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Awakening PC

Player: Dwayne Beveridge
Path: Moros
Order: Guardians of the Veil ••
Legacy: None
Position: Interfector (GoTV only)
Consilium: Ferrum Arce ••
City: Hamilton, Ontario
Cabal: None
VST: Dave March

Firewall's most recent photo.

Shadow Name:Firewall

Sleeper Alias:Mister T

Offices: None Currently Officially Held

Notable Traits

Striking Looks 4
Occultation 1
Abyssal Resonance 1


Pre Awakening Timeline
1973: Born in Hamilton Ontario, to Tatiana Thrace, and Viktor Trackion.
1982: A Ghost visited him, and has occasionally helped him since.
1988: Approached by <Record Expunged> To begin working with them.
1989-1990: Records Expunged from Database.
Awakened Timeline
1991-1998: Records expunged from database.
1998: Ikolos brought him to the Pentacle, and in turn brought him to the Guardians of the Veil
2004: Became a Full Guardian
2005: Moved to Hamilton from Ottawa, Took up a position in the Guardian Caucus there.
2007: Started Mentoring Skittles.
2008: Took over Mentorship of Genesis from Skittles.
2011: Began moving between Sault St Marie and Hamilton on "Official Guardian Business."
2013: July - Was told about Bishop's Death and Began investigating
2013: September - Died.


Cleric John Preston (Equilibrium)
Joshua Nolan (Defiance)
Teal'c (Stargate SG-1)


Les Friction - Firewall
Les Friction - Torture

Character Description

Firewall is almost always dressed to impress, typically in a pair of dress pants and shoes, with a teal button-up shirt and a black tie. On his left cheek is typically a tattoo made of teal or metallic green ink that tends to change based on how he feels in a given situation. The only thing off putting about his dress would be the Comedia del'arte mask that is soaked in blood that he owns.

He also shows little to no emotion, especially when someone attempts to provoke him. That said, he is a skilled brawler and weapons fighter, reports say that is one of the few times he actually has smiled.


A Feeling of Being protected and also of impending doom, a smoggy grey cloud swirls around him smelling of burnt solder.


  • He and the red-faced demon are one in the same.
  • Paradox made his arms metallic but he hides it with long sleeves.
  • Firewall is soo cool, he once froze an enemy in its tracks.
  • You know you've out Politicked a Ladder when....
  • Firewall wants to get close to Prayer to use her to hurt someone.
  • Firewall and Prayer had lunch and it ended with Prayer saying "NO!!!" and Firewall giving up his Interfectorship.
  • Firewall was the last person to see Ana before she disappeared from Sault Ste Marie. What did he have to do with her disappearance?


  • There is no innocence, only varying degrees of guilt.
  • An open mind is like a fortress with the gates unbarred and unguarded.
  • Knowledge is power, hide it well.
  • Pain is an illusion of the senses, Despair, an illusion of the mind
  • "Little One. I am sorry about my first impressions. I hope that this one may leave you with a better taste of who I really am." Firewall trying to appease a skittish little Prayer

People That are Cool

Skittles-Former Student
Little One