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OOC Note

This information would be available to the Black Fury tribe and those having sufficient levels of Black Fury Lore to be aware of the lineage structures. All others should be able to produce a chain of knowledge for information contained here.

If you would like information on this lineage or to have your PC be a member, please contact Jenn Cross.


The Forakis name is an old one in the Black Fury tribe. The women of the family keep the name, ignoring other traditional naming conventions in favor of bearing the name of their ancestors. The kinfolk husbands of the Garou Forakis will often take the name out of deference to the greatness of the line.

Many centuries around, an ancestor of the Forakis line lost herself to rage and slaughtered a kumpania of Silder Strider kin. The ancestor was shamed, and her direct descendants found their way into the Bone Gnawer tribe, where such things weigh less on their reputation (PC Contact: Ericka, Within the Forakis line, this tale has grown into a cautionary legend, told to the young when they are safe in their beds, and again to cubs deciding their path.

Because of this cautionary tale, most of the Forakis line walks away from the path of battle. Some do dabble when they’re young, though more likely to join the Bacchantes than the Amazons of Diana, but few stay there. Though as capable a warrior as any other Black Fury, the path of vengeance is not theirs to walk. More likely, Forakis women can be found among the Sisterhood, the Temple of Artemis, and the Freebooters, though several members have joined the Order of Our Merciful Mother or Moon-Daughters out of devout faith.

In Greece

The Forakis family in Greece is based out of Lemnos, where the family has been for as long as anyone can remember. Heals the Wounded Soul reigns over the Garou and Kinfolk alike there, with the Caern and the packs sworn to Pegasus, and his aspects.

In America

Galina and Pelagia Forakis, kinfolk daughters of "Heals the Wounded Soul", came to America in the late 1960s as young women with their mother's blessing. Pelagia, the eldest, wanted something different and settled in Arizona. She founded the enclave at the Castle Hot Springs and established the shrine there until her niece, Pari, arrived and took the duties. The Forakis family in the Castle Hot Springs is large and fertile, and accepts female Kin who are cast off from their own tribes for various "crimes".

Galina settled in the Greek community in Queens, finding friends from the old country there. She birthed three children - two sons, who were adopted into other tribes, and, finally, a daughter, who she named after her mother. In 2009, her son Atti was killed by gang violence and Galina decided to join her sister out West. She and Pari relocated to Phoenix, consolidating the Forakis line.

Forakis NPCs

  • Parthenia “Heals the Wounded Soul” (Philodox, Elder) - Heals-the-Wounded-Soul dabbled briefly in the Bacchantes, thinking revenge was her calling, but was not satisfied with revenge. So she left her young daughters in the care of the Tribe and began to walk the Wylds of Greece, fasting and seeking Gaia's guidance to her path. Three days into her journey, Parthenia the Greater (as Pari, her granddaughter, calls her) came across a man beating a woman. Enraged with Pegasus' fury, she killed the man and for a moment was certain that vengeance was her calling. But she then looked into the eyes of the woman she had saved, and saw that she was terrified of her savior. This touched Parthenia's soul. For the next week, she sheltered the woman, finding her food and tending to her wounds, all in silence. After a week of humbling service, of experiencing that tenderness could heal a soul where claws could only rend flesh, the woman approached Parthenia and touched her face. With her touch, Parthenia felt a calm certainty. Gaia had shown her the path of healing, one that she would never leave.

Parthenia returned to her daughters and her society a woman of incredible calm and wisdom. She worked to develop methods of care for abused woman that focused on healing their souls and finding them inner peace, rather than focusing on their abusers. Her home became a shelter on Lemnos, a place for retreat and focus. She is rumored to have joined the Order of Our Merciful Mother, though she has never worn the symbols, but others believe her to be a member of Outer, then Inner Calyx, tasked with reminding the tribe of the fragility of the human spirit, and the importance of tending to it.

Heals the Wounded Soul accepts visitors from all tribes who come with an open heart. In order to learn from the Elder Fury, all visitors are required to work in the shelter for the duration of their stay.

  • Pelagia Forakis - Pelagia (Pelly) is Heals the Wounded Soul’s older daughter. While Galina settled in New York, Pelagia headed to the western United States in search of something different than Lemnos. She found it and began the process of collecting the Greek kinfolk in the area. She settled them all outside of Phoenix, near the Gila River, as the water has always called to her family. From there, she finds ways to assist the Garou and the Greek community. Until Pari's arrival in 2010, Pelly tended the Shrine at Castle Hot Springs.
    • Kyriakos "Cyrus" Forakis - Cyrus came to Arizona with his mother and began working as a certified Midwife and Herbalist, offering holistic solutions to life's problems. He fell quickly in love with Stormy Skye, a Child of Gaia that he met and the two embarked on a journey together, bearing three children, the first of which was a Galliard, like their mother. All three were born showing signs of the Children of Gaia's breeding, and all three unheard of event.
    • Paian Forakis - Paian is a university professor in Lemnos, where he lives with his wife and children under Heals the Wounded Soul's protection. He has a child by a Black Fury in the United States.
  • Galina Forakis - Galina is one of Heals the Wounded Soul’s daughters, and the mother of Manny, Atti, and Pari Forakis. She is a Kinfolk of Pure Breed 5 and has passed her strong genes to her children. Having two sons was a disappointment to the staunch Fury kinfolk, but after a night of battlefield revelry, she got her girl via a Fianna Ahroun named Declan “Drinks All Night” Brennan. Declan demanded the rights to his little Fianna girl, but Galina claimed her for Pegasus. In a fit of fury, Declan beat Galina, earning the notoriety of Pegasus. Pari’s 8-year-old son, Manny, witnessed the entire thing. Pari is unaware of her parentage.
  • Adrasteia Forakis - Adrasteia is never spoken of, and marked as dead in the family records.
  • Agatha Forakis - Agatha "Shines Like Night" was Parthenia's youngest daughter and one of the few girls to change. An Ahroun, she struggled with the family's tendency away from vengeance. She and her mother struggled often, but the final straw came when Agatha decided to join the Amazons of Diana. Furious at her daughter's defiance, Heals the Wounded Soul sent her away from Greece to America, where she settled in Boston, shunning her sisters in her anger. Very little is known by the family about Shines Like Night's time in Boston until word she arrived in Queens, pregnant, to beg her sister Galina's help. She knew the baby inside her was the evidence of a sin against the nation, and had an angry Fianna in pursuit. Galina, no midwife, considered taking Agatha to Arizona, to Pelly, but Agatha begged for anonymity so the shame would not follow the family. Pelly knew a midwife in Puerto Rico, a Gurahl who would understand the situation. Agatha dies in childbirth, and the Gurahl agrees to raise the child. Agatha's name is not spoken in the Forakis family, though if it is from grief or shame, no one knows.

Forakis PCs