Fathers Wrath

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"Fathers Wrath of Hamilton Ontario"

Information Known to the Sword of Caine

Fathers Wrath is an Established pack in Hamilton Ontario Canada.

Territory: Hamilton, Ontario
Within Hamilton, Father Wrath Maintains a Densely populated territory from the Escarpment to York, Between James and Ray Streets.
[Territory Map]
This Area Includes (But is not Limited To)

  • City Hall
  • The NFL Hall of Fame
  • The Scottish Rite Temple
  • Hess Village
  • Jackson Square Mall
  • Hamilton Convention Center
  • McNab Transit Terminal
  • First Ontario Center
  • Hamilton Music Conservatory

Pack Mates

Pack Bitches (False Sabbat)

Our Enemies

  • Camarilla
  • Infernalists
  • Infiltrators
  • Heretics

...We don't much like Tremere or Assamites Either

Rumors about the Pack

OOC Information