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Awakening PC

Player: Jon Grimmer
Path: Acanthus
Order: Free Council ••
Legacy: The Physician's Guild
Position: None
Consilium: None
City: Santa Rosa
Cabal: None
VST: Jeff Holland

True Name: Unknown

Shadow Name: Fixer

Sleeper Alias: Dr. Lucas Rand

Nicknames: None have developed so far

Quote: "I help people. Sometimes that means I'm a healer ridding them of injuries, diseases and suffering while sometimes that means I have to hurt bad people. Most often I find it involves one leading to the other."


1979 - Born in San Jose, CA

1993 - Awakened

1997 - Graduated High School

2001 - Finished Pre-med

2005 - Earned MD from Johns Hopkins

2006 - Created new Legacy

2011 - Begins wandering the world with Doctors Without Borders

2014 - Briefly settles in Santa Rosa where he meets La Calavera and Titanium.

2016 - Possibly moving to Los Angeles

Character Description

He is an every day geek. A kid who grew up bullied and put down for being a geek in an era where geek had yet to be the way of the world. His days spent playing Dungeons & Dragons, watching the X-Files and a slew of sword & sorcery 80's movies helped make the transition from a 14 year old newly awakened kid into a young and capable Mage. No one knows who trained him initially but by the time he found his way into the Pentacle he was already well aware of his own capabilities and had a shadow name, so if he was not taught he certain took to this new life well. He has since kept a fairly low profile among Awakened but it is known that he is shockingly capable with the Life arcana, and healing in specific. It is also known that he created the Physician's Guild which acts as a sort of Doctors Without Borders for Awakened and travels the world helping however they can, sometimes though that is more than just healing people as any Mage can attest to.

Physically Fixer is tall and broad shouldered but he carries himself a little slouched like he wants to be eye level with anyone he talks to. He dresses in whatever clothing seems to fit a situation or else he will stick with jeans and a t-shirt, but even in the most formal situations he has a deceptively deep medical bag with him.


When it flares up, those around hear the feint sound of a steady EKG and gain a minor feeling of being reinvigorated.

Looking For

  • Anyone Interested in being part of the Physician's Guild legacy
  • Friend, allies, rivals, awkward one-night stands





  • Kamala Khan - OOC inspiration for some of the personality
  • Dr. Strange - Partly IC and partly OOC inspiration
  • Chronicle - Concept, not specific characters or arcs
  • Nerd Action Hero - For obvious reasons
  • Minored in Asskicking - A related trope that helped inspire this
  • “We've always known we'd eventually be called upon to open our shirts and save the day, and the superhero was a crude, hopeful attempt to talk about how we all might feel on that day of great power, and great responsibility.” - Grant Morrison, Supergods
  • "The door is more than it appears. It separates who you are from who you can be. You do not have to walk through can run." - Franklin Richards, FF issue 23
  • “The disciplines of physical exercise, meditation and study aren't terribly esoteric. The means to attain a capability far beyond that of the so-called ordinary person are within the reach of everyone, if their desire and their will are strong enough. I have studied science, art, religion and a hundred different philosophies. Anyone could do as much. By applying what you learn and ordering your thoughts in an intelligent manner it is possible to accomplish almost anything. Possible for an 'ordinary person.' There's a notion I'd like to see buried: the ordinary person. Ridiculous. There is no ordinary person.” - Alan Moore, The Watchmen

OOC Information

Player: Jon Grimmer

MES Number: US2006017146

Location: Sonoma County, CA