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Awakening PC

Player: Chris B
Path: Moros
Order: Mysterium •••
Legacy: Forgemaster
Position: Moros Councilor
Consilium: Alexandria, VA ••••
City: Alexandria, VA
Cabal: White Out
VST: Storyteller Name

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Shadow Name: Five

Sleeper Alias: Samuel Barnes

Offices: Moros Councilor, Censor

Cabal: White Out

Quote: I wouldn't trust my saintly grandmother with an Artifact like that; we are not leaving it in their naively incapable hands.


Five's Full Timeline

January 27, 1967 – Five is born. A major snowstorm had dumped 23 inches of snow over the Chicago area. Five was delivered by his Father, James as his parents could not get out of the apartment building and no ambulance could reach them.

1983 – Five awakens at 16 and begins his training with Vespa.

1993 – Five meets Gamble and is recruited to become Gamble’s apprentice.

1993 – Five meets Ferrum and mentors him regarding Matter and eventually brings him into the Forgemasters.

2003 – After the treaty. Five heads to DC. The reclaiming of the lost Consilium and the rumors of a plethora of ruins hidden somewhere nearby or underneath are more than enough to draw him to this burdgeoning hotspot.


  • Choice cut of William Adama
  • Choice cut of Saul Tigh
  • Bold cuts of Leo McGarry
  • Measure of Logan Echolls
  • Segments of Jimmy Dugan
  • Carafe of Hawkeye Pierce
  • Sprinkling of Cliff Clavin
  • Simmered over low flame with a Single Malt Whiskey

Character Description

Five is a male Caucasian well into his middle age. He's a strong looking man that frequently has dust on his calloused hands. His hands are almost always tinkering with something even if his focus is elsewhere.

His hair is grey at his temples.

He is frequently seen wearing black BDUs, favored for their durability and multitude of pockets. His BDU jacket is covered in patches that provide hints to his specialties and preferences. He has, on occasion, been mistaken for a member of the Arrow by non-Mystagoges; an identification he doesn't usually take well.

During the War, Five was known to be an alcoholic who ad long binges after deadly missions; But since the formation of the White Out cabal, his drinking has waned and stopped as far as outsiders can discern.


Eyes go black and darkness grows out of him.


  • Five was an Arrow once upon a time.
  • He is in AA, trying to recover...but failing miserably.
    • And no, I don't mean Adamantine moron!
  • Is helping out Mike by allowing him to work in his Jewelry story.


"Five is an ornery old Mysterium, but don't let that fool you. He knows his way around a gun and he knows how to arm his soldiers... I swear there is actual Military training in his background if not Arrow training." - Frost, Cabal Mate.