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The Bard Name: Fíona MacOrann
Deed Names: "Stag's New Hope", "Thunder Born"
Tribe: Fianna
Auspice: Galliard
Breed: Homid
Rank: Fostern
Sept: Sept of Boar's Chosen; Auburn, AL
Camp: Songkeepers
Camp: The Wayward, Butterfly pack

The Story


Loch Leven
My name is Fíona MacOrann, I am Fianna, Purebreed and proud of my heritage. I was born to the thundering sound of drums and the crackling roar of a bonfire in the Autumn of 1990 in Loch Leven, Kinross Scotland. My father was dancing the fire while my mother labored in a tent not far off. It was Samhain night and the people were gathered in celebration to honor our ancestors and to dance the fires with them again.

We lived near Loch Leven, the most beautiful place in the whole of the world. I loved the Loch, it was my favorite place. I used to make the hike to the Loch at least 2 times a week, if not more. I fell in love with the water, and the mountains. Ma said it was because when I was born, my birth cries traveled through the valley and danced with the spirits of the loch, binding us as lifelong friends.

A new home
After my first change, which heralded the death of my little brother Liam, I was shipped out to the US to live with my Grandmother's sept, Sept of the Southern Shore in Mobile, AL. My parents came shortly after that. It was the most depressing time of my life. Until I met the rest of my Pack and we started a band playing folk songs and trying to spread a message of unification under the banner of the defence of Gaia. I guess a lot of folks would call me an activist, but I see myself as an instigator of change.


Wayfarers tour bus.jpg

Everything Changes
in 2004, during our rite of passage, our sept was attacked and destroyed by Hunters. The master of challenge the only survivor was on his deathbed when we returned. He cleared out rite of passage, gave us our deed names and told us the story. They had destroyed the Caern, and demolished the heart of the Caern. We swore vengeance upon the hunters who decimated our family and to this day we're still trying to find them.

In the meantime, we started a band, calling ourselves Wayward. We've been traveling around the country playing gigs, and looking for a sept to call home. For now we're resting our heels in Auburn, AL with the Sept of Boar's Children. We've found a pretty good home here. The folks are nice enough and we feel like this might just be the place we've been looking for. We've been helping to defeat the Wyrm since moving in, and bush back the blight as best we can. Things are looking up for us "Wayward Souls". We set up camp in a nice area near a lake. I've set up a small shrine to my brother Liam, in remembrance of him and how we used to love the Loch back home. I think he'd like it here. I think Ma n' Da would like it here too.

WolfPack.png Friends and Allies:

Pack Mates:
Wolfpaw.png Memphis "Walks without Rhythm" Frye
Wolfpaw.png Lyra "Breaks the Ice" Essex
Wolfpaw.png Keld "Lies in Wait" Eadricson
Wolfpaw.png Benji "Howling Wind" Harrison
Wolfpaw.png Anton "Opener of the Ways" Reimund

Wolfpaw.png Declan "Son of Liberty"
Wolfpaw.png* Ulryk "Sinbreeder"
Wolfpaw.png* Simona "Dark Claw"
Wolfpaw.png* Thorfinn
Wolfpaw.png* Alexander "Deals"
Wolfpaw.png* Johnny - Kinfolk
Wolfpaw.png* Zer0


  • "I hear she has elf ears, but hides them under her hair."
  • "Don't mention bears around her, man. Not cool."
  • "I hear she's backing someone for Righ in her camp that she's never even met, just so she can record the tale of what happens next."
  • I hear she brews the best beer you've ever tasted. What's her secret, man?

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Songs that Inspired this PC

Omnia "I Don't Speak Human"-[]
Rising Appalachia "Sunu"-[]



Player = Sarah Wade
Domain: AL-001-D Shadowed Plains
StoryTeller = Tim Hardwick