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as a member of the Camarilla.


Sire: Citadel
Chlider: Unknown




Notable Traits:

  • Wings
  • Fidelity is a light grey and white limestone toned statue of what looks to be a forest Guardian. It is easy to see the slight greens of moss tucked away on her horns and her armor. Her tall frame supported on cloven hooves like the iconic spirited Pan. Her face an artistic humanized goat with large ram's horn. She is known to decorate herself in small stone sculptures, animal furs and has a perchance of carrying other odd trinkets.
  • Is sometimes easily distracted.

  • Evente
  • Nap
  • Nap
  • Terrible Dream
  • Mas Dreams
  • Oh Snap.


From others:

  • * "She is my daughter. If you harm her or make her cry... I will unleash Hell upon you until you make ammends. See that you neednt find out what that is like." - Citadel
  • "I have never all at once wanted to be on my best behavior and win someone over as much as her and yet at the same time be myself and have her get to know me. It's odd." - Roxie
  • "I promised my Sister that I would help take care of anyone she couldn't handle, I'm still waiting for that chance to make good. Be aware of what you're trifling with." - Stoat
  • "My niece lacks the cruelty of our kind. Nature has a fierce and wild perfection that triumphs in dear Fidelity." - Darjius Anakletos
  • "She has retained a spark of innocence in her strong frame. She a way. A creature with such power, eyes wide with wonder. She is angelic." - Dylan R Lancaster
  • "Fidelity is one of a kind. She has such a wonderful air about her and being near her inspires not only my art, but my soul!" - Violet Lheigh Abernathy
  • "It's Elysium... It's Elysium... It's Elysium..." - Fidelity
  • "I may not know fist words, but I will use my sight to keep her safe." - Nova
  • "People may think we an odd pair for a friendship, but it is just that difference in who we are that makes us pair that should never be underestimated." - Papa Etienne Portier
  • "One day I will show her something of this modern world that will grab her eye. It is only fair, she has shown me so much of the wild." - Talia
  • "Είναι σαν κόρη Μου, χλωμό σε σύγκριση με τον αδελφό μου , αλλά εγώ θα σας κάνει να υποφέρει όλες τις Κύκλοι της Κόλασης , πριν να την πειράξεις." - Stoneking
  • "She's breathtaking, and from what I could tell, sweet. I hope to meet her again." - Eve
  • "From the moment she spoke, I recognized her innocence. It is rare to see among the Kindred. I will kill the creature that attempts to remove it from her." - The Broken
  • "Do you want to see hilarious cat pictures?" - ZeroFluxGiven
  • "Your place is not to question, Gargolye. Your place is to submit yourself to the edicts of the Tower and obey." - Benjamin Sharp
  • "Never forget Sister, foolish Nosferatu specialize in holding our fondest memories... no really.. mix their ashes with epoxy and they make fantastic picture frames." - Stoat
  • "She half of most entertaining conversation hear in long time, wonder what happen if Earl ever catch her." - Tony D
  • "Most Gargoyles, I've seen, are humorless slabs of marble. She's giggly, she's cute. Just to see her mess with that Nos Earl; that's far more entertainment than one gets during a gathering in Austin." - Jupiter Lotis

  • Fidelity is actually an Urban legend in some mountain towns in the Colorado Rockies.
  • It is said that even a single tear can cause a city to burn and lives to be lost.
  • She was once known as Buttercup the festering, scourge of the Unknowns seas.
  • She is really a nascent nature spirit that was cursed.
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Clan: Gargoyle
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: TX-059
Player: Chloe French
VST: Sam B.

Player: Chole F
MES Number: US2002021889
Location: Houston, TX
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