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Awakening PC

Player: Megan Pittman
Path: Moros
Order: Guardians of the Veil •••
Legacy: Votaries of the Ordained
Position: None
Consilium: Alexandria, VA ••
City: Alexandria, VA
Cabal: White Out
VST: Charles Lloyd

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Birth Name: Gabrielle Glenanne (OOC Knowledge ONLY)

Shadow Name: Fee

Sleeper Alias: Fiona James




Fiona Glenanne - Burn Notice
Michelle Rodriguez - Action Hero Actress
Jill Valentine - Resident Evil

Character Description

Fee is tall, and built like the type of person who only uses her body as a weapon. She has blonde hair, green eyes, and is never seen without sporting red lipstick. If she isn't wearing it, she doesn't want to be SEEN, obviously.

Fee has a habit of carrying very large purses. There is an obvious reason for this, if you've ever met her. If you haven't, well then you wouldn't know why she carries such a huge purse.


Few have seen her Nimbus, because she doesn't tend to use vulgar magic. Obviously, she doesn't do that because she thinks it's wrong. Like any good Guardian of the Veil, she discourages its use and doesn't use it herself as a result.


  • She had her sense of humor and knowledge of irony removed when joining her Order.
  • Fee isn't short for 'Fiona'. It's her personal philosophy: nothing in life is free.


"When it comes to explosives, I never kid." - Fee

“In my life, I have witnessed some terrible things. These things have shaped me into someone who sees the world very black and white. You want to do good for others, or you want to do good for only yourself. I believe in Justice and Equality. I believe that everyone had a purpose when they entered this world, and some set it aside to be selfish, and made themselves useless to their society. I believe that it is my duty to serve my people, to protect them from corruption, hubris, and paradox by taking it into myself. I am broken. I am tainted. I am imperfect. I am capable of being the change, and so I will be.” - Fee

"She has the best poker face of us all. She seems like a nice and playful person but down to the core, she's a cold blooded killer. Very few people give me the chills, but Fee is one of those people." - Frost

"She be beautiful n' deadlysome. Kinda like Autumn Crocus, Rhododendron or Belladonna. Fine tah look at but will kill if ya not r'spect 'er. All in all mightsome glad she onna our side." - Bodhi Vajra-Kai