has a distinctively large wide brim and matches his black leather duster and boots. (Those with H.S. PM me.) [2016-02-02 19:47:55] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd]> "Praise Him" [2016-02-02 19:48:12] <Bryan-VST> BEAST OF WAR : PRAISE CAINE! [2016-02-02 19:48:16] <[V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV> "Praise Caine" Isaiah roars appreciatively [2016-02-02 19:48:27] <[V]Sinombre> Praise Caine! [2016-02-02 19:48:32] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> Praise Caine! [2016-02-02 19:48:36] <Cy[Archbishop]> however, before we take our..... [2016-02-02 19:48:36] → [L]Maalik[Hum] joined (Maalik@11-302-352-376.cdrr.qwest.net) [2016-02-02 19:48:42] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP looked over some. "Praise Caine!" [2016-02-02 19:48:43] → [L]Wes[EP|P4] joined (Wes@l-88-190-75-191.hsd2.wv.comcast.net) [2016-02-02 19:48:47] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] approaches with the sound of his praise [2016-02-02 19:49:13] — [V]That_Pander[Hum|Tmpr] performs the callback, the single voice lost beneath the chorus. [2016-02-02 19:49:17] <[V]Obsidian|Garg|EP> "Praise Caine!" Spoken in a creepy, echoing voice. [2016-02-02 19:49:43] <Cy[Archbishop]> COMPLAINTS to the tower, there is something that needs attention of those gathered here. Please, get to know those around you while I gather some information so we can begin. [2016-02-02 19:49:49] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> He glances over, taking in Obsidian with an appreiciative look , Nods in welcome [2016-02-02 19:50:22] <Cy[Archbishop]> and any Priests who are here, please come speak with me. I have a question or two that requires a priest [2016-02-02 19:50:34] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] looks to Cy and nods as he returns to Obsidian, appearantly back in conversation [2016-02-02 19:50:43] — Cy[Archbishop] moves into the first row of seats and sits with his legs crossed [2016-02-02 19:51:27] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> approaches, "Good evening Brother, I am Michael McCullen. Ductus of One Eye Open, Parson for Saint Blaise." He greets Obsidian. And Tommy he nods as well. [2016-02-02 19:51:49] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] nods to Michael [2016-02-02 19:52:21] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "I am glad to see more have answered the call here." [2016-02-02 19:52:23] — [L]Maalik[Hum] enters the theatre with Wes, body armor visible beneath his customary leather jacket. He looks around the room for an appropriate seat, nodding to both McCullen and Isabella. [2016-02-02 19:52:23] — [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV ruffles his dark hair, before turning back to Isabella. "I suppose that's fair enough. Though they seem to get a bit irate when I try to give sermons at the local coffee shop." He grins at that. [2016-02-02 19:52:44] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> Pleasure ta meet ya! Name's Tommy Swift, ArchBishop of Puerto Rico. This here is Obsidian of Austin, Texas. [2016-02-02 19:52:47] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> He nods back at Maalik. [2016-02-02 19:53:13] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "A pleasure, Archbishop Swift." He extends a hand. [2016-02-02 19:53:24] <[V]Obsidian|Garg|EP> Looks toward Michael, "Ductus," he gave a nod of respect. [2016-02-02 19:53:33] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] extends and grasps Michael's forearm firmly for a shake [2016-02-02 19:54:12] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP watched in silence. [2016-02-02 19:54:24] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> shakes. "This is Isabella of my pack." [2016-02-02 19:54:27] — [L]Wes[EP|P4] enters besides Maalik, nods towards Isabella nd McCullen and sits one seat over from Maalik [2016-02-02 19:54:40] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> Nods to Wes [2016-02-02 19:55:00] <[V]Obsidian|Garg|EP> He regarded the female briefly and then looked back toward Michael. [2016-02-02 19:55:24] — [V]That_Pander[Hum|Tmpr] looks around the room, noting the cowboy's presence. Slowly, he approaches, then simply waits. [2016-02-02 19:55:29] — [V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd] moves to stand near the front row of seats, near Archbishop Cy [2016-02-02 19:55:30] — [L]Isabella[EP|P4] gives the Archbishop a smile and a nod, extending a hand toward him. [2016-02-02 19:55:44] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "Fargo has had it's share of setbacks, but we are moving in the right direction now, with the bathing of our new archbishop." [2016-02-02 19:56:16] <[V]Obsidian|Garg|EP> "Arch-Bishop of Puerto Rico. That's something to take pride in." He turned his head toward Tommy, seeming pleased. [2016-02-02 19:57:13] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "Arch Bishop Cy is a man of vision. Willing to do what is necessary." He pauses, "Serpent of the light myself." [2016-02-02 19:57:18] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] shakes Isabella's hand the same with with a nod .. a motion that's greatly exaggerated by the wide-brimmed hat [2016-02-02 19:57:45] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] simply smiles in agreeance to Obsidian [2016-02-02 19:57:50] — [L]Maalik[Hum] takes a seat near the back, a respectful distance from the other packs. He checks his cracked, cheap-looking cell phone and listens absently to the conversation. [2016-02-02 19:58:02] — Cy[Archbishop] looks at beast of war, "are there REALLY no priests here?" [2016-02-02 19:58:34] <Bryan-VST> BEAST OF WAR: I do not see any... [2016-02-02 19:58:37] <[L]Maalik[Hum]> "Mel's on his way, Excellency. Maybe 15 minutes." [2016-02-02 19:58:42] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> Im just simply a Dr. [2016-02-02 19:59:00] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> Pleasure ... I'm sure we all speak for the same, yes? Aren't all ready to do what needs be done?! (raises his voice some to encourage others) PRAISE Caine! [2016-02-02 19:59:02] <Bryan-VST> BEAST OF WAR: IS THERE ANY PRIESTS OR ANY WITH KNOWLEDGE OF CAINES HOLY RITAE? [2016-02-02 19:59:24] — [V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd] takes a step towards the Beast of War [2016-02-02 19:59:30] <Cy[Archbishop]> Praise Caine [2016-02-02 19:59:31] <[V]Sinombre> not me [2016-02-02 19:59:54] <Bryan-VST> BEAST OF WAR: Do you know Ritae Brother? [2016-02-02 20:00:03] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] nods to his Black Hand brother, noticing him step forward [2016-02-02 20:00:06] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> " I know how to perform Sermon of caine, rite of contrition, vaulderie, monomacy" [2016-02-02 20:00:16] — [L]Isabella[EP|P4] shakes her head. [2016-02-02 20:00:23] — [L]Maalik[Hum] raises his hand. [2016-02-02 20:00:27] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd]> "I can perform the Vaulderie, and assist with a few other Ritae" [2016-02-02 20:00:29] — [L]Wes[EP|P4] pulls out a blue bound book from his coat and begins to read. If one looks closely the title is "What to say when you talk to your self" by Shad Helmstetter. [2016-02-02 20:00:35] → [L]Mel[P4] joined (IceChat78@ozk-900-17-077-992.socal.res.rr.com) [2016-02-02 20:00:36] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> I know when Ritaes are performed incorrectly, and where they come from but I do not perform them. [2016-02-02 20:00:48] <[V]Obsidian|Garg|EP> "I am in service to Caine, though the priesthood is not my calling." [2016-02-02 20:00:49] <Bryan-VST> BEAST OF WAR: Archbishop , which of these do you need help with? [2016-02-02 20:00:53] — [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV shakes his head at the question. He doesn't know any rites. [2016-02-02 20:01:28] — [V]That_Pander[Hum|Tmpr] looks askance to Cy, then the Beast of War. "I received some basic instruction, before my incident. My former priest felt it unnecessary to anoint me, give notice to my otherwise instinctual understanding." [2016-02-02 20:02:12] <Cy[Archbishop]> it is time for the bathing of a Bishop [2016-02-02 20:02:21] — [L]Mel[P4] enters quietly, wandering around the edges of the group. [2016-02-02 20:03:01] <Bryan-VST> BEAST OF WAR: IT IS TIME TO BATHE A BISHOP , DOES ANY KNOW OF THIS RITAE? [2016-02-02 20:03:02] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] grins, happy to see the ranks of authority expand [2016-02-02 20:03:23] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] looks to the ArchBishop [2016-02-02 20:03:29] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> Is the Cardinal here? [2016-02-02 20:04:28] <Bryan-VST> BEAST OF WAR: Cardinal not here [2016-02-02 20:04:52] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP just watched in silence. [2016-02-02 20:05:32] — [L]Mel[P4] wanders over to Maalik and whispers something to him. [2016-02-02 20:05:45] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "ArchBishop Swift, do you know the ritae?" [2016-02-02 20:05:59] <Cy[Archbishop]> what is the cardinal required for? [2016-02-02 20:06:31] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "Just looking for someone with that ritae, as you suggested." [2016-02-02 20:06:54] <Cy[Archbishop]> very well [2016-02-02 20:06:56] — [L]Maalik[Hum] nods to Mel, whispering something back and motioning for him to take a seat. [2016-02-02 20:06:57] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> I do. I have bathed my own Bishops. [2016-02-02 20:07:04] <Bryan-VST> BEAST OF WAR: Cardinal not needed here . Only someone who can perform ritae. [2016-02-02 20:07:11] <[V]Obsidian|Garg|EP> "It is good to see more of our clan, especially holding positions of worth." He said to Tommy. [2016-02-02 20:07:19] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "Perhaps you could be of assistance." [2016-02-02 20:07:25] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] nods [2016-02-02 20:07:31] <Bryan-VST> BEAST OF WAR: Can you bathe one here for Archbishop? He no know ritae for Bloodbath yet [2016-02-02 20:07:32] <Cy[Archbishop]> well then Archbishop Swift, would you be willing to assist [2016-02-02 20:07:44] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> With your ArchBishop's okay. This isn't my Diocese, after all. [2016-02-02 20:07:50] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] nods to Cy [2016-02-02 20:07:52] <Cy[Archbishop]> I am certain that anything you would require we could come up with for this. [2016-02-02 20:08:12] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP tilts her head to the side briefly. [2016-02-02 20:08:13] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> For starters, where we doin' tha ceremony? [2016-02-02 20:08:21] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] looks around at the current setup [2016-02-02 20:08:34] <Cy[Archbishop]> The "garage" out back is best for such things [2016-02-02 20:08:48] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "We could utilize the tub we used for Arch Bishop Cy's bathing." [2016-02-02 20:09:00] <Bryan-VST> BEAST OF WAR: We can move bath in here [2016-02-02 20:09:23] <Bryan-VST> BEAST OF WAR: Outside of any mortal purview , keep to silence of blood holy Regent has called for [2016-02-02 20:09:35] <Bryan-VST> BOW: I go get tub [2016-02-02 20:09:57] <Cy[Archbishop]> then center stage it is [2016-02-02 20:10:01] — Bryan-VST BEAST OF WAR looks around. 'SOMEONE GO GET TUB!' [2016-02-02 20:10:45] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "Obsidian, if you would be so kind as to lend your strength to this endeavor?" [2016-02-02 20:11:15] — Bryan-VST BEAST OF WAR looks to Micheal [2016-02-02 20:11:16] <[V]Obsidian|Garg|EP> He nodded and went to retrieve the tub. [2016-02-02 20:11:28] <Bryan-VST> BEAST OF WAR: YOU , go help [2016-02-02 20:11:37] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> He goes to help as well [2016-02-02 20:12:29] <Bryan-VST> **it takes about a minute for the tw of you to go get the tub* [2016-02-02 20:12:29] — [V]That_Pander[Hum|Tmpr] watches the pair go to retrieve the tub, and smirks lightly. [2016-02-02 20:13:05] — [V]Sinombre sits back and scritches her Hellhound behind the ear as she watches the ritual prep [2016-02-02 20:13:30] — [L]Isabella[EP|P4] takes a seat, watching the rite [2016-02-02 20:13:32] — [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV finds a place to perch, waiting for the two to return with the ceremonial tub [2016-02-02 20:13:34] <[V]Obsidian|Garg|EP> As they're walking, "Interesting pecking order, this place." He smirks. [2016-02-02 20:14:36] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "Yes, I suppose so. We are acclimating." [2016-02-02 20:15:19] <[V]Obsidian|Garg|EP> Lifts the tub with one hand and sets it in place. Some would mock certain service or obedience, but all will serve Caine. [2016-02-02 20:15:21] <[V]Obsidian|Garg|EP> " [2016-02-02 20:15:26] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "Our old priest moved to Austin." [2016-02-02 20:15:31] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] looks to the ArchBishop [2016-02-02 20:15:57] <[V]Obsidian|Garg|EP> "Did he? What is he called?" [2016-02-02 20:15:59] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> He looks to BOW and Cy [2016-02-02 20:16:17] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> Would you like to tell us of who we are bathing .. and into what Bishop position? Maybe something about their accomplishments? [2016-02-02 20:16:32] <Cy[Archbishop]> oh yes [2016-02-02 20:16:57] <Cy[Archbishop]> now that we are prepared. [2016-02-02 20:17:19] — Cy[Archbishop] rises and steps on stage on front of the tub [2016-02-02 20:17:20] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "She is Elisheva." [2016-02-02 20:17:26] <Cy[Archbishop]> ALL GATHERED [2016-02-02 20:17:28] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> He looks to him [2016-02-02 20:17:41] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP looks to the Archbishop again. [2016-02-02 20:17:50] <[V]Obsidian|Garg|EP> The smile on his face seemed amused. "I see." [2016-02-02 20:18:19] <Cy[Archbishop]> tonight, before we move on the tower, we will celebrate one of our own and ride the celebration to victory [2016-02-02 20:18:57] <Cy[Archbishop]> Michael McCullen step forward please. [2016-02-02 20:19:10] <[V]Obsidian|Garg|EP> He turned to listen to the Archbishop-to-be. [2016-02-02 20:19:50] — Bryan-VST BEAST OF WAR grunts when he hears Micheals name mentioned [2016-02-02 20:20:04] — [L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP] steps forth [2016-02-02 20:20:12] — [L]Isabella[EP|P4] watches her Ductus step forward. [2016-02-02 20:21:01] — [L]Mel[P4] intensely stares at the proceedings. [2016-02-02 20:21:42] — Bryan-VST MERRYMAKERS arrive [2016-02-02 20:21:50] <Cy[Archbishop]> Michael we are here to witness you being bathe into the positoin of Bishop of Spirituality. As ductus he has brought glory to the Sword of Fargo. He has shown strength as we have been weakened by the tower. He has led the way when it was needed most. Tonight, we witness as he is raised to Bishop of Spirituality [2016-02-02 20:21:59] — [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV leans forward, face cupped in his hands as the lasombra watches the proceedings with rapt attention [2016-02-02 20:22:14] <Cy[Archbishop]> He is raised to Bishop in order to help the sword stand strong in Fargo and follow his example. [2016-02-02 20:23:14] — Bryan-VST BRONSON and his pack seep in after the MERRYMAKERS [2016-02-02 20:24:03] — [L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP] stands looking into the crowd, glad to see Bronson arrive. Listens to the archbishops words with seriousness [2016-02-02 20:24:29] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "I accept this calling to serve the Sword of Caine." [2016-02-02 20:25:27] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP her lips thin out some, as she smiles. [2016-02-02 20:25:43] — [L]Wes[EP|P4] watches the proceedings like a serpent watches the rat, as he leans towards Maalik he whispers a brief message. [2016-02-02 20:25:52] ⇐ Bryan-VST quit (Mibbit@hgt-89-333-397-345.austin.res.rr.com): Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client [2016-02-02 20:26:16] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] watches the two, thinking and waiting for the cues that they have spoken all that they are going to before the ritae 'begins' [2016-02-02 20:26:28] → Bryan-VST joined (Mibbit@hgt-89-333-397-345.austin.res.rr.com) [2016-02-02 20:26:45] — Cy[Archbishop] looks to tommy and nods slightly [2016-02-02 20:27:45] — [L]Maalik[Hum] nods to Wes, checking his phone again before turning his full attention to the officiant. [2016-02-02 20:27:46] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> He disrobes and steps into the tub when appropriate [2016-02-02 20:27:55] — [L]Isabella[EP|P4] continues watching. [2016-02-02 20:28:05] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] looks to Michael, nodding to his actions [2016-02-02 20:28:09] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> Michael is an albino irish american with an appearance focus so a hot one [2016-02-02 20:28:17] * FargoSabbatAvST set +o Bryan-VST [2016-02-02 20:29:35] — [L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP] waits standing reverently [2016-02-02 20:29:49] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> Michael McCullen ... You accept what it means to be a member of the sword .. do you fully accept what it means to lead as a Bishop? To truthfully charge yourself with the Spirituality and success of your fellows? [2016-02-02 20:30:26] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "I do. I shall shepherd our flock with guidance and wisdom, if I don't know something I shall find someone who does. " [2016-02-02 20:30:50] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] nods [2016-02-02 20:31:18] <Bryan-VST> BEAST OF WAR : grunts [2016-02-02 20:31:25] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] looks around and sees none holding a dagger ... [2016-02-02 20:31:54] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] reaches back and quickly and deftly pulls out a sword (Artisan and special engravings) [2016-02-02 20:32:07] — Bryan-VST MERRYMAKERS priest walks forward with a dagger [2016-02-02 20:32:30] <Bryan-VST> MERRYMAKERS PRIEST: Or...there is that..... [2016-02-02 20:32:40] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] gauges his hand along its edge, slicing deeply into his hand, drawing blood [2016-02-02 20:32:50] — Bryan-VST MERRYMAKERS PRIEST takes a step back [2016-02-02 20:32:57] — [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV by the time Isaiah has a knife out, the matter is well in hand. He slips it back into his pocket, smiling [2016-02-02 20:33:00] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> As you know that we will all ask you a question or make a statement .... [2016-02-02 20:33:10] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> I will ask you a question .... [2016-02-02 20:33:14] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> he nods [2016-02-02 20:33:40] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> How will you guide in the Spirutality of those who do NOT seek your guidance, when they DO need it? [2016-02-02 20:34:15] <[V]Sinombre> ohhh good question [2016-02-02 20:34:43] — [V]That_Pander[Hum|Tmpr] reached down to his hip, noticed the number and variety of offered bladed implements, and allowed hours hand to lay slack at his side instead. [2016-02-02 20:34:55] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "I shall greet newcomers, and keep in touch with those of the dioscese, to see when they are troubled, and seek them out with a soft word and an eager ear, and sometimes a harsh word when necessary." [2016-02-02 20:35:50] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] nods and sqeezes his bloodied hand with a crackling fist, dripping blood across Michael before stepping back [2016-02-02 20:36:19] — Cy[Archbishop] waits to be last [2016-02-02 20:36:37] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] hands the Artisan sword to the next [2016-02-02 20:37:23] — [L]Maalik[Hum] stands up, filing behind his priest. [2016-02-02 20:38:49] — [V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd] stands ready to take the sword [2016-02-02 20:38:58] — [L]Isabella[EP|P4] goes to take a position behind Malik. [2016-02-02 20:39:04] <[L]Isabella[EP|P4]> (Maalik*) [2016-02-02 20:39:12] <[V]Obsidian|Garg|EP> Takes a place in line behind Enoch. [2016-02-02 20:39:50] — [L]Maalik[Hum] stays put, looking down at the still-seated Mel. He looks around awkwardly for a few seconds and then sits back down, nervously motioning for Isabella to go ahead. [2016-02-02 20:39:59] — [V]That_Pander[Hum|Tmpr] moves towards the end of the line, but does not yet enter the queue. [2016-02-02 20:40:29] — [V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd] approaches the tub and asks "A Camarilla vampire comes to you, seeking conversion to the Sword, and a Path, but taking him in instead of killing him will be seen as weakness or treachery by your diocese. What would you do?" [2016-02-02 20:41:30] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] looks at Enoch with a light chuckle, looking back at Michael [2016-02-02 20:41:47] — [V]That_Pander[Hum|Tmpr] looks to Enoch and nods, clearly approving of the question. [2016-02-02 20:42:04] — [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV takes a place next to That Pander, dallying so the locals can go before him [2016-02-02 20:42:33] — [L]Mel[P4] remains seated, watching intently. [2016-02-02 20:42:33] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "This situation to some degree has happened. He was successfully converted and is a true sabbat this night. If they are false if they are trecherous then they will not be true sabbat and they will be weeded out. Caines will be done." [2016-02-02 20:43:09] <[V]Obsidian|Garg|EP> He stepped forward to speak, accepting the offered blade. He cut his wrist and let his blood trickle into the pool. "More and more Cainites are choosing to cling to their humanity, rather than embracing what they are. What do you intend to do about this in this Diocese?" [2016-02-02 20:44:20] — [V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd] bleeds into the pool after receiving an answer, his expression unchanged from his initial scrutiny [2016-02-02 20:44:35] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "IF they choose to keep their humanity, then I will find them a place to serve the Sword in the Order of Saint Blaise. If they seek a path of enlightenment, I shall place them with a teacher of that path." [2016-02-02 20:45:22] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] grins widely at Obsidian, approvingly [2016-02-02 20:46:05] <[V]Obsidian|Garg|EP> His nostrils twitch at such a statement, but he steps back and stands beside Tommy, offering the sword to the next. [2016-02-02 20:47:41] → [L]Kera[P4] joined (IceChat78@ozk-900-17-077-992.socal.res.rr.com) [2016-02-02 20:49:01] — [L]Mel[P4] watches as the next person steps forward. [2016-02-02 20:49:52] — Bryan-VST BEAST OF WAR walks up to the tub [2016-02-02 20:50:10] — [L]Isabella[EP|P4] looks at Maalik, giving him a light nudge. [2016-02-02 20:50:31] <Bryan-VST> BEAST OF WAR: Why should you be Bishop when you no follow path? How can you who no follow path be able to help me? [2016-02-02 20:50:56] — [L]Maalik[Hum] looks up at Isabella from his seat and shakes his head faintly. He waves a hand for her to go ahead. [2016-02-02 20:51:20] * [V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd] is now known as [V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4] [2016-02-02 20:51:27] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] takes note of Maalik passing on the opportunity to bath the Bishop [2016-02-02 20:51:41] — [L]Isabella[EP|P4] nods and steps up behind the Beast of War [2016-02-02 20:53:58] — Bryan-VST BEAST OF WAR : Answer or I no accept you as my spiritual leader! [2016-02-02 20:54:38] — Cy[Archbishop] looks expectantly to Michael [2016-02-02 20:54:58] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "I shall." [2016-02-02 20:55:41] — [V]That_Pander[Hum|Tmpr] blinks. [2016-02-02 20:56:32] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "As a part of The Order of Saint Blaise, which is a vital part of the Sword, I gave up my enlightenment so my bretheren can have theirs, I deal with the humanity so they can walk free. I will guide you, as logic dictates, when your path is more needing special guidiance, I will find you one who is an old soul on it." [2016-02-02 20:57:21] — [L]Mel[P4] twitches slightly at the answer. [2016-02-02 20:57:41] <[V]Obsidian|Garg|EP> Whispers to Tommy. [2016-02-02 20:57:48] — Bryan-VST BEAST OF WAR steps away from the tub , not giving blood and sheathing his sword.'Pathetic...I rather have horseman than this one...' [2016-02-02 20:58:00] — [L]Isabella[EP|P4] shakes her head at her Ductus. [2016-02-02 20:58:06] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] listens to Obsidian as he watches the proceedings [2016-02-02 20:58:13] <[L]Isabella[EP|P4]> I think he wanted the Archbishop to answer. [2016-02-02 20:58:19] → VasileC joined (ssjliam@cwz-26-900-324-327.buffalo.res.rr.com) [2016-02-02 20:58:42] <[L]Isabella[EP|P4]> You should've let Archbishop Cy answer, Ductus. [2016-02-02 20:58:57] — [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV glances over at the Pander, eyebrows raised [2016-02-02 20:58:59] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> He asked me a question, he is free to answer as well [2016-02-02 20:59:34] <Bryan-VST> BEAST OF WAR: I ask weakling question , not Cy , do not baby him [2016-02-02 20:59:40] <Cy[Archbishop]> these questions are for him. If someone wishes to question me why I choose Michael that is something different [2016-02-02 20:59:47] — [L]Kera[P4] enters quietly, wearing a mid-length leather coat over black and red clothing. She does not conceal the swords at her side, and smells faintly of exhaust fumes. [2016-02-02 20:59:50] <[V]Obsidian|Garg|EP> Arches a brow, the expression a bit strange on an animalistic face. [2016-02-02 20:59:56] <[L]Isabella[EP|P4]> No, Archbishop. [2016-02-02 21:00:07] <[L]Isabella[EP|P4]> The questions were for -you-. [2016-02-02 21:00:24] ⇐ [V]That_Pander[Hum|Tmpr] quit (androirc@107.14.vh.wz): Read error: Connection reset by peer [2016-02-02 21:00:25] → [V]That_Pander[Hum|Tmpr] joined (androirc@107.14.ht.sv) [2016-02-02 21:00:44] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] looks to Isabella and shakes his head [2016-02-02 21:00:51] — [L]Maalik[Hum] glances back at Kera, raising his eyebrows in greeting. He looks over to Mel and then back to the front. [2016-02-02 21:00:59] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] pointedly looks at Michael .. alone [2016-02-02 21:01:12] <VasileC> enters, seeing the ceremony, stays silent and tries to not interrupt. He is robed in black, and in bloodform under the cowl. His humanoid form glistens wetly. [2016-02-02 21:02:13] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "you are free Sabbat and may choose to support who you will Beast. I for one, look to the good of the Sect over my own desires." [2016-02-02 21:02:50] — [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV waves Vasile over to where he and That Pander are standing in line for the Bloodbath. "Ah, Seeley. Another familiar face." he says quietly to That Pander [2016-02-02 21:04:03] — Bryan-VST BEAST OF WAR snorts and walks away [2016-02-02 21:04:11] <VasileC> Good evening, I see you are enjoying the holy ritae of the Sword. Take note, we will be doing the same soon if all goes well. [2016-02-02 21:04:39] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] nods quietly to Obsidian [2016-02-02 21:04:40] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> He looks to Isabella. [2016-02-02 21:05:06] — [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV grins at that [2016-02-02 21:05:11] — [L]Isabella[EP|P4] looks back at her ductus. [2016-02-02 21:05:31] — [V]That_Pander[Hum|Tmpr] gives a curt nod to Vasile, then turns goods attention back to Michael and the Beast of War. [2016-02-02 21:06:03] <[V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV> "I do seem to recall that decision being made last time we all met up." He speaks quietly, to not interrupt the others. "The ritae has taken an...interesting turn." He nods to Michael and the Beast [2016-02-02 21:06:16] — [L]Isabella[EP|P4] steps forward to take the knife, cutting her palm open and letting the blood drip into the tub. [2016-02-02 21:07:02] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] watches for the next to take the sword and provide statement or question to Michael in his annointment as Bishop [2016-02-02 21:07:07] <VasileC> tilts his head, a sign he is raising an eyebrow not shown. but he stays silent, watching. [2016-02-02 21:07:20] — [L]Isabella[EP|P4] finishes and steps back. [2016-02-02 21:07:43] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] looks at Obsidian [2016-02-02 21:08:06] <[L]Isabella[EP|P4]> Don't falter, brother. [2016-02-02 21:08:22] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> I shall stand fast." [2016-02-02 21:08:51] — [L]Isabella[EP|P4] focuses on Cy, ignoring Michael for the moment. [2016-02-02 21:09:06] — [L]Mel[P4] stands, eyes locked on Cy. [2016-02-02 21:09:29] — [L]Kera[P4] watches Mel and Cy carefully. [2016-02-02 21:09:43] — Cy[Archbishop] only looks half aware of his surroundings [2016-02-02 21:10:00] — [L]Isabella[EP|P4] goes to take a seat again. [2016-02-02 21:10:50] — [L]Maalik[Hum] stands with Mel, eyes focused on the front of the room. [2016-02-02 21:11:25] <[V]Obsidian|Garg|EP> He looked away, seeming to be momentarily lost in a memory. [2016-02-02 21:11:30] * VasileC is now known as [V]Vasile[Bshp|Anntd||OP|EP|P4 [2016-02-02 21:11:36] — [V]That_Pander[Hum|Tmpr] begins the process of disrobing. First, his jersey, partially burnt and cut, is folded neatly...followed by the protective intersecting black plates beneath it. [2016-02-02 21:11:42] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] seems lost in thought for a brief moment as he looks at Obisidian [2016-02-02 21:11:45] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP steps forward after a bit, and held her hand over the tub watching as her flesh peels away on its own from the bone spilting some as she bleeds out looking up to Michael with dead eyes... "I am a creature of change Michael, I make no hidden fact of this matter. The advice I give is to not forget, Spirituality is what drives our passion. Words can change the world. They can [2016-02-02 21:11:46] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP incite, torture, kill, comfort, heal, encourage, humiliate, anger, inspire, sadden, give joy, make one laugh, and they can forever change one’s life. We alone possess the ability to change our worlds, so make sure you don't fuck it up.... everyone has their own perspective, but in the end we must stay united as we fight a common enemy, and destroy anything that strikes at us... there [2016-02-02 21:11:46] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP is no room in our ranks for mercy or weakness in the sword." she only gives 2 traits to match her status, bringing her hand up and licks her hand staring in Michaels eyes briefly before turning away from him and the tub walking back to stand by the wall on her own. [2016-02-02 21:12:05] — [L]Wes[EP|P4] looks up at Wes and Maalik and slowly slides out of seat [2016-02-02 21:12:10] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] goes to speak but doesn't and just turns back to others [2016-02-02 21:12:35] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> He nods taking in her words [2016-02-02 21:13:02] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> He glances to Bronson and his pack and the merry makers to see what they do [2016-02-02 21:13:29] — [L]Mel[P4] walks up to Cy. [2016-02-02 21:14:21] — [L]Maalik[Hum] glances back to his Ductus. "You hear that, Chief?" his eys dart between the front door and Mel. [2016-02-02 21:14:24] — Bryan-VST MERRYMAKERS all walk up and say something of value and inspiration. Da Silva walks up , pours his blood nods and walks away. The BRONSON pack walk up...seemingly confused about how to do this. [2016-02-02 21:14:39] <Bryan-VST> BRONSON PACK in unison 'Don't mess up' [2016-02-02 21:14:56] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "Thankyou." [2016-02-02 21:15:21] — [V]That_Pander[Hum|Tmpr] continues, removing his boots with a series of quick tugs. His holsters are next, setting a pair of them to the side. His belt is slowly unclasped, and gravity does the rest of the work. That Pander steps out of them, reduced to socks and boxer-briefs. [2016-02-02 21:16:01] — [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV looks around to see if the locals have all said their piece. He sticks his hands in his pockets nonchalantly, as if contemplating walking up if they're done [2016-02-02 21:16:02] <[L]Mel[P4]> Archbishop, I declare monomacy for your choice to weaken our Sect with this spiritual weakness. [2016-02-02 21:16:40] — [L]Wes[EP|P4] Looks to Maalik..."something coming?" [2016-02-02 21:16:55] — [L]Maalik[Hum] steps out of line, walking toward the front door. He makes the sign of a gun with his right hand in Wes's direction, pointing to the entrance. [2016-02-02 21:17:41] — [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV stops, looking at the speaker challenging the archbishop to monomacy, lips quirked slightly at the statement. This was certainly a new direction [2016-02-02 21:17:57] — Bryan-VST BEAST OF WAR smirks [2016-02-02 21:18:10] — [L]Kera[P4] walks to the door, swords out. [2016-02-02 21:18:11] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP looked over some from the wall, at the issue of monomacy. [2016-02-02 21:18:13] — [V]That_Pander[Hum|Tmpr] pulls on the elastic, preparing to fully expose himself...and then stops dead as the monomacy is declared. [2016-02-02 21:18:32] ← [L]Kera[P4] left (IceChat78@ozk-900-17-077-992.socal.res.rr.com) [2016-02-02 21:18:36] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "Monomancy would occur during the next new moon. Which isn't until next week." [2016-02-02 21:18:57] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] sighs [2016-02-02 21:19:00] — Cy[Archbishop] smiles at Mel [2016-02-02 21:19:05] — [L]Wes[EP|P4] pulls out a pistol and follows Kera [2016-02-02 21:19:23] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> We must continue with what we have. Concerns and complaints follow after. [2016-02-02 21:19:28] <[V]Obsidian|Garg|EP> "Are you afraid?" He asked in that creepy, echoing voice. [2016-02-02 21:19:38] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> To include the monomacy validity and arbiter [2016-02-02 21:19:39] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "and only after the two seek a peaceful resolution first" he adds to Michael's statement [2016-02-02 21:19:50] <Cy[Archbishop]> speeaking of weakening a sect, lets just fight amongst ourselves and let the tower walk all over Fargo. [2016-02-02 21:19:53] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> He nods to that [2016-02-02 21:19:59] <Cy[Archbishop]> Great plan [2016-02-02 21:20:01] — [L]Maalik[Hum] throws open the front door, a growl on his lips as stalks into the lobby. [2016-02-02 21:20:05] <[V]Sinombre> peaceful's boring [2016-02-02 21:20:07] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "We must remain strong together." [2016-02-02 21:20:57] — [V]That_Pander[Hum|Tmpr] shrugs, resuming his rendition of the world's least appealing striptease...and stops again when the door is flung open. [2016-02-02 21:21:13] — [L]Mel[P4] stands staring at Cy. [2016-02-02 21:21:23] <[V]Obsidian|Garg|EP> He looked over at Mel. [2016-02-02 21:21:39] <Bryan-VST> BEAST OF WAR: You accept challenge Archbishop? [2016-02-02 21:21:48] <Cy[Archbishop]> yup [2016-02-02 21:21:50] — [L]Wes[EP|P4] storms out the door being Maalik and Kera [2016-02-02 21:22:02] <Cy[Archbishop]> I mean why not [2016-02-02 21:22:03] <[L]Wes[EP|P4]> behing* [2016-02-02 21:22:15] <[L]Wes[EP|P4]> behind...all damn it all [2016-02-02 21:22:21] <Bryan-VST> BEAST OF WAR: I tell Miranda , she be arbiter or you find one? [2016-02-02 21:22:29] <Cy[Archbishop]> I am to blame for someone else making their decision so I guess I should stand up for myself for that [2016-02-02 21:22:36] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] steps forward to take the sword if none gather it first. [2016-02-02 21:22:55] <Cy[Archbishop]> sure. I'll Miranda do it [2016-02-02 21:23:04] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "Archbishop, will you add your vitae and words?" He asks Cy [2016-02-02 21:23:06] <[V]Vasile[Bshp|Anntd||OP|EP|P4> walks slowly behind That Pander, at a distance, waiting his turn. [2016-02-02 21:23:07] <Cy[Archbishop]> *I'll have Miranda do it [2016-02-02 21:23:07] <Bryan-VST> BEAST nods [2016-02-02 21:23:24] — [L]Mel[P4] nods, turns and leaves. [2016-02-02 21:23:30] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> (does wait for Pander ... if he is going to 'finish') [2016-02-02 21:24:02] — [L]Mel[P4] says, as he leaves, "We have company." [2016-02-02 21:25:11] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> sighs [2016-02-02 21:25:21] <Cy[Archbishop]> then lets stand as one for at least 10 minutes and take care of the company [2016-02-02 21:25:26] — [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV steps forward, looking askance at Tommy Swift. [2016-02-02 21:26:35] — [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV before turning his attention back to the door. "Ah. Company. Unexpected and hostile, I'm sure?" [2016-02-02 21:26:47] <[V]That_Pander[Hum|Tmpr]> "Of course we do." He doesn't bother to put clothes back on, instead reaching for his holsters and clipping them on. "I can ask my question with words or actions." [2016-02-02 21:26:48] — Cy[Archbishop] follows out door [2016-02-02 21:26:59] ← Cy[Archbishop] left (shawn_ooc@u-51-092-954-029.hsd9.pa.comcast.net) [2016-02-02 21:27:25] — [V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4] his claws lengthen and he begins to get real hairy under the collar as he stalks out the door [2016-02-02 21:27:38] — [L]Isabella[EP|P4] shakes her head, rising and stepping outside. [2016-02-02 21:27:57] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP follows in silence, as she stalks them to see what is going on [2016-02-02 21:28:05] — [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV pulls out a pair of knives before looking at the others from Western New York. [2016-02-02 21:28:12] ← [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP left (Jessye@hu07-375-22-785.om.om.cox.net) [2016-02-02 21:28:15] <[V]Vasile[Bshp|Anntd||OP|EP|P4> simply turns, and follows That Pander out the door. "Come Isaiah, it is time to be the Sword." [2016-02-02 21:28:18] <[V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV> "Seeley. Pander-guy. Shall we?" [2016-02-02 21:28:24] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> He looks to him to see how he wishes to proceed, if the ritae needs to be concluded [2016-02-02 21:28:29] ← [L]Isabella[EP|P4] left (Stormborn@muhj-745-42-916-00.nycmny.fios.verizon.net) [2016-02-02 21:28:55] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] takes the sword from the last to step forward [2016-02-02 21:29:05] — [V]Sinombre stands up, gestures to her hellhound and slips out [2016-02-02 21:29:09] <[V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV> "Yes, yes. Seeley." He smirks at that, "No rest for the wicked and all that." He walks out the door following the two. [2016-02-02 21:29:09] ← [V]Sinombre left (Silja_ooc@73-682-591-85.lightspeed.fyvlar.sbcglobal.net) [2016-02-02 21:29:14] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> ST ... ritae is complete [2016-02-02 21:30:10] — [L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP] is all imbued with Bishop-ness [2016-02-02 21:30:33] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "Thankyou for your assistance, your excellency." [2016-02-02 21:30:50] — [V]That_Pander[Hum|Tmpr] stalks towards the doorway, his skin developing patches of rocky eczema with each step until the growths cover most of his exposed body. [2016-02-02 21:30:51] ← [V]Vasile[Bshp|Anntd||OP|EP|P4 left (ssjliam@cwz-26-900-324-327.buffalo.res.rr.com) [2016-02-02 21:31:04] ← [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV left (Mibbit@mqs-21-405-321-55.buffalo.res.rr.com) [2016-02-02 21:31:30] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> (Need ST to confirm Ritae complete) [2016-02-02 21:31:45] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "Would you like to go outside invisably? I can cloak a gathering." [2016-02-02 21:31:51] <Bryan-VST> (ritae complete) [2016-02-02 21:32:17] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> I will go with you but i ain't worried about bein' invisible [2016-02-02 21:32:27] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> thank ya [2016-02-02 21:32:28] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] heads outside [2016-02-02 21:32:40] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> He goes obfuscate 4 and heads out [2016-02-02 21:33:33] → [L]Michiel[EPAshes|OP|p4] joined (tom.harden@813-35-712-639.lightspeed.iplsin.sbcglobal.net) [2016-02-02 21:33:43] → [L]Alice[EP|OP|P4] joined (nissinirva@813-35-712-639.lightspeed.iplsin.sbcglobal.net) [2016-02-02 21:34:05] ← [L]Michiel[EPAshes|OP|p4] left (tom.harden@813-35-712-639.lightspeed.iplsin.sbcglobal.net) [2016-02-02 21:34:22] ← [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] left (LuckyTech@ng84-7-77-801.ph.ph.cox.net) [2016-02-02 21:34:27] ← [L]Alice[EP|OP|P4] left (nissinirva@813-35-712-639.lightspeed.iplsin.sbcglobal.net) [2016-02-02 21:34:29] ← [L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP] left (Jimmu82@166.170.lr.rs) [2016-02-02 21:37:29] <[V]Obsidian|Garg|EP> Goes to stand near the door. It was in his nature to be a protector, and those few that remained inside with him, were presumed not to be combatants. Whatever came through that door that hadn't been here earlier would have him to deal with before getting near others. [2016-02-02 21:40:00] ⇐ [V]That_Pander[Hum|Tmpr] quit (androirc@107.14.ht.sv): Ping timeout: 244 seconds [2016-02-02 21:45:38] <[V]Obsidian|Garg|EP> Heads outside (nevermind my last post since people are ghosting) [2016-02-02 21:45:42] ← [V]Obsidian|Garg|EP left (u762141@2605:6000:ef55:lgpv:yvjx:wggl:orn:nwps) [2016-02-02 21:52:08] ⇐ [V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4] quit (Maximilian@66.sub-39-304-302.myvzw.com): Remote host closed the connection [2016-02-02 21:52:16] → [V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4] joined (Maximilian@66.sub-39-304-302.myvzw.com) [2016-02-02 21:55:24] ← [L]Wes[EP|P4] left (Wes@l-88-190-75-191.hsd2.wv.comcast.net) [2016-02-02 21:57:45] → [V]That_Pander[Hum|Tmpr] joined (androirc@inh-59-968-61-514.buffalo.res.rr.com) [2016-02-02 22:01:05] → [V]That_Pander[Hum4|Tmpr] joined (v]leviad@inh-59-968-61-514.buffalo.res.rr.com) [2016-02-02 22:02:59] ← [V]That_Pander[Hum4|Tmpr] left (v]leviad@inh-59-968-61-514.buffalo.res.rr.com) [2016-02-02 22:32:34] → [V]Vasile[Bshp|Anntd||OP|EP|P4 joined (ssjliam@cwz-26-900-324-327.buffalo.res.rr.com) [2016-02-02 22:32:49] — [V]Vasile[Bshp|Anntd||OP|EP|P4 enters back into the room. [2016-02-02 22:33:42] ⇐ Bryan-VST quit (Mibbit@hgt-89-333-397-345.austin.res.rr.com): Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client [2016-02-02 22:33:50] → [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] joined (LuckyTech@ng84-7-77-801.ph.ph.cox.net) [2016-02-02 22:34:08] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] reappears inside the building [2016-02-02 22:34:21] ← [L]Maalik[Hum] left (Maalik@11-302-352-376.cdrr.qwest.net) [2016-02-02 22:34:58] → Bryan-VST joined (Mibbit@hgt-89-333-397-345.austin.res.rr.com) [2016-02-02 22:35:04] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> So, who was this Salubri they killed? A guard? Who were those three? And who's doing the interrogation .. if needed .. of the one caught? [2016-02-02 22:35:12] → [L]Alice[EP|OP|P4] joined (nissinirva@813-35-712-639.lightspeed.iplsin.sbcglobal.net) [2016-02-02 22:35:13] → [L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP] joined (Jimmu82@166.170.lr.rs) [2016-02-02 22:35:35] * FargoSabbatAvST set +o Bryan-VST [2016-02-02 22:35:36] → Cy[Archbishop] joined (shawn_ooc@u-51-092-954-029.hsd9.pa.comcast.net) [2016-02-02 22:35:38] ← [L]Mel[P4] left (IceChat78@ozk-900-17-077-992.socal.res.rr.com) [2016-02-02 22:35:51] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> oh ... and we need someone to pick up the body ... anyone here drive? [2016-02-02 22:35:58] → [L]Michiel[EPAshes|OP|p4] joined (tom.harden@813-35-712-639.lightspeed.iplsin.sbcglobal.net) [2016-02-02 22:36:31] <[V]Vasile[Bshp|Anntd||OP|EP|P4> If you need their nerves stretched out and played like a harp....I am willing. The enemies of the Sword must not be tolerated. [2016-02-02 22:37:12] → [V]That_Pander[Hum4|Tmpr] joined (v]leviad@inh-59-968-61-514.buffalo.res.rr.com) [2016-02-02 22:37:39] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "Though captured enemies can be a source of information before they are destroyed." [2016-02-02 22:37:51] → [L]Isabella[EP|P4] joined (Stormborn@muhj-745-42-916-00.nycmny.fios.verizon.net) [2016-02-02 22:37:59] → [L]Mel[P4] joined (IceChat78@ozk-900-17-077-992.socal.res.rr.com) [2016-02-02 22:38:02] <[V]Vasile[Bshp|Anntd||OP|EP|P4> Of course. Of course. [2016-02-02 22:38:08] → [L]Maalik[Hum] joined (Maalik@11-302-352-376.cdrr.qwest.net) [2016-02-02 22:38:11] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "The mortals bodies and blood are being taken czre of." [2016-02-02 22:38:25] — [L]Maalik[Hum] walks pushes his way through the entrance with the rest of his pack. [2016-02-02 22:38:36] → [L]Kera[P4] joined (IceChat78@ozk-900-17-077-992.socal.res.rr.com) [2016-02-02 22:38:39] — [L]Mel[P4] enters with his pack. [2016-02-02 22:38:42] → [L]Wes[EP|P4] joined (Wes@l-88-190-75-191.hsd2.wv.comcast.net) [2016-02-02 22:38:45] — [V]That_Pander[Hum4|Tmpr] follows the returning Cainites back into the theatre, and makes his way back to his clothing pile. "The rite...is completed, yes?" The question seems to be directed to no one in particular, or everyone at once. "The Blood Bath?" [2016-02-02 22:39:01] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP]> "yes." [2016-02-02 22:39:02] <[V]Vasile[Bshp|Anntd||OP|EP|P4> It is. [2016-02-02 22:40:24] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] looks directly at That Pander [2016-02-02 22:40:28] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> Yes it was. [2016-02-02 22:40:30] — [V]That_Pander[Hum4|Tmpr] pulls his pants back on, roughly. "The price of waiting, I suppose. What of the monomacy?" [2016-02-02 22:40:33] <[L]Mel[P4]> Who was the fallen? [2016-02-02 22:40:50] * [L]MichaelMcCullen[DuctOEOEP] is now known as [L]MichaelMcCullen[Bshp] [2016-02-02 22:40:56] <Cy[Archbishop]> just waiting [2016-02-02 22:41:07] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> Those who wanted the Monomacy ... they must first try to work out their differences first ... but I am not the Arbiter .. and that the rest is up to them [2016-02-02 22:41:25] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[Bshp]> "I believe the Cardinal was chosen." [2016-02-02 22:41:42] — [L]Mel[P4] approaches McCullen. [2016-02-02 22:41:46] <[L]Mel[P4]> Who was the fallen? [2016-02-02 22:41:54] — [L]Mel[P4] holds up a handful of ash. [2016-02-02 22:42:27] <Bryan-VST> ** is anyone standing center stage? [2016-02-02 22:42:29] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[Bshp]> "A salubri. He was the one who informed us that this was a forgotten elysium. He was willing to protect it if we did not commit violence within it." [2016-02-02 22:43:01] <[L]Mel[P4]> Who's pack was he in? [2016-02-02 22:43:03] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> (if you need a guinea pig .. i'll be your huckleberry .. but it wasn't intentional) [2016-02-02 22:43:15] <[V]Vasile[Bshp|Anntd||OP|EP|P4> That is unfortunate. He died for his beliefs, a warriors's death. There is at least honor for him. [2016-02-02 22:43:20] <Cy[Archbishop]> he asn't. that was something I was working on [2016-02-02 22:43:29] — [L]Isabella[EP|P4] comes inside. [2016-02-02 22:43:49] <[L]Isabella[EP|P4]> I seem to remember the Salubri being a woman, but I could be mistaken. [2016-02-02 22:43:51] <Bryan-VST> **As Tommy walks across center stage , a trap door opens above and a flow of ashes come down [2016-02-02 22:44:26] <Bryan-VST> **and .....go** [2016-02-02 22:44:27] — [L]Mel[P4] switches his gaze to the flow of ashes. [2016-02-02 22:44:34] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[Bshp]> "He was being taught the ways of the Sword I believe but was not true sabbat." [2016-02-02 22:44:40] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] suddenly spreads out, catching onto the edges as if a spider flung across a hole [2016-02-02 22:44:48] — Bryan-VST a note falls weightlessly onto Tommys head [2016-02-02 22:44:57] — [L]Michiel[EPAshes|OP|p4] sighs, and moves towards T-Swift [2016-02-02 22:45:01] — [L]Maalik[Hum] follows Mel to MucCullen, his eyes following the priest's to center stage. [2016-02-02 22:45:03] — [L]Wes[EP|P4] jumps up from his seat, "What the Fuuuu!" [2016-02-02 22:45:20] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] shakes his head and tucks and rolls out of the way, still unsure of what happened [2016-02-02 22:45:30] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] looks at the ash and the note [2016-02-02 22:45:31] — [L]Mel[P4] approaches the ashes. [2016-02-02 22:45:36] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> the hell? [2016-02-02 22:45:43] <Bryan-VST> uhm...you are inside... [2016-02-02 22:45:45] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[Bshp]> "What does it say?" [2016-02-02 22:45:47] — [V]Vasile[Bshp|Anntd||OP|EP|P4 growls low [2016-02-02 22:45:55] <Cy[Archbishop]> what news is that? [2016-02-02 22:46:08] <[L]Michiel[EPAshes|OP|p4]> "should probably touch with auspex, before actually touching it" [2016-02-02 22:46:16] — [L]Alice[EP|OP|P4] glances a Michiel "Is it always this crazy here?" [2016-02-02 22:46:39] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] reads it aloud "Get of .. Khayin ... ?" [2016-02-02 22:46:47] — [V]That_Pander[Hum4|Tmpr] busied himself with getting dressed, a tighter fit now that his skin was mostly covered in large patches of abrasive growth. [2016-02-02 22:46:50] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] continues [2016-02-02 22:46:54] — [L]Michiel[EPAshes|OP|p4] sighs "yes, Alice, it is" [2016-02-02 22:46:55] <[L]Mel[P4]> Looks up from the ashes after touching them. [2016-02-02 22:47:00] <[L]Mel[P4]> It's Beast. [2016-02-02 22:47:07] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> "Your time here is now overstayed and this game of War has ended." [2016-02-02 22:47:21] <Cy[Archbishop]> well then [2016-02-02 22:47:23] — [L]Kera[P4] looks around, and draws swords. [2016-02-02 22:47:24] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> "Leave now while you have our mercy or there will be none given." [2016-02-02 22:47:40] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> "you were brought into war, we were born into it." [2016-02-02 22:47:50] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> .... signed ... "Karesh" [2016-02-02 22:48:29] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[Bshp]> "The fucking warlord of the Tower? my we must have been doing something right to get his attention." [2016-02-02 22:48:44] <[V]Vasile[Bshp|Anntd||OP|EP|P4> .......this Karesh can join the Ancients in destruction. Is this thing known? Of the Camarilla? [2016-02-02 22:48:51] → [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV joined (Mibbit@mqs-21-405-321-55.buffalo.res.rr.com) [2016-02-02 22:49:30] — [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV walks back into the theater, looking behind to see if his companion is still behind him. [2016-02-02 22:49:34] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> I think the Warlord is Karsh ... [2016-02-02 22:49:37] <[L]Kera[P4]> No, it isn't the Camarilla. [2016-02-02 22:49:38] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[Bshp]> "Like some of us are on their red list, he would be on our equivalent." [2016-02-02 22:49:39] <[V]That_Pander[Hum4|Tmpr]> "That doesn't make sense. If they're meant to destroy us, why give us warning? Opportunity to flee?" [2016-02-02 22:49:41] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> this name has an 'e' in it [2016-02-02 22:49:45] <[L]Kera[P4]> It is worse than the Camarilla. [2016-02-02 22:49:58] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[Bshp]> What? [2016-02-02 22:50:01] <[V]Vasile[Bshp|Anntd||OP|EP|P4> An Elder then? [2016-02-02 22:50:03] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> not ta burst yer bubble or nothin' [2016-02-02 22:50:15] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[Bshp]> Hmm [2016-02-02 22:50:30] — [L]Isabella[EP|P4] blinks.... [2016-02-02 22:50:30] — [L]Michiel[EPAshes|OP|p4] taps his foot and glares... [2016-02-02 22:50:34] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[Bshp]> You may be right [2016-02-02 22:50:37] <[L]Isabella[EP|P4]> Well, damn. [2016-02-02 22:50:38] <[L]Kera[P4]> Assamites. [2016-02-02 22:50:58] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] looks to Enoch [2016-02-02 22:51:10] <[L]Kera[P4]> And you just killed fucking mortals right outside. [2016-02-02 22:51:29] <[L]Kera[P4]> So congratulations. This place is no longer safe. [2016-02-02 22:51:46] <Cy[Archbishop]> and we just got it too [2016-02-02 22:51:59] <[L]Michiel[EPAshes|OP|p4]> "someone bought mercenarys, get of Khayin is what the assassins call anyone not of there blood: [2016-02-02 22:52:07] <[L]Kera[P4]> It is a wonderful thing then, that your new Bishop.. is so influential. [2016-02-02 22:52:15] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[Bshp]> "Let the jackals come. WE will burn their bodies under the accursed sun and their ashes will number as the sands of the desert." [2016-02-02 22:52:34] <[V]Vasile[Bshp|Anntd||OP|EP|P4> Amen. [2016-02-02 22:52:43] <Cy[Archbishop]> now THAT sounds perfectly enlightened to me [2016-02-02 22:52:58] — [L]Michiel[EPAshes|OP|p4] tsk tsk "can I atleast play with one first, I mean it is oh so much fun watching body parts ash, slowly" [2016-02-02 22:53:06] — [L]Mel[P4] gathers his pack. [2016-02-02 22:53:10] — [L]Michiel[EPAshes|OP|p4] askes Michael with an evil grin [2016-02-02 22:53:34] <[V]That_Pander[Hum4|Tmpr]> "Safety is an illusion. This was never safe. The next place will not be safe." That Pander looks to the ash pile, then to the assembled. "We got played with a distraction so that one, or more, could isolate and kill the Bishop of War." [2016-02-02 22:53:36] — [L]Maalik[Hum] follows Mel, his hands digging into his pockets. [2016-02-02 22:53:43] — [L]Kera[P4] follows Mel quietly. [2016-02-02 22:54:00] — [L]Mel[P4] walks to the side. [2016-02-02 22:54:29] — [V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4] finbally returns to esbat, casually holding a body-sized bundle under one arm [2016-02-02 22:54:36] — [L]Mel[P4] places the ashes of the Salubri on a table reverentially. [2016-02-02 22:54:40] <[V]Vasile[Bshp|Anntd||OP|EP|P4> This is not our city. But you are of the Sword as we are. Your enemies are mine as well. You have but to ask. [2016-02-02 22:55:01] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> who was the Bishop of War? [2016-02-02 22:55:02] — [L]Wes[EP|P4] follows behind Maalik. [2016-02-02 22:55:04] — [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV gives a look at the pile of ash, putting the pieces together. arriving late clearly placed him in the middle of a debate [2016-02-02 22:55:05] <Cy[Archbishop]> for that Fargo thanks you [2016-02-02 22:55:09] — [L]Mel[P4] places the ashes of Beast of War next to the Salubri. [2016-02-02 22:55:24] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[Bshp]> "We are the Sword of Caine, all the servants of the ancients shall taste our blades, and join their masters in oblivion. We shepherd the children of Seth, not these assasins. " [2016-02-02 22:55:29] — [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV he glances out the door again, waiting for someone [2016-02-02 22:55:29] <Bryan-VST> (the Salubri was ashed as well) [2016-02-02 22:55:40] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "What happened to the Beast of War?" [2016-02-02 22:55:45] <[L]Michiel[EPAshes|OP|p4]> "the bishop of war was a cainite known as the beast of war" [2016-02-02 22:55:58] — [L]Isabella[EP|P4] looks at at the group, then at Mel. [2016-02-02 22:55:59] — [L]Michiel[EPAshes|OP|p4] gestures to the pile of ash on the stage "that good sir is the beast" [2016-02-02 22:56:01] — [L]Maalik[Hum] pulls a crude stake-like object and a knife from his jacket, setting them on the table next to the ashes. [2016-02-02 22:56:02] <[L]Mel[P4]> Brothers and Sisters, today we have lost two brothers in arms. [2016-02-02 22:56:04] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] nods [2016-02-02 22:56:30] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> the one who offered the dagger later [2016-02-02 22:56:42] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] sighs mournfully [2016-02-02 22:56:46] — [L]Maalik[Hum] kneels reverently in front of the table, taking off his watch cap and bowing his head. [2016-02-02 22:56:57] → [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP joined (Jessye@hu07-375-22-785.om.om.cox.net) [2016-02-02 22:57:07] <[L]Mel[P4]> While I did not know this Salubri, I wish you swift passage and thank you for your watchful eye for all may have fallen without it. [2016-02-02 22:57:22] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP walks in quietly from out doors with Isaiah. [2016-02-02 22:57:24] — [L]Kera[P4] kneels silently, watching Mel. [2016-02-02 22:57:31] — [L]Mel[P4] cuts his hand and bleeds onto the ash. [2016-02-02 22:57:33] <[L]Maalik[Hum]> "Take with you my knife. It's shed the blood of the enemies. May it protect you on your journey." [2016-02-02 22:57:38] — [L]Wes[EP|P4] kneels beside Kera [2016-02-02 22:57:49] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] looks to Angelique and nods to her [2016-02-02 22:57:55] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> Thank you, sister [2016-02-02 22:57:59] — [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV whispers to Angelique, "It appears this was all a distraction to strike at another target..." He points to the pile of ash [2016-02-02 22:58:00] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[Bshp]> "We honor his sacrifice. Let the cowards who hide behind their tower and send boogeymen to do their dirty work cower in fear. For we are the children of Caine, his holy sword, and we shall smite these unrightous from our land.Yes. Thankyou as well Salubri. For the SWord! Praise CAine!" [2016-02-02 22:58:13] <[L]Mel[P4]> Beast of War, while we did not agree on many things, your sacrifice will not go unavenged. [2016-02-02 22:58:15] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> a alien of a woman arrived on her own, looking about with dead black eyes that stood out among her pale but perfect flesh... She has long purple,pink and teal hair that cascades down her back. Her movements are harsh, and deadly.. It was clear she was a predator and there was no hiding that fact.. Her eyes glanced about as she took everything in.. though she was a monster, with many [2016-02-02 22:58:16] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> metal piercings running down her arms and collar bone with gold chain rings, she wore a master crafted dress of her enemies... http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/0/77/2911833-2711008_20c_super.jpg the woman carried a book with her, it was a german book on eugenics and breeding, and genotypes and predicting the physical outcome of a union.. [2016-02-02 22:58:19] <[L]Isabella[EP|P4]> Praise Caine. [2016-02-02 22:58:22] <[V]Vasile[Bshp|Anntd||OP|EP|P4> PRAISE CAINE! [2016-02-02 22:58:34] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "Praise Him" [2016-02-02 22:58:36] <[L]Alice[EP|OP|P4]> Praise Caine! [2016-02-02 22:58:47] <[V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV> He raises his voice with the crowd, "Praise Caine!" [2016-02-02 22:58:47] — [L]Mel[P4] bleeds onto the ashes. [2016-02-02 22:58:47] <Cy[Archbishop]> praise caine [2016-02-02 22:58:54] <[L]Michiel[EPAshes|OP|p4]> "Praise Caine" [2016-02-02 22:58:57] <[L]Maalik[Hum]> "Beast of War, take with you this weapon of wood. With Sharp Things Caine slew his brother. May it serve you well." [2016-02-02 22:59:01] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> Praise Caine [2016-02-02 23:00:59] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP looks to the ashs for a moment and looks to Isaiah... before looking to Tommy. "Thanks, and Praise be in his name. yes.. Praise Caine" [2016-02-02 23:01:09] — [L]Kera[P4] cuts her hand with her sword, bleeding over the ash. "You died with honor, in service to your brothers and sisters. May we be so honored to die in the same way." [2016-02-02 23:02:37] — [L]Wes[EP|P4] takes a small blade out of his jacket and cuts his hand, spreading the blood over the ashes, "You died in service to us all. A true honor for any of us." [2016-02-02 23:03:11] <Bryan-VST> **SFT RP TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT** [2016-02-02 23:03:15] — [L]Wes[EP|P4] leaves a small tatical flash light on the table, "to light you way my friends." [2016-02-02 23:03:21] — [V]Vasile[Bshp|Anntd||OP|EP|P4 not interrupting the bloodletting, Vasile addresses the group. "In War, we find ourselves. Our true nature is conflict, and as such inevitably our Brothers and Sisters fall. Caine knew this pain, none better. Come, let us reflect on the Dark Father, and his journeys. Find solace in that He knows us, and knows we work to bring about his glory." [2016-02-02 23:03:43] — [V]Vasile[Bshp|Anntd||OP|EP|P4 totally performs Sermons of Caine and blows Anointed to make it work..... [2016-02-02 23:03:56] — [L]Maalik[Hum] Takes a lighter and small flask from his jacket. He spreads the contents of the flask across the table and sets it ablaze before kneeling again, whispering to himself as his offering burns. [2016-02-02 23:04:01] — [L]Kera[P4] leaves a knife beside the ashes of the Beast of War. She stands silent over the ashes for two minutes, then bows her head and returns to her position. [2016-02-02 23:05:29] — [L]Wes[EP|P4] bows his head in a silence...when Mel and Maalik are finished he rises and leaves with his pack. [2016-02-02 23:05:57] — [L]Kera[P4] exits silently. [2016-02-02 23:05:59] ← [L]Wes[EP|P4] left (Wes@l-88-190-75-191.hsd2.wv.comcast.net) [2016-02-02 23:06:04] ← [L]Kera[P4] left (IceChat78@ozk-900-17-077-992.socal.res.rr.com) [2016-02-02 23:06:23] — [V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4] approaches CY with the assamite's body [2016-02-02 23:06:25] — [L]Maalik[Hum] stands, patting Mel on the shoulder as he rises and turns to leave with his pack. [2016-02-02 23:06:36] — [L]Mel[P4] exits with his pack. [2016-02-02 23:06:38] ← [L]Maalik[Hum] left (Maalik@11-302-352-376.cdrr.qwest.net) [2016-02-02 23:06:38] — [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV Isaiah will stick around, suggeting to That Pander and Vasile that they travel back to Western New York together [2016-02-02 23:06:42] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP watchs in silence of what is going on. [2016-02-02 23:06:58] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "If you've learned all you care to about this creature from Angelique, then I offer its heart's blood to your Diocese" [2016-02-02 23:07:13] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[Bshp]> "Alice you are new, you may stay with us tonight, and I will go over it with the pack to see about you joining us." [2016-02-02 23:07:14] — [V]Vasile[Bshp|Anntd||OP|EP|P4 after Vasile gets done being zealous, he will agree. [2016-02-02 23:07:21] <Cy[Archbishop]> (ooc: the assamite is just torpored?) [2016-02-02 23:07:28] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> (yes) [2016-02-02 23:07:44] ⇐ [V]That_Pander[Hum4|Tmpr] quit (v]leviad@inh-59-968-61-514.buffalo.res.rr.com): Ping timeout: 250 seconds [2016-02-02 23:07:47] — Cy[Archbishop] leans in and whispers to Michael McCullen [2016-02-02 23:07:53] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> (and staked now) [2016-02-02 23:07:54] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> Is there more that you wish to know? [2016-02-02 23:08:01] — [L]Alice[EP|OP|P4] nods "Sounds good to me, mind if fetch my beasties? [2016-02-02 23:08:15] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP she tilts her head to Enoch. [2016-02-02 23:08:21] ← [V]Vasile[Bshp|Anntd||OP|EP|P4 left (ssjliam@cwz-26-900-324-327.buffalo.res.rr.com) [2016-02-02 23:08:22] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> Do we have anyone here with blood magic? [2016-02-02 23:08:58] <Cy[Archbishop]> and you felled this creature? [2016-02-02 23:09:08] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[Bshp]> "Yes I am a sorcer." [2016-02-02 23:09:18] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "I did, with Angelique's help to find it" [2016-02-02 23:09:31] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[Bshp]> "I have technomancy and some corruption." [2016-02-02 23:09:48] <Cy[Archbishop]> Michael do you think this one valuable for information? [2016-02-02 23:10:02] <[V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV> Isaiah waves, "Good night, all! We'll try to make it our your way again soon." He will give his contact information out to any that express interest. [2016-02-02 23:10:04] ← [L]Mel[P4] left (IceChat78@ozk-900-17-077-992.socal.res.rr.com) [2016-02-02 23:10:27] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[Bshp]> He does that [2016-02-02 23:10:35] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> anyone that can tell us what generation this ... assamite is [2016-02-02 23:10:51] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[Bshp]> "It is the one we captured. So likely more so than those not in our hands." [2016-02-02 23:10:54] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> unless the body is already claimed [2016-02-02 23:10:54] ← [V]Isaiah[Path|EP|AV left (Mibbit@mqs-21-405-321-55.buffalo.res.rr.com) [2016-02-02 23:11:18] <[L]Michiel[EPAshes|OP|p4]> "with a sample of it I can do some test to find out" [2016-02-02 23:11:24] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> You can always lick taste it, that always tells you if your beast will crave the power of it. [2016-02-02 23:11:57] <Cy[Archbishop]> I would like, if it is possibleto retrieve any information from this one that can be done. After that as far as claims, Enoch did fell the beast [2016-02-02 23:13:23] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "I do not wish to have this one's heart's blood. It is too similar to my own. I give it as a gift to my Brothers and Sisters in Fargo, to be distributed as the Archbishop deems fit" [2016-02-02 23:14:40] — [L]Michiel[EPAshes|OP|p4] is lurking in the shadows, watching and listening (i need to get ready for bed) [2016-02-02 23:15:55] <Cy[Archbishop]> very well then, we can discuss this [2016-02-02 23:16:39] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "If I can make a suggestion, perhaps it could be a reward for a game of instinct to obtain intelligence on the Camarilla" [2016-02-02 23:17:16] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "Either way, I want to know what is known of them, then I might be able to lend aid to your cause" [2016-02-02 23:17:34] <Cy[Archbishop]> yes a game of instinct. that would be very wel [2016-02-02 23:19:00] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP stood in silence as she listens. [2016-02-02 23:23:56] — [V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4] turns to Angelique "Do you think you can learn more from it?" [2016-02-02 23:24:40] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[Bshp]> "Thankyou for those who supported me.And who do. We shall do great things for the Sword in this city." [2016-02-02 23:24:51] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> I can learn many things from it, after I break down its mind, and tear it apart... the question would be is it of any concern for me to do such.. [2016-02-02 23:25:07] <[L]MichaelMcCullen[Bshp]> Michael would exit with his pack and Alice (You guys can follow when you wish) [2016-02-02 23:26:22] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "Do you believe it is worth it?" [2016-02-02 23:31:25] ← [L]MichaelMcCullen[Bshp] left (Jimmu82@166.170.lr.rs) [2016-02-02 23:31:27] — [L]Isabella[EP|P4] leaves [2016-02-02 23:31:30] ← [L]Isabella[EP|P4] left (Stormborn@muhj-745-42-916-00.nycmny.fios.verizon.net) [2016-02-02 23:31:32] ← Bryan-VST left (Mibbit@hgt-89-333-397-345.austin.res.rr.com) [2016-02-02 23:31:39] — [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] looks to Enoch .. I'm going to see if I can find Obsidian before we leave [2016-02-02 23:31:50] <[V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl]> Catch you later [2016-02-02 23:32:35] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "Good luck" [2016-02-02 23:32:41] ⇐ [V]Tommy_Swift_[Cwby|Mrtl] quit (LuckyTech@ng84-7-77-801.ph.ph.cox.net): Quit: Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the men of old; seek what they sought. - Basho [2016-02-02 23:33:22] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> it worth the study, yes but I can't do it in its current condition there for it could be a risk unless properly... restrained in the most vile ways possible but we always dont know what its completely capable of yet or our enemies which makes the risk a bit worth the time. [2016-02-02 23:35:01] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> Its also a distraction as it was pointed out, so it could just me a waste of time and resouces as well. [2016-02-02 23:35:07] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "I am interested in learning how you study" [2016-02-02 23:36:33] — [L]Alice[EP|OP|P4] follows Micheal and company out. [2016-02-02 23:36:36] ← [L]Alice[EP|OP|P4] left (nissinirva@813-35-712-639.lightspeed.iplsin.sbcglobal.net) [2016-02-02 23:37:34] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> Overcoming and surpassing our limitations, and gaining new strengths. [2016-02-02 23:37:40] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP winks to him and smiles some. [2016-02-02 23:38:10] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> you can change, but only on a physical level, but you normally think and perform in the same nature as we are trained from young on how to react to every evening situlation. [2016-02-02 23:38:11] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> There are three things that are inherent parts of us. Our mind our body and our soul. The beast within you is not something new that has come forth only because of this new existence. The beast is your body. It is your hunger your needs and basal desires. [2016-02-02 23:38:21] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> You bring your body into alignment and your body changes in ways that it would not normally do so. You bring your mind into alignment and you gain more control over what your body or beast does. You bring your soul into aligment and achieve something beyond reckoning. [2016-02-02 23:38:35] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> you manage to bring all of these into alignment together you become a creature where desire, thought and action all become one thing. Where Will dictates what your mind body and soul do and you become something that none of us has ever seen. [2016-02-02 23:38:49] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> you surpass what holds you back, and you grow on all three levels of change. [2016-02-02 23:39:23] — [V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4] listens attentively [2016-02-02 23:39:50] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "You are correct. Form follows the mind and spirit" [2016-02-02 23:40:37] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP nods quietly. [2016-02-02 23:41:48] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "So knowledge and awareness are the first steps to true power" [2016-02-02 23:42:13] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> over yourself. [2016-02-02 23:42:44] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "Power over ones self is the first step to power over all things" [2016-02-02 23:43:28] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> "evolve is the wrong word, but also the right one." [2016-02-02 23:46:36] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "I believe it is one of Caine's most important imperatives to us." [2016-02-02 23:47:27] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "But perhaps, through his blood in our veins, he uses this method of growth and power to make himself manifest once more. Through us he acts directly, imposing his will on the world" [2016-02-02 23:47:44] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> "To be to vampires, as vampires as to humans. Not predators, but the next step." [2016-02-02 23:51:43] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "Indeed. The more I have developed, the more I have felt . . . altered beyond what most vampires are. But I am just far enough to realize I have many steps ahead of me." [2016-02-02 23:52:36] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "My body is stronger than ever, but my mind must catch up. Without you here tonight, my presence would have been useless. I tried, but could not see anyone" [2016-02-02 23:53:28] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> "There are many trials ahead, as we adapt. Though this week I may have althered beyond most next week is a new journey. There are lots of things we can do. become stronger, faster, but there are so many diffrent aspects we need to adapt to our enviroments." [2016-02-02 23:54:11] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> If it helps, im the reflection... My body must catch up to my mind. [2016-02-02 23:54:21] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "Which adaptation are you in need of next?" [2016-02-02 23:55:24] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> Ive been working on being faster, and becoming stronger lately. [2016-02-02 23:55:50] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> I work to Alter my body to find a way to fundamentally alter my soul [2016-02-02 23:55:57] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "I can help you with your speed. My blood is Coyote Gangrel's" [2016-02-02 23:57:00] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "And so might that Assamite." [2016-02-02 23:57:18] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> It would help me greaty to learn to be faster. [2016-02-02 23:58:29] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "Could you help increase my awareness?" [2016-02-02 23:58:55] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "To do the things you did tonight" [2016-02-02 23:59:48] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> Yes. Manifestation is taxing at times, but there are somethings one can do that enemies don't expect. [2016-02-03 00:01:42] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> Tonight I just combined my powers over the animals, and wielded them as weapons through the sight... They also assist in seeing things we can not at times. [2016-02-03 00:03:46] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "Yes you did. Your mind is faster than any of us physically" [2016-02-03 00:03:59] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> It moves at the speed of thought... [2016-02-03 00:04:34] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> My body can't even move that quickly [2016-02-03 00:04:53] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> maybe one night [2016-02-03 00:05:15] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "You have begun training your physical speed already?" [2016-02-03 00:06:59] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> I have trained some last year for a bit, but my mentor could not teach me anymore as we are now equal. [2016-02-03 00:07:34] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "I can teach you almost anything. But first, we should get to this interrogation." [2016-02-03 00:07:52] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "Since this ground has already been violated as Elysium, this is as good a place as any" [2016-02-03 00:08:51] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> I also adapted myself some to not tax my brothers and sisters. [2016-02-03 00:10:11] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "What do you mean?" [2016-02-03 00:10:52] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> Sometimes its taxing to instruct. [2016-02-03 00:12:10] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "This is true. I do not like to learn from the same Cainite twice if I can help it" [2016-02-03 00:12:39] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> My mentors dont have to invest much into me, just the knowledge. [2016-02-03 00:13:34] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "That is a gift" [2016-02-03 00:13:59] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP smiles some, and nods. [2016-02-03 00:15:05] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "So, what interrogation methods will I be learning from you?" [2016-02-03 00:15:28] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> torture, straight up torture. [2016-02-03 00:15:58] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> Thats so it can't get away. [2016-02-03 00:16:12] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> Then I will rip its mind apart with the sight. [2016-02-03 00:16:18] ← Cy[Archbishop] left (shawn_ooc@u-51-092-954-029.hsd9.pa.comcast.net) [2016-02-03 00:16:32] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "Need any other supplies? A soundproof room?" [2016-02-03 00:17:10] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP bumps up a eyebrow briefly in thought as she stares at you. [2016-02-03 00:18:28] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> This is my first night in the city, I am not really familar with what is all avalable. [2016-02-03 00:19:06] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "My Ductus uses fleshcraft to seal their mouths shut . . ." [2016-02-03 00:21:05] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP frowns some briefly.. "effective, but sometimes its enjoyable to listen to them scream. I do not know what we have to use room wise or if there is anywhere that I can stay. That is what I am getting at." [2016-02-03 00:21:56] ⇐ [L]Michiel[EPAshes|OP|p4] quit (tom.harden@813-35-712-639.lightspeed.iplsin.sbcglobal.net): [2016-02-03 00:31:12] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> I use bonecraft to shatter bones, and meld them together so they cant run.. sometimes even turn them into something I might use later in one of my projects. [2016-02-03 00:32:52] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "Jezebel once made such a thing out of infants. She found it comforting." [2016-02-03 00:33:15] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "Which I told her was unacceptable, so she ate it." [2016-02-03 00:33:40] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> "She sounds like someone I would want to talk to one day." [2016-02-03 00:33:56] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> "I would be intrested in learning her perspectives." [2016-02-03 00:34:19] <[V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4]> "She is a true monster in feminine form." [2016-02-03 00:34:40] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> "Oh?" [2016-02-03 00:35:32] — [V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4] nods with a slight thousand yard stare [2016-02-03 00:37:03] — [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP nods quietly, clicking her teeth together briefly. [2016-02-03 00:37:07] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> "Ah" [2016-02-03 00:37:38] <[V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP> "We don't have to get into that, lets focas on what we wish to accomplish." [2016-02-03 00:47:30] ⇐ [V]Angelique{Path4}EP_OP quit (Jessye@hu07-375-22-785.om.om.cox.net): Read error: Operation timed out [2016-02-03 00:51:57] — [V]Enoch[Brnd|Anntd|P4] rages against the dying of the light

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