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Swipe Right:

People Call Me:

Blood Stain:

~The Paricii

~Austin, TX

~Glam punk tomboy meets militant fashion victim. Heavy on the glitter and hair color.

~Acknowledged by Serafin, Prince of Austin


Kaleidoscope of Faces

  • Wallace - My Death. Why are you so far away?
  • Lucien - The Puerto Rican overlord. Break Glass Only in Case of Emergency
  • Le Comte du Graffiti - Eastern European Partner in Crime. Never knows where to go for dinner.
  • Serafin - Oh Captain, my Captain. I wonder what's in the chewy center?


  • "I saw you once - wriggling , writhing , squirming to the surface . You tasted like honey and smelled of regret. The flames rose higher and higher and I laughed as the corpses disintegrated like paper, dancing sparks snuffed out before their time . In that place , I saw you and remembered you . Welcome home, kitten . Time to sharpen the knives ." - written by Fayina
  • "We had a good time a while ago. I wouldn't be surprised if certain towns and nations still use her to scare adults to sleep at night."- Le Comte
  • "She's a Privateer, so I got her back. I wouldn't want to stand in front of her anyway when the fighting starts." - David Clay
  • "Kinda friendly, but definitely filed under Bat S#*t crazy." Rosko
  • "She calls me her Joshua. I call her simply Fay. As long as my walls of Jericho are tight and locked in, we will be just fine." Austin Rivers
  • "She reminds me of the drunk girl at the party, you don't know what is about to happen but it will be an interesting story later." Rosko
  • "It is always a good idea to get to know what makes someone tick. Especially someone who might decide you need some tender kindness and mercy." David Swisher
  • "Do need help getting his attention? I can start swinging you around like a singapore cane so you can...(puts on sunglasses)...hit on him." Danny McManus
  • "One does not build Rome in a day, nor a terror to be reckoned with, in a night." - Rand Ryan
  • "Slytherin is well represented in Austin. So is Ravenclaw. I hope we're not rivals. Rivals always complicate things so much... and I hate complications." Hawk Saxon
  • "Ah, Fay. My favorite niece; simply a delight." Prince Serafin
  • "We can dance, if you want to." Hermes Reginald Waldenbrook
  • "There can be a beauty in disharmony. Based on her appearance, I don't think she is quite there yet. Points for effort though." Robyn Remington
  • "Miss Fay is never idle. Never underestimate her!" Jeannie
  • "She displays the zeal and enthusiasm common in our Clan. It is my hope that she is able to temper that strength with Awareness of what she is and what she is not." Cedric Wadsworth
  • "Is there room for peaceful thoughts within her? Or will she always be a tool of those who will not get their hands dirty?" Claire
  • "C'mon, man! You used to be cool, and now you're bending knee to tyrants?" Flynn
  • "I'm sure she's very nice..." Harper Gray
  • "Fay... the Reaver. Has a nice ring to it." Jupiter Lotis
  • "Slytherin and courting a Follower of Set? That's almost too darling. " Jayne Joyce
  • "I will tell you the advice I always give, don't scorn the crazy lady. Granted, don't get fresh. You might lose parts of yourself." - Don Valerius
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  • Fayina has been the cause of several mortal serial killer investigations.
  • Do not be alone with Fayina; she will rape your mind and you will never know.
  • Fayina doesn't listen to anyone but her sire.
  • She used to be part of some sort of black ops.
  • This girl is so young, none of those in the lineage know her.
  • She has a red lightsaber.
  • The character Harley Quinn is actually based on her.
  • Only "several" serial killer investigations? What about when she was hanging out with that whack job who thinks he's a French count?
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  • River from Firefly TV series and Serenity
  • Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad
  • Drusilla from Buffy TV series


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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Austin, TX
Player: Erica M.
Storyteller: Nick K.