Fellowship of the Timeless Hand

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To be an old vampire is to be a stranger to the world despite having walked it for centuries. Such confusion and isolation is felt particularly keenly by those Toreador who, for one reason or another, find their skills, knowledge, and sensibilities to be largely irrelevant in the modern age. They are the masters of forgotten arts, but often have no audience to appreciate them, no way of contributing meaningful works to human society. You may find such sad creatures wandering aimlessly through museums after hours like ghosts, reminiscing among the works of peers long dead; their own skills having atrophied, their own creative light having ebbed and gone out. Having little else to offer, they often become bitter and cynical, deriving whatever satisfaction they can through critiquing and savaging those who are still of a mind to create works of wonder and beauty. They become agents of destruction, and in turn they grow less and less human.


The Fellowship of the Timeless Hand is a Toreador Guild that offers such lost and ancient souls a haven for keeping their arts and their spirits alive. Based in Richmond, Virginia, the guild welcomes any Toreador in good standing, particularly those who practice dead or dying art-forms, and who prize traditional methods over modern artifice. Some examples of "endangered art" may include: scrimshaw; calligraphy; tapestry; songs and dances of threatened or now-extinct indigenous peoples; weaving and sewing by hand; traditional methods for shaping metal, stone, glass, and wood; etc. While this focus is of particular interest to Elder artists, the guild is also open to younger Kindred who, sadly enough, will discover over time that their own art forms have become outdated and in need of preservation.

Guild Charter

I. WHEREAS the Toreador are the Heart and Soul of the Camarilla, entrusted to protect and nourish the font of Humanity through beauty and inspiration, thereby forestalling the triumph of the Beast, and the ennui and indolence of Immortality;

II. WHEREAS the spark of Creation is recognized as a touch of the Divine, accessible only through the light of Humanity;

III. WHEREAS we are creatures of Eternity, yet chained to the Past;

IV. WHEREAS times and tastes change, but true Art is forever;

WE HEREBY PLEDGE ourselves to THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE TIMELESS HAND, a Guild dedicated to the preservation and remembrance of forms of art and artifice that have been lost, forgotten, outdated, obscured, or extinguished by the passage of Time and the brevity of mortal Memory.

WE RESOLVE that no artistic skill or craft, rendered irrelevant or obsolete by the banal march of Modernity, shall be relegated into meaninglessness or lost to the Ages.

Articles of Membership

I. Applicants must secure sponsorship from a guild Founder, whereupon his or her admission shall be determined by a majority vote of current members, which must pass.
II. Founders may revoke membership at their discretion by a two-thirds vote among themselves.
III. In the event that a Fellow is dismissed or resigns from the guild, he or she may re-apply after once again securing sponsorship from a Founder.
IV. In the event of a Founder’s death or resignation, the remaining Founders will select a suitable replacement from the guild body.
V. All Fellows and Founders must be Toreador in good standing within the Ivory Tower.
VI. All Fellows and Founders must pledge to maintain their own Humanity and to cultivate Humanity in others.
VII. Every Fellow and Founder shall perform or craft a piece using only methods that correspond with the time of his or her Embrace, to be exhibited before an annual meeting of the guild.
VIII. Fellows are encouraged, but not required, to perpetuate their crafts through the instruction of others.

WE AFFIRM this Charter in humble service to the Clan and to our Craft.