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Clan: Pander

Generation: 8th

Pack: Tenebrous Legio

Political Faction: Ultracon

as a True Sabbat
as Black Hand
Loyal by Cardinal Lennox
Fleeting Status
Loyal by Arch Bishop Rosa
Fleeting Status
Battle Scared by Ductus
Fleeting Status

Notable Traits: Dressed as Priest

Nationality: English/Welsh

Style and Personality: Calm, cool and collected. Is almost a living shadow. Remaining in the background in most things, observing, watching and waiting. For what, no one is really sure.

Appearance: Black clothing, priests collar and black gloves.

Societies: Black Hand


  • Lasombra
    • Karotos
      • Great Grandsire
        • Grandsire
          Silvester de Ruiz


  • Member of the Black Hand
  • Broodmate of Lucita de Aragon
  • Fought to gain a foothold in Spain for Clan Lasombra during the Spanish Revolution
  • Fought in Mexico during the Second Civil War on the side of the Lasombra
  • Fought against Rico Vega during the Third Sabbat Civil War on the side of the Elite Clans
  • Fought in the taking of Atlanta
  • Assisted in the taking of San Juan and the destruction of the Light Bringer
  • Fought in the retaking of Philadelphia
  • Fought in the Crusade for New York
  • Fought against Cock Robin

Known Associates

  • Ripley Tramain - Child
  • Orcus - Packmate
  • Kimi Chan - Packmate
  • Johan - Packmate
  • Mister Smith - Packmate
  • Drop Dead Fred - Pack Mate


♔ 1728 - Born in Yorkshire, England
♔ 1744 – 1746 – As a mortal boy he served British Officers as a page in the Jacobite Rebellion
♔ 1747 – Joined the Church of England as a Priest
♔ 1760 – Traveled as a missionary (cover for his Hunter activities)
♔ 1764 – Ghouled by Sire to help Sire gain influence in the Church of England and it's hunters
♔ 1804 - Embraced by Ambrosio Luis Monçada
♔ 1868 – Assists Clan Lasombra in gaining a foothold in Spain with the Spanish Revolution.
♔ 1914 – Is tasked with keeping tabs on vampiric activity in the Western Front, and utilizes sources within Her Majesty’s Army and Naval Military Chaplains.
♔ 1919 - Assisted the Black Hand in their war against the Inquisition
♔ 1947 – Moved to America among the throng of immigrants after WWII
♔ 1957 - Fought for the Elite Clans in the 3rd Sabbat Civil War
♔ 1999 - Fought to retake Atlanta during the Week of Nightmares
♔ 2000 - Joined the Black Hand
♔ 2014 - Moved to Philadelphia
♔ 2015 - Traveled to Brazil to fight the Eater of Names. Sucked into a shadow realm, refused a deal with Lilith and was punished. ♔ 2016 - Traveled to mexico and underwent the Pander Ritual, leaving the ties of his clan and his Abyssal Mystic powers behind.

I have learned over this long existence that not to many Elders of the Children of Caine speak of or chose to reflect on their mortal lives, but since it is my mortal life that shaped the future of my existence I must acknowledge it with pride. I was born in Yorkshire, England in the year of our Lord 1728. My childhood was nothing out of the ordinary. My family was a middle class merchant family, well off, but not too rich. My life would have been less ordinary if it were not for one thing, my father was a staunch supporter of the Church and King. As a 13 year old boy I was signed on as a page for an officer in His Majesty’s service.

It was then that I found myself serving not in England but in Scotland. The Savages of the Highlands were mounting a resistance to place one of their own, Prince Charles, on the throne. Now they speak of it as the Jacobite Rebellion, but then, it was no more than an annoyance. The rebellion fell and the Scottish rebels were killed almost to a man. Though it was a foolish enterprise, I could not help but admire those men and what they would sacrifice for their freedom.

One other thing happened to me during that time. One night, while moving away from camp to relieve myself, I found a Scott bent over an English soldier. I had thought he was just a savage murderer, but it turned out to be so much more. I attacked and found a demon, fangs and eyes of red, feeding off of the very blood of the soldier. The vile thing stopped my attack with ease and laughed, allowing me to live, seeing me as no threat to him or his kind.

Once I returned home, that night haunted me. Instead of following in the family business, I joined the church. The Lord had blessed me that night and I vowed to serve him until the very end of the life he had spared. I learned all they could teach me of God, his blessings and the history of the church. I spent hours, nay days every week searching the libraries for how to kill these demons that hunted our kind. It was this fervor, this obsession that attracted the attention of true hunters within the Church of England. Unlike the rest of the Churches, the Hunters worked together across sect lines. I was recruited into this society and sent throughout the world as a missionary, but in truth, I was hunting Vampires and other Supernatural Creatures.

It was through this life that I attracted the attention of my sire. Ambrosio Luis Monçada had been living within and controlling the church for centuries. He had embraced his most famous child using the tactic of posing as a human priest, corrupting her soul and then taking her. Now, 300 years after his embrace of Lucita, he was at it again. Trying to gain a foothold within the hunters, Ambrosio acted as my confessor and fed the flames in my doubt that I was truly serving God in my hunting. Ambrosio once again corrupted another mortal, fueling my doubt. I became more and more violent towards those I destroyed, forgetting in was for mercy, reveling within the power. In my freedom. Once I was removed from the hunters and shamed, it was then I was embraced. With the powers I had gained and the help of my sire, I talked my way back into the church, showing a ‘change’ for the better. Soon I was traveling Spain, assisting in Clan Lasombra gaining a foothold through the Spanish Revolution. In the early years of the 20th century I assisted in the founding of the Chaplains within the Church. It was this group, much like my Sire’s confessors, that passed messages and kept tabs on Cainites and Kindred alike. I assisted my sire and my Brood Sister Lucita in their endeavors and began plans and plots of my own.

Moving to the new world after World War II, I began to get involved with the political side of things for the first time. I assisted the Black Hand in their war against the Inquisition and eventually joined them when they swore allegiance to the Regent. Upon the death of my sire, I will admit, I have been a bit lost. I am in no means a follower, but I was enthralled by my sires words and beliefs. He was correct. We are damned, but there is still salvation out there for some. But where he had tried to encourage, I ruin. Our gift from God gives me that right. That freedom, I use even until this day.

Now I find myself in Philadelphia, first assisting in it’s taking from the Ivory Tower and now in service to the Sword of Caine. As the Regent commands, so I will obey.


  • "Xavier has taught me to face my enemies and win. Now my heart and soul belongs only to him." - Ripley Tramain


  • Xavier is so far in the shadows that he fails to see any light


Power - B.A.P(비에이피)
The Perfect Drug - Nine Inch Nails

Character Information
Clan: Lasombra
Sect: Sabbat
City: Philadelphia, PA
Player: Michael Smyrski
Storyteller: Phil Riviezzo

Player: Michael Smyrski

Location: Philadelphia PA

Character Ties  

Looking for the following ties

  • Lasombra
  • Information Gatherers
  • Black Hand
  • Any Cainite that fits in PCs history

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