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Character Information


Name: Finn Aidan O'Reilly
Clan: Toreador
Social Status: Prince, although often uses the adopted title Lord Governor General since joining the 4th Empire of Dominions
Generation: It is questionable, as rumors abound that he is either of the 7th or 8th Generation
Age: 350+
Domain: Presque Isle, Maine (Tír na nÓg)
Demeanor: Comes across as something of a cynic and an autocrat.


  • Claimed Praxis in Presque Isle, Maine on 2/21/2015
  • Abiding as Elder- Confirmed, Established, & Priviledged
  • Abiding as Prince- Authority, Commander, & Sovereign

Favored by the Ominous Adana de Sforza, Clan Brujah's Inner Circle Member May 12th 2016
Favored by Elder Harpy Inanna of the Domain of Presque Isle, Maine February 2015
Favored by Elder Grady O'Shea of the Domain of Presque Isle, Maine as of January 2016
Acclaimed by Elder Harpy Inanna of the Domain of Presque Isle, Maine June 2015


  • Toreador Prince of Presque Isle, Maine which he has designated the Domain of Tír na nÓg (pronounced Tier-Na-No-g)


  • Grandsire: Reginald Stuart, 6th Generation Toreador
  • Sire: There is some debate over this issue, i.e. whether or not was sired by J.D. Drake or another of Reginald Stuart's many Childer.
  • Childer: None Known or Claimed

Notable Traits:

  • Speaks with a distinctive Irish Brogue
  • Is said to have an extremely acerbic wit and somewhat vicious sense of humor.

General Timeline

Finn Aidan O'Reilly is a Toreador author of some note, among Kindred cirlces anyway, who until recently hailed from Dublin, Ireland. His satirical poems, stories, and jokes had earned him a solid reputation in many European Salons. He is adored by those who enjoy humor at the expense of others and often reviled by those who have been on the receiving end of his relentless barbs. Those who look into his history will easily find that aside from his artistic work, he was largely an apolitical entity. He has remained out of the spotlight in so far as Irish Praxis struggles, been a stalwart defender of the Traditions, and entirely a creature of custom and etiquette (at least in so far as when others violate it). By all appearances he has had almost zero ambition beyond his work until now. With little warning he began to liquidate his personal holdings, call in Boons for transit and decided to move to the New World, i.e. the United States. Usually when a Kindred of his age and habit makes a sudden departure it is because of some trouble, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. More curious still, this apolitical creature hadn't been in the United States more than than a month or two before making himself a Prince in the unlikely backwater of Presque Isle, Maine. Who says you can't teach an old vampire new tricks?

Recent Timeline

  • January 2015: O'Reilly made an appearance in the strife-torn area of Northern Maine, apparently witnessing a rising against the resident Prince Rose. It is said that he fought for the etiquette and tradition of Praxis, standing against those seeking to upend Camarilla custom. While the Toreador Prince was slain, it is said that Elder O'Reilly personally slew at least some of those who involved.
  • February 2015: The death of a Prince outside a recognized Praxis struggle led to the Camarilla dispatching an Archon to investigate. It is rumored that the Archon laid down punishments upon the surviving miscreants and left a Servire to observe future behavior. Elder O'Reilly, for his part, was offended by events and decided to stay in Presque Isle to see it returned to a proper Domain of the Ivory Tower. On February 21st 2015, Finn Aidan O'Reilly claimed Praxis in Presque Isle, Maine and took the throne in a short, but bloodless Praxis struggle with at least two other challengers for the crown.
  • March-July 2015: By in large the first Spring and Summer of the O'Reilly Praxis has been more or less stable. Death abounds with Anarchs and Sabbat that threaten from just outside the Domain but O'Reilly seems entrenched and largely untouched himself. One would think a front-line Praxis, i.e. one facing regular war with the Sabbat/Anarchs would have more Masquerade issues, but that doesn't seem to be the case. The Praxis has maintained the Masquerade effectively, and clearly at the cost of many Kindred lives. Many have gotten the impression that O'Reilly is a bit cavalier with the lives of other Kindred despite the fact he claims the opposite. His draconian methods have all but ensured absolute compliance. The velvet glove he wears over an iron fist seems to be that he will accept wayward Kindred back into the fold quite readily and is said to even reward those who bring them in from the cold with Boons.
  • August-October 2015: The O'Reilly Praxis seems a fluid one to say the least. The Court regularly entertains visitors (and Myrmidons no less) from nearby Canada. There was a dust up when an Elder Ventrue arrived and refused the Prince's commands. That Blue Blood is already a jar of ashes in the Prince's growing collection. By all accounts Prince O'Reilly seems to keep his subjects safe, maintain the Masquerade, and is working on strong connections with nearby Saint John. Rumors abound of ties to the Domain in Bangor through his Harpy, the Lady Inanna. As the State of Maine plunges into another winter, it will be interesting to see how things play out.
  • November 2015-April 2016: The O'Reilly Praxis seems to be, if anything, stable. Threats come and go (or at least rumors of them) and yet the Camarilla Domain weathers them without comment, apparently neither needing or requesting aid from neighboring Domains. The Anarchs appear to be extinct. The Sabbat packs which threaten the Domain seem no better at gaining a foothold. The largest news came in April when Violetta of Clan Toreador, once a Justicar herself, paid a visit to the Domain. The Praxis made it known by royal declaration that the Domain, at least while O'Reilly rules, is joining the 4th Empire of Dominions. Per regal style, and the arcane etiquette of this powerful European collection of Princedoms, O'Reilly is now styled "Lord Governor General" of Presque Isle.
  • May 2016: Prince (or Lord Governor General) O'Reilly attended Conclave where he managed to gain the favor of the Ominous Adana de Sforza, Clan Brujah's Inner Circle Member during discussion of the upcoming items for vote. It is said that he took part in a competitive Elder Salon as well. While O'Reilly is known for making "State visits" to the Praxis nearby his Domain, this is his first appearance on the national stage, and by all accounts it appeared to be a successful first impression.

Common Knowledge

Very little is generally known about this Toreador Prince (or Lord Governor General if you like) in the Northeast Region of the United States. He appears to handle himself as if confident, exuding the impression of age and concealed power. His Praxis came without bloodshed despite there being multiple other Kindred who claimed Praxis at the same time. By reputation he appears to be even-handed. That is to say he grants Neonates the greatest mercy in regards to mistakes, preferring education over horrific punishment. He becomes quite strict with Ancillae who should know better. He is said to be absolutely without mercy altogether when it comes to the mistakes of other Elders within his Domain. A creature of etiquette and legality, he has a detailed list of his local rules and interpretations. Moreover, it is said that he holds himself to his own rules. Confirmation of such a thing is, of course, difficult. Without doubt, more will become common knowledge as this Kindred's stay in the New World lengthens.


  • "So this Mick Elder just shows up on the East Coast and claims a Praxis; what is this, the 1500s?"
  • "The guy has one of those idiotic pseudo-scary nicknames back in Eire. It is the 'Formorian'. I'm like so not impressed."
  • "I hear the guy thinks he is a god or something, that all Kindred are divine. Crazy as a Malk."
  • "Seems he managed to impress one of the Inner Council. We will see how long that lasts."

Comments Overheard About Prince O'Reilly

  • "Back when I knew him in Ireland he went by the nickname, 'the Fomorian;' I just call him the Mick." -- J.D. Drake
  • "His stated commitment to Humanitas reminds me of the now passed Praxis of Elder Durand of Waterloo." -- Inanna
  • "Another Camarilla Elder who feels entitled; screw him." Anonymous Anarch
  • "He is an old world fiend hiding behind the guise of refinement, and I mean that as a compliment." -- Serratus
  • "There is a startling passion in Prince O'Reilly, one that has not been quenched from his many years. If only more were able to keep their passions, these nights would flourish." -- Raven Constantine

Prince O'Reilly's Comments on Kindred of Note

  • J.D. Drake - "Elder Drake tis making a stir down Texas way, or at least so they say. Tis only fitting and the Toreador way."
  • Inanna - "I only just met the Lady Inanna, but I can honestly say that I've never met so ingratiating an Elder. That unnerves me slightly."
  • Grady O'Shea - "While this fellow bears an Irish name, I sense no kinship through the Emerald Isle. America ate the Irish in him long ago."
  • Toby Dior - "I finally met him at Conclave. He has taste, is capable, and acceptable to represent me on the Council of Petals."


OOC Information

I'm an easy going guy and just interested in immersing in the character as much as I can. In the game, deal with me as my character. Outside of the game, just relax as I won't have taken anything that happened personal. I would hope it is the same with you.

Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Presque Isle, Maine
Player: [1]
Storyteller: Derrick Burbee

Player: John Felger

MES Number: US2012090043