Fargo Sabbat

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Travel to Fargo:

  • Commercial Airport:
  • Private Airport:
  • Trains:
  • Auto:

Where Games Take Place:

  • #Fargo-Sabbat-OOC
  • #Fargo-Sabbat-IC
  • #Fargo-Sabbat-RPS

If you'd like to attend one of our games and do not wish to download software to your computer. You can access the Darkmyst Server through your Internet Browser by going to this website. http://www.darkmyst.org/?page=webchat Type in your Nickname, and then place #Fargo-Sabbat-OOC in the channel section. This will then log you into the Server, and connect you to the Channel.

Fargo Hierarchy

  • Archbishop: Mel
  • Bishop of War:
  • Bishop of Spirituality:
  • Bishop of Security:
  • Bishop of Intelligence:
  • Bishop of Resources:

Fargo Packs

Fargo Sabbat