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Awakening PC

Player: Christopher Beck
Path: Mastigos
Order: Mysterium •••
Legacy: Reality Stalkers
Position: Hierarch
Consilium: The Canton-Polistra Combine ••••
City: Manhattan, KS
Cabal: Quid Latinum
VST: Felber

Character Information

Sleeper Alias: Kaidan Worthington

Shadow Names: Fold

Path: Mastigos

Order: The Mysterium

Position(s): Hierarch (The Canton-Polistra Combine) - Curator (Mysterium)

== Physical Description: Fold is a tall, athletic man in his late 20's. He is handsome, but not super attracitve. His hair is shaved down on the sides, leaving a rather thick mohawk with the tips dyed blue and his sideburns disappear into a well maintained stubble. He tends to wear a "taxi cab yellow" vest wherever he goes along with a slate grey X-men hat accented with the same yellow and under the brim is also yellow with a stylized Wolverine. His eyes are light blue and seem to be filliwed with a constant curiosity.

Fold Relaxing