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Awakening PC

Player: Julian Getz
Path: Mastigos
Order: Apostate
Legacy: Bearers of the Eternal Voice
Consilium: Alexandria, VA ••
City: Alexandria, VA
Cabal: HKC
VST: Josh Robinson

Birth Name: Eugene Lacklois

Shadow Name: Father Bob

Sleeper Alias: William Snow

Offices: Priest

Quote: *"Do not worry yourself, My Child, all will be made clear in God's due time. Until then, we have family and video games"



Father Forthill - The Dresden Files

The Bishop - Les Misérables

Character Description

Father Bob is an old man, looking to be at least in his late sixties. He wears conservative clothing of black, and usually has his white priest's collar on. The most distinguishing feature, however, is the tattered black cloth he wears around his eyes. He is admittedly blind.


Has only been seen by one living Mage, Gamble of the Mysterium.


  • Father Bob is a Seer.
  • Father Bob is a Banisher.
  • Father Bob is a Tremere Lich.
  • Father Bob is a Scelesti.
  • Father Bob has been a member of every Order at one point in time, but ultimately decided that his path was to be an Apostate.
  • Father Bob can actually see. He's only pretending to be blind.
  • Father Bob is a Guardian, but pretends to be an Apostate.
  • Father Bob isn't actually a priest. You can tell because all the women in his cabal are all also his harem.
  • Father Bob can perform miracles, more than "normal" mages.
  • Father Bob is actually another name for Master White Cross, a European Adamantine Arrow who earned mastery of Life, Mind, and Time back in the 1960s before supposedly being assassinated by a powerful group of Banishers. They say he is the guardian of the true secrets of the original Knights Templar.
  • Father Bob is actually the latest member of a line of mages who pass on the name of "Father Bob" to another when the previous one dies.
  • Father Bob knows Bodhi from "way back", possibly was at the same temple in northern India as him.



  • What do you mean I have a Harem?
  • I expect to see you at Confession.

OOC Information

Player: Julian Getz

MES Number: US2009013467

Location: Washington, D.C.