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Awakening PC

Player: Tracy Reeves
Path: Obrimos
Order: Adamantine Arrow ••
Position: Sentinel
Consilium: Driskill's Shadow
City: Ruston, Louisiana
Cabal: Iron and Vice
VST: Dave Ruple


NOTE: The information regarding this character is OOC Knowledge unless you have some kind of relevant tie with him that would make some or all of that knowledge knowable!

Birth Name: Timothy James Goodwin

Shadow Name: Fitz

Sleeper Alias: T.J. Goodwin

Offices: First Talon, Sentinel

Character Livejournal: None

Quote: I'm not doing this to be nice. I'm doing this because I gave my word; what more do you need?"

Character Description

  • Standing six-feet and one inch in height, Fitz has light brown hair, deep blue eyes and appears to be in his early twenties. Rather light complected and fairly muscular, the Obrimos has no discernible tattoos or piercings, and has more often than not described as pretty boy with power, both for his attractive looks and manner of dress... or sometimes lack thereof [Striking Looks 4].


  • At the onset an intense iridescent aura of bluish-white envelops him. As the spell grows stronger, the aura is joined by a series of radiant multicolored points of light crowning his head like a halo. At its climax a pair of brilliant white wings appear on his back as he shines like an ethereal star. There is a distant crackling of thunder as it dies away leaving the pungent scent of ozone to fill the air before that too fades into the ether.


  • 1986: December 31st: Timothy James Goodwin is born to Philip and Emily Goodwin and will become the oldest of three siblings. For the most part his childhood is unremarkable; of an upper-middle class background, his childhood was much like that of other children his age and socio-economic status.
  • 1990: Is enrolled into a Gymnastics course and will continue those lessons into adulthood.
  • 1991: TJ begins his education at Cedar Creek and will later ho on to graduate third in his class, offsetting this slightly by achieving a 30 on the ACT.
  • 2000: Joins the school's Powerlifting and Track Teams. During this time it is determined that he is a Sleepwalker by the Local Consilium. The Adamantine Arrow take interest.
  • 2002: TJ Awakens is awakened at the age of 16 during a Powerlifting Meet. Later that year he is inducted into the Adamantine Arrow and takes the shadow name, Fitz.
  • 2004: Begins college at Louisiana Tech University, pursuing a degree in Kinesiology. During this time he will also do 'rush' and join a Fraternity.
  • 2005: An attack by the left-handed is staged. During this fight, the Head of the Adamantine Arrow in the City, Ariel, is killed; two others are 'presumed' dead. Fitz finds that it may take longer than expected to graduate from college.
  • 2007: Joins a cabal with 2 (3?) other Arrow: Chromium and Ash. They will go on to renovate and open a gymnasium.
  • 2009: The city is taken back but not without casualties. Ash, one of Fitz's cabalmates decides to take off for a while. Fitz takes this time to reflect, clean himself up, and returns slowly returns to college.
  • 2013: Fitz is a Senior at Louisiana Tech, pursuing a degree in Kinesiology and will graduate in the Winter Quarter of 2014.

Allies, Friends, and Acquaintances...

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Looking For...

  • Other Adamantine Arrow
  • Friends & Allies
  • Miscellaneous



  • The player's time in college; powerlifting and days spent at the college's gym.
  • Some of the humorous perspectives on the Frat-Boy lifestyle.
  • Some of the 'romantic' perspectives on the above.
  • Miscellaneous.