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Changeling PC

Player: Jon H.
Character: Fisher
Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Gameplayer
Court: Winter
Freehold: Congress of Oddfellows - Washington, DC

Character Information

Name: Fisher

Seeming: Wizened

Kith: Gameplayer

Court: Winter

Notable Traits:

Title or Position: Winter Monarch


Fisher is alleged to be the foremost Sun Banisher of the entire Winter Court, and fully prepared to accept all challengers to that title.

OOC Information

Player: Jon H.

MES Number: US2002021241

Location: Washington, DC



Alias(es): Fisher (or Fischer), Karpov, Arkadi Pelles

Real Name: Currently uses Arthur Fishel; originally Kira Rasmussen

Age: Appears to be in his late 50's; actually 32

Concept: Chessmaster of the underworld, using Lost and human criminals as pieces in his games

Entitlement: Unknown, if any

Physical description: Approximately five foot eight, Fisher seems shorter due to his constant hunch over something he is reading or studying. He huddles in on himself, making a weight guess difficult, but he is slender, despite something of a paunch. His eyes are dark blue and sharp, his forehead high and broad. He wears glasses, but may wear them simply for effect.

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline:

(1980) January 7: Born Kira Rasmussen to an American father (Arthur Rasmussen) and Russian mother (Izolda) in Vrbas, just north of Novi Sad, Serbia, just southeast of Sombor.

- Kira was always good with angles, math, electronics, calculation-based games, chess, billiards, water polo, even tennis. Was never very strong, but reasonably dexterous and very, very clever

(1995) Taken from the battlefields of the Balkans War.

- Kira’s Fetch wandered out of the battlefields, and no one questioned his lack of documentation. His parents were killed in the war. The dark days of the war as Yugoslavia splintered made an ideal time to take children, who were often lost amidst the refugee movements, between the militaries and militias ravaging the countryside. "Peter" didn't even have to bother to leave a Fetch- but he did, just to create an interesting game. Games were Pater's favorite thing, you know- as they are for so many boys.

(1996) Fisher’s Keeper was “Peter” (a version of the Child).

- The Keeper "Peter" would never grow up- and made sure that Kira wouldn't either, but cursed him to age decades in a day if he ever left Peter's Lost Boys. Kira’s Fetch is therefore in his early 30's, but Fisher's escape brought down the curse of aging, and the curse, combined with his Wizened nature, make him appear to be more like his early 50's.

- Every day, they played games... but every night, the Lost Boys were left alone. One was always left in an unimaginably huge forest, or jungle, or tied to a rock in the ocean. The others had to devise a new twist to a game, or a new game. They had to add a prop to an existing pastime, often, such as a new bat or ball or net or wicket to make the game more interesting and different. Failing to come up with a sufficiently interesting change meant that their fellow Lost Boy was left to die at the hands of wolves, pirates, a great cat of the jungle, or the slow merciless rise of the tide.

(2006) January 7: Emerged from the Hedge on his 26th birthday. Became close with Ophelia (played by Sara Bryant), but he never discusses what their relationship was during this period. All that most Lost know is that his nature, naturally a little distant, became much more aloof. He joined the Winter Court, but whether that was because he was close with Ophelia or because that closeness changed remains uncertain.

- April: Met District mayor Anthony Williams. Supported Williams' plans for the District, and has since consistsntly pushed succeeding mayoras towards Williams' views for the revitalization of the District.

- August: Eddie (played by Joe Caruso) came out of the Hedge. Fisher was looking for power to bolster himself in his new role. Locked Eddie into a Knight's Pledge, valid until 2016, but Fisher also offers “extensions” to Eddie from time to time. Eddie asks for items from time to time, and Fisher provides them- in exchange for an additional week or two added to the Oath. At this point, the true length of time Eddie “owes” Fisher to remain his Knight is unknown to anyone except them two of them- and Eddie may have lost track.

(2007) February: Fisher accepts the role of leader (capo-equivalent) for a Serbian organized crime family. As leader, Fisher sets up a headquarters in the Aston hotel on New Hampshire to be close to the large Eastern European population in the DuPont area. Fisher and his men maintain strict discipline, a formally structured hierarchy, and a series of plans and options to ensure that they are never caught off guard by any eventuality, to the best of Fisher's inhuman ability to plan. Fisher specializes in protecting his people, eliminating evidence that a crime has even occurred, much less what precisely happened or who may have been involved.

(2008)- April: Allegedly invests heavily in Sans Merci, in collaboration with Ophelia

- May: Fisher unifies the Eastern European crime families in the Greater Washington, DC metro area, to include the Russian Organizatsya. He is the equivalent of the “capo di tutti capi” for a traditional mafia family, and on par with criminals like John Gotti at the height of his power. Their "turf ranges across northern DC, with limits at the White House, New York Ave, North Capital, Michigan, Columbia Rd, Calvert west to the river, and following the river down to Constitution.

- July: Began decreasing the Eastern European families' involvement in drugs. While this helped to preserve some of his Clarity, it did not endear him to the families who were losing out on potential profits. To offset, Fisher began secretly providing information to the narcotics task force on competitors' drug rings. This resulted in many of the families thinking that they "got out just in time."

(2008) Helped Dorian Black get settled into political power, and formed an alliance regarding the relationship of fear to sorrow.

- October: After months of his Motley pointing out his declining Clarity, Fisher steps down as leader of Eastern European organized crime and moves into the role of counselor (“consigliere”) for that unified group. Unification begins to fray during this period, as the new leader, Milutin Vukovic (Serbian), is less able to maintain unity than Fisher had been. Fisher struggled to remain distant, but at the urging of his Motley and Jackson (played by Josh Robison), settles for advising on how to manage the separation of the families amicably, rather than trying to return to a leadership role and maintain unity. Moves his offices from the Aston to the Mansion on O Street, where he is a long term guest in the Penthouse suite.
Fisher is a devotee of the Mansion's strict privacy policy :

- December: Working with the other seasonal Monarchs, crafted a set of expectations for behavioral correction of local Lost. The standard pattern thereafter became that Spring would try to explain, teach, and then reward improved behavior; then, if necessary, the Summer would enforce discipline physically; then, if the Lost was still recalcitrant, then Dorian and the Autumn would bring a fear of misbehavior. If all those things failed, then Winter would be given a free hand… and the Lost was rarely ever seen again.

(2009) Began working with Shane, piaring him with Eddie in a protection racket. Shane was almost always able to scare the target into compliance without any violence, but if violence was required... well, Eddie was there for that part...

- May: Met Keye (Tug Brice). Keye, knowing Fisher to be the Winter Monarch of D.C., contacted him with the offer of a percentage if Fisher would approve a scam in the city, the deal sealed with a Pledge. The pledge was carefully crafted, worded to allow Keye to get around a minor point or two, skimming a little extra profit off the top. But Keye was unused to the Wyrd acting on the spirit of the Pledge rather than precise wording, and both Fisher and Keye were surprised to feel the Pledge break. It is a testament to Keye's skills that he was able to escape the city alive. He contacted Fisher to make amenda, allegedly by working for Fisher when Fisher needed a confidence man. While the two know each other, and respect the capabilities of the other, trust is not easy to come by between them. They understand one another a bit too well.

(2010) Befriended Remi, who Fisher considers naive, but a good person

- April: Survived an attempted drive-by killing arranged by a coalition of Latin gang organizations. The Latin gangs had always opposed Fisher's efforts, but this is their boldest move. In response, without Fisher's urging, the Eastern European families murdered three members of each of the gangs in the coalition as a warning. No move had been made against Fisher since that time- at least, not openly.

(2011) March: Fisher stepped down from his consigliere role to "consulting criminal" a la Moriarty, again putting a step further between himself and some of the worst crimes. His focus is now on white-collar or "victimless" crimes.

(2012) February: After Remi's divorce and subsequent change to Winter, Fisher and Ophelia bring him into their Motley

- May: Fisher learns the location of his Fetch


- Highly organized for a variety of reasons- personal inclination, the responsibility of position, and as a separation from the Gentry and their chaotic ways. Everything and everyone has a place and a purpose in the greater scheme of things, and deviation from that displeases Fisher.

- Deeply introverted, and public appearances tend to make him want to retreat for a time following each such outing, reconnecting with himself.

- Slow to make a final decision, instead slowly developing from an initial theory to an increasingly solid perception of an issue- but once his mind is made up, it is very difficult to change.

- Gives orders more readily than he takes them. While he will obey a Monarch and follow his Pledges scrupulously, he prefers to be given a task and left to his own methods to accomplish it.

- Adapts readily to his surroundings, able to portray a scruffy homeless chess hustler in a park or a well-to-do businessman at a moment’s notice.

- Believes that if one is not advancing, then one is falling behind; seeks constant improvement. Grumbles about obstacles, particularly the idiocy of others who he considers intellectually inferior; this can also present him as arrogant (which is at least partially true).

- Has a dry, biting sense of humor that is easily taken (or mistaken) to be mean or sarcastic.

Current Activities:

-Fisher has parlayed his calculating, ruthless nature into a small criminal force based in Washington's Aston Hotel along New Hampshire, capitalizing on the number of Eastern Europeans in the Dupont area. Modeled on the Russian Organizatsya, Fisher and his men maintain strict discipline, a formally structured hierarchy, and a series of plans and options to ensure that they are never caught off guard by any eventuality, to the best of Fisher's inhuman ability to plan.

Merit Details: Criminal Contacts, Fence, possibly Allies in the DC and MTA police or the D.C. Superior Court (Judge, Court Services, and Offender Supervision)



Sans Merci

Known as Crystalline, this Winter Motley embodies the cold of winter, its dangers, and its ability to create beautiful growth under the right conditions.

Eddie (played by Joe Caruso)

- As the Winter King for the Diamond Path, Fisher is the last resort. Spring will try to encourage those who go astray to mend their ways. Summer may give them a good beating if they err, but will then hoist a mug with them in camaraderie and consider the matter closed. Autumn will frighten those who make one too many mistakes. But the most foolish will ignore the last warning, the fear of the Shadowsoul (Dorian Black; played by Jag Griffiths) and cross the line one time too many. After they ignore the final warning, the Lost know the fool cannot be saved... and then Fisher and his Knights will end the problem... very, very permanently.

Dorian Black

Black King.png

Barnabas, to some extent, though they maintain a truce

Duchess Ophelia Spinner

==Known Quirks==

- Fisher does not tolerate feuds- they draw Gentry. If matters cannot be settled any other way, then he will be the judge for a duel, but the results are final, and there is no appeal for his judgments.

Character Inspirations

- Theatre: Caesar (Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra)

Chess Murder.jpg

- Movies:
Verbal Kint / Keyser Soze (The Usual Suspects)
Vito Corleone (Godfather)
Le Chiffre (Casino Royale)
The Oracle (Matrix)

- Books:
Professor Moriarty (Sherlock Holmes)
Edmond Dantes (Count of Monte Cristo)
Cardinal Richelieu (Three Musketeers)
Ender Wiggin (Ender's Game)
Piter De Vries (Dune)
Gentleman John Marcone (Dresden Files)

- Graphic Novels:
Ozymandias (Watchmen)
Grandmaster (Avengers)

Chess Assassin.jpg

- Television:
Adelle De Witt (Dollhouse)
Londo Mollari (Baylon 5)
Jim Profit (Profit)
The Colonel (The Unit)

- Video games:
Theresa (Fable II)

- History:
Klemens von Metternich
Otto von Bismarck
Francis Walsingham

- Who would play him in the movie?
Bruce Dern
Judd Hirsch
John Hurt
Burgess Meredith
Basil Rathbone
Geoffrey Rush
Terence Stamp

Fisher style.jpg


Falcon in the Dive (Scarlet Pimpernel)
No Good Deed (Wicked)
When Ure Heart Turns Cold (2Pac)
Lament; People Ain't No Good (Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds)


"There's no such thing as a selfless act. Grow up and stop relying on the kindness of strangers. Rely on pledges, and rely on those who need you, because it's then in their best interests to protect you. Make people need you if you wish to be safe, and to be safer, make more people, and more powerful people, need you more."

"This is the state of man: to-day he puts forth The tender leaves of hopes; to-morrow blossoms, And bears his blushing honours thick upon him;
The third day comes a frost, a killing frost, And, when he thinks, good easy man, full surely His greatness is a-ripening, nips his root,
And then he falls..."
"Henry VIII; Act III, Scene 2"

"The chess board is the world, the pieces are the phenomena of the universe, the rules of the game are what we call the laws of Nature. The player on the other side is hidden from us. We know that his play is always fair, just, and patient. But also we know, to our cost, that he never overlooks a mistake, or makes the smallest allowance for ignorance." -Aldous Huxley

"Fisher? Yeah, I know him. Probably better than you do. He's... dangerous. And brilliant. He's a very resourceful man, but always remember that he's at least three steps ahead of you." - Keye

"He's not edible, either." - Vix

True Lies

-Fisher sold his heart at a Goblin Market in exchange for a chess piece that makes him the best gamesmaster in the world.
-Fisher keeps no pets, not even Hedgebeasts, only automatons so that the never needs to worry about the imprecise mess of emotions.
-Fisher secretly provides cold iron weaponry to hunters, so they are well-armed against Gentry... and so that they can hurt Lost who do not keep themselves as hidden as they should.
-Fisher has a chess set that is made from the bones of his enemies.
-Fisher once commissioned an exquisite chess set and board made from the crystalized tears of a rare hedgebeast. Some say he destroyed the work upon completion so that no other could share in its beauty. Others say that it is still intact, gathering dust in some forgotten library.
-Fisher put a hit out on one Marguerite "Nanny Peg" Scarlett as part of an elaborate chess game. He called it "Protecting his Queen". But who was his queen?
-It's said Vix takes a special interest in Fisher. It's not always good to have the attention of a Riddleseeker.

-Long ago, Fisher once had a chess set made from gold and diamond. One day, his prized chess set disappeared from his possession. He went to everyone he could think of to find the chess set, but to no avail he could not. Months passed, Fisher returned home one day to see the chess set returned with a note that said, "Remember, you cant protect everything."
- Fisher won't admit it but he sacrificed Barnabas in a privateer ambush because he feared and felt thretened by his power.
- Fisher is, in fact, inept when it comes to playing chess. Go is, in fact, his game of choice. Those who find this out and seek to spread their knowledge are swiftly silenced by the Winter Court.
- Should harm ever befall Fisher, the Congress of Oddfellows would swiftly decline into ruin. There is a reason that he is named after the Fisher King.
- Fisher's true love is Duchess Ophelia Spinner, but he does not dare make his move on her until she has given up her entitlement lest she break his heart and begin to control him, as she has broken so many others.

OOC Information

Player: Jon H.

Location: Washington D.C.