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Seeming-darkling.png Winter-Court-Color-green.png Court crown winter.png

Name: Fawn

Seeming: Darkling

Kith: Palewraith

Court: Winter

Mantle: 4

Title or Position: Winter Monarch (former Swagmaster of Cere-moneys)

Motley: The Briar Bitch

Position on Board: Cabin Wraith


Mask: Fawn's short black hair could use a comb and a wash. She's 5'1" and the sort of heavy that would never be described as voluptuous or curvy - pudgy or chubby though, definitely. Her face is unremarkable, her eyes a drab brown with stubby eyelashes, and when she grins crookedly, her front teeth are chipped. She's easy enough to pass over.

Mein: Fawn's hair goes from black to snow white, and two rinky-dinky antlers grow out of her skull. Her already pale flesh grows translucent in parts, almost see-through; bits of the rest of her seem frozen - blushes that should be rosy pink are instead a cold blue. She has a distinctly deerish/faunish cast to her features.

Mantle: The deceptive cold that accompanies a bright, sunny day in Winter. Seemingly light at first, manifesting in a massive temperature drop within minutes.

Monarch: During Winter, Fawn's rinky-dinky antlers grow out into a full 16-point rack; the tips of these antlers are a gleaming silver, easy to miss if you're not looking for it. Fawn remains chubby and messy, but she tries to dress a little more nicely than usual.



Fawn presents an Artful Dodger-esque personality, content to be a street rat. She has a sleazy sort of charisma to her, an earnestness in her ugly little face that makes her hard to resist even when she's helping herself to the contents of your wallet or gifting you some random thing she brought you to make up for past wrongs. She's friendly and eager to meet new people, and is passing through the Freehold the way a stray cat would: stopping here and there, mapping out her favorite haunts and having shoes thrown at her when she's not welcome. Her cheerfulness and devil-may-care attitude seems at odds with her being a Winter, which she shrugs off as "one of them things." Butch and fond of plaid men's shirts, but tries to clean it up a bit during Winter.

Known History:

Fawn generally slummed around with the less well-behaved kids in her neighborhood and was a bit of a terror. She never finished high school, in part because she was taken in the middle of it.

After breaking through the hedge almost two decades after her disappearance, Fawn has settled into a life of thievery, stealing objects and secrets. Less like a suave, accomplished Catwoman type and more like a slightly-sleazy petty burglar. Technically homeless and unemployable by virtue of her lack of education, Fawn slums around NYC doing "heavy lifting" work for folks. Fawn has joined up with the Briar Bitch motley after failing at robbing Jin's market stall and being forced to work it off. This was misinterpreted as a gesture of friendliness; feed Fawn and give her a space to crash, and you may not be able to get rid of Fawn.

As of January 2014, she is the Freehold of the Bitten Apple's Winter Monarch. She's also started to build her resume, assisting Liz Shaw at her detective agency.

Talk To Fawn If:

...you need some heavy lifting or light fingers.

...you need to chat up a ghost. She can put you two in touch.

...you need someone to present you with the option of listening quietly while you vent, or to distract you from your problems.

...you want to be friends.

...you have courtly business to discuss or whatever.


Rumors About Fawn:

  • Should you give Fawn twenty bucks, good fortune will follow you.
  • Fawn has never paid for a drink in her life. If she ever has to pay for a drink, it will cause the serpent that gnaws at the roots of the world to come forth and devour reality as we know it. So maybe you shouldn't let her pay for her drinks...?
  • Sharing a toke with Fawn is a sure way to get a wish to come true.
  • She came out of the hedge skinny as a rail - the chub she's got on there, that's new.
  • Of course she became monarch - don't you know? She takes after her mother.
  • Fawn? No, that's Fisher - the kid that runs errands for us.
  • Fawn? No, that's Fox. Runs things through the Hedge sometimes.
  • Fawn? Nah, that's Fletcher. Boss says she's like a good luck charm or something.
  • There's at least one grave in this city that you don't want to so much as glance disrespectfully at.
  • (Add your own if you've got one.)

Quotes About Fawn:

  • A bit like a stray cat, Fawn was originally a stow away, but became a member of my crew. Kinda like how a stray cat adopts you. - Iarann
  • A child of dreaming. One day she will wake, and the world will notice. - Lachoros
  • Put that down. That's not your food. That's not your drink. I NEED that. Fine, whatever. I've docking this from you later. - Carol
  • I aspire to be the man she sees me as. - Connor
  • She'll surprise us all some day. Not sure with what but I'm sure it'll be surprising - Jin
  • One of the bros, she can take care of herself, and is a wingman extraordinaire. Fuck with her, and I don't have to end you; she's already emptied your bank account, sold your identity to petty thieves, and is buying a whore with your hard-earned cash. At least, that's what I choose to believe. - Gris
  • Fawn. While I appreciate your enthusiasm, you will not be my envoy to the gathering. I will not have New York's diplomatic efforts undermined by Burger King. - Lachoros
  • Emissary loves Fawn very much. Fawn is a good, good friend. Someday, it will repay the kindness she has shown. - Emissary
  • The path to wisdom takes many roads. - Lachoros
  • (Add your own if you've got one.)

Quotes From Fawn:

  • Okay, for just like one second, can we please stop desecrating corpses?
  • Jin: ...you know, things have gotten really bad when you're being the sensible one.
Fawn: I'm as uncomfortable with this development as you are.
  • I don't know that I can be a good monarch. I just want people to quit bein' assholes to each other.
  • You do what you got to do, man.


Motleymates: Yeah, I hang out with them sometimes.

  • Connor - A genuinely good person who tried to keep some assholes in line and gave us a soft place to fall. Sucked at the former, was pretty good at the latter.
  • Gris - It's weird.
  • Jin - *shrug*
  • Iarann - I want to ask you if it ever gets better, but your face already gives me that answer.
  • Mae - Please get better so it's not just me and Iarann and our stupid broken hearts.

Fellow Seasonals: My Peeps

  • Lachoros - Died like it lived - passive aggressively.
  • Craig Sims - A sensible Autumn king. Like the universe giving me a bandaid to put on a gaping chest wound. Still stops some of the bleeding though, so I ain't gonna say no.
  • Cormac - PopPop's as sad about as often as he's angry. I can taste it in the air around him. We get along okay.
  • Knits - It's gonna be okay, dollface. I won't let it be as bad for you as it was for me.
  • Runa - Craig's a good influence on her. I think.
  • Bones - She has the richest fuckin' social life a skeleton could ever have.


  • Emissary - He's awesome, and one day, I will teach him the pleasure that is leaving the hedge to visit Cheeburger Cheeburger.
    • Or not. Hey, let's never talk about him again.
  • Patxi - You know what you're dealin' with, with him, at least.
  • Dorcha - Well, that sure as shit is building into a thing.
  • Gotcha! - I really want you to be a good guy.


That's right, it gets its own section.

Durance: The Wanting Comes In Waves - The Decemberists
Song ~ Lyrics

Return: Story of my Life - Social Distortion
Song ~ Lyrics

Motley: Honor Among Thieves - The Suicide Machines
Song ~ Lyrics

Hope: A Better Son/Daughter - Rilo Kiley
Song ~ Lyrics

Vice: Despite What You've Been Told - Two Gallants
Song ~ Lyrics

Dad: If I Ever Leave This World Alive - Flogging Molly
Song ~ Lyrics

Knits: Courtiers: In the Darkness - Christian Kane
Song ~ Lyrics


Player: User:Stan S.

Stan is not Fawn, despite both of them having four letters in their name. She can spell, is a PhD candidate in the field of Mad Science, and she has fully intact front teeth.

MES Number: US2013040148

Domain: New York City, Children of the Lost Eden

VST: Abby Estes

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