Fiacre Lucien Desjardins

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Information Known by Kindred Society

Lasombra Symbol.png

Name: Fiacre Lucien Desjardins

Clan: Lasombra

Bloodline: Kiasyd

Quote: "Life is art, simply waiting for the right person to appreciate it."

Notable Traits: Tall, pale, and skinny with pure-black eyes; markedly androgynous; casts no reflection in mirrors

Information Known by the Sabbat

Status: 1
Blood bullet.png Initiated by the Archbishop of Paris
Blood bullet.png Courageous by Archbishop Tommy Swift for contributing to the defeat of a cell of hunters

Current Location: Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Information Known by Clan Lasombra

Blood bullet.png Embraced as a Neonate of the Eleventh Generation and assumed to still be.
Blood bullet.png Known to be an Abyss Mystic.
Blood bullet.png Aligns himself with the Abyss's Children.
Blood bullet.png Holds sympathies with the Kings and Queens of Shadows and the Corsairs.


If you'd like to be part of my lineage, please email me!


Blood bullet.png February 13th, 1972: Born in Toulouse, France
Blood bullet.png March 1988: Missing persons report filed, assumed runaway
Blood bullet.png September 1989: Supposed sighting in Amsterdam
Blood bullet.png Summer 1991: Supposed sighting in Bavaria
Blood bullet.png 1995: Supposed year of Embrace
Blood bullet.png 1996: Initiated as True Sabbat
Blood bullet.png 1997-2004: Active in the Sabbat diocese of Paris
Blood bullet.png 2005: Left Europe for the United States
Blood bullet.png July 2014: Arrival in Arecibo, Puerto Rico
Blood bullet.png March 2015: Disappearance
Blood bullet.png January 2016: Return

Character Description

Physical description: Fiacre sports an androgynous figure that is further accented by his willowy build. He stands at 5'9" and approximately 130 lb. His long, black hair is pulled back in a loose ponytail at the base of his neck. His skin is a milky-white, more reminiscent of the flesh of maggots than the alabaster of sculptures. His figure is long and lanky, compounded by his sharply-cut features. His eyes are pure black, without iris or sclera. He typically wears tight-fitting clothing in all black, commonly high-necked, long-sleeved shirts. He moves with the sinuous grace of a dancer and speaks with a light French accent.

Personality: Fiacre is dazzled by the beauty of the world, perhaps a world that not many other people see. He seems to walk in two worlds at once, or at least perpetuate the feeling of such. He is a proud connoisseur of everything from art to reality television, although his interests tend towards the macabre. He has a lackadaisical attitude towards most things and typically goes with the flow. Many would take this as weakness, but they would be surprised by his skill with a blade. Fiacre simply prefers to have a smile on his face: it always unnerves them when he runs them through.



Blood bullet.png Callidus - "He knows not of his proud legacy! What a shame! It is fortunate that his talents do not require knowledge of the history behind them."
Blood bullet.png Tommy Swift - "An honorable man, and, better yet, one with sense."
Blood bullet.png Lucius Delacourte - "My fellow Mystic and brother in seeking knowledge; I would not ask for better company."

Persons of Interest

Blood bullet.png Cerberus - "What interesting skin... I would like to touch it, perhaps just once."


Blood bullet.png None as of yet, surprisingly.


Blood bullet.png Supposedly, he still associates with the Kine, even going as far as to engage in sexual relations with them.
Blood bullet.png In Europe, the Sabbat must really be something else because as soft as he is, he never would have made it on this side of the Atlantic.
Blood bullet.png He is a good dancer.
Blood bullet.png He's really a Toreador in disguise.
Blood bullet.png Before he was Embraced, he was manic-depressive, and the transition kicked his mood swings into overdrive.
Blood bullet.png He has some obsession with the sky, or maybe it's the ocean...
Blood bullet.png He is actually a part of the Doomed Faction, not that he would ever claim to be.
Blood bullet.png After finding out some secret about the Abyss, he's been obsessed with delving deeper.


Let's Talk About You

Blood bullet.png Assamites: "They yearn for violence, they yearn for blood, and they make art of the pursuit."
Blood bullet.png Brujah: "So fierce, so fiery, so passionate. I envy them, just a little."
Blood bullet.png Gangrel: "Where is the line between man and beast? Who are we to say?"
Blood bullet.png Giovanni: "The world beyond does not even compare to this; hey are blinded by their obsession."
Blood bullet.png Lasombra: "They will never understand how beautiful the darkness really is."
Blood bullet.png Malkavians: "Drop a mirror - each time you do so, the reflection that meets your gaze will be slightly different, but each will wear your face. For those who have no reflections, Malkav's children will have to make do..."
Blood bullet.png Nosferatu: "A beast that wears its ugliness on the outside is still only a beast."
Blood bullet.png Panders: "To be so limited but with such potential - what a paradox."
Blood bullet.png Ravnos: "What wondrous tricks! What beautiful lies! I would love to craft reality in the way they do."
Blood bullet.png Serpents of Light: "Purveyors of vice and predators of the weak-willed - we have something in common, no?"
Blood bullet.png Toreador: "My brothers of another blood. Only they can appreciate the world that we see."
Blood bullet.png Tremere: "They know of the Secret World, although theirs is a different facet. It amuses me that they think they can control it."
Blood bullet.png Tzimisce: "Others fail to see that their beauty lies in their change - all they see is the monstrous visage, not the monster underneath."
Blood bullet.png Ventrue: "Our reflections, were we to have one. As they are, they are tragically inadequate to emulate our majesty."

Solipsistic Musings

Blood bullet.png "I am Fiacre Lucien Desjardins, muse and poet by turns. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance."
Blood bullet.png "... Hm? Oh, sorry, what were you saying?"

Words from Others

Blood bullet.png "A kindred spirit? Perhaps... Time will tell. He has such pretty words." - Catherine

OOC Information

Player: Marisa Geoghagan

VST: Maximilian Bondrescu