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Original Name: Loud-Pup

Deed Name: Forges-Fury, previously Fights-With-Brains, Fight-With-Idiocy

Pack: The Devil's Path

Sept: Sept of the Looking Glass

Position: Dead, skinned, and cremated.

Age: In his breed form and either of the lupine forms Forges-Fury is quite grey around the muzzle. In the homid form his features are weathered and worn, and he could pass for anything from mid-forties up to sixty.

Notable Features: Forges' most notable feature is the one that marks him as a mule, his withered right leg. Aside from that, he displays the physical evidence of decades spent struggling with the Wyrm, other Garou, and the simple facts of life on the lowest rung in Garou society - that of a Metis.

His personality, bitter and combative in the days of his youth, has been worn down over the years to a sort of casual acceptance of his place in the social order of the Nation. He is a mule, and at long last he has made his peace with that. He is as loyal as always to those who are kind to him, he is gruff but personable, and he greets life with an almost zen-like perspicacious calm that springs from his new-found comfort with what he is (although he doesn't know the meaning of the word zen any more than he knows the meaning of the word perspicacious).

As old age encroaches and his body begins to fail him, Forges-Fury has begun thinking about what part of himself he will leave behind to future generations. He is a mule, so he will sire no descendants, but he can still pass on the wisdom and experience of his decades spent as a Fenrir warrior. He has become something of a teacher in his final days.

Forges-Fury displays proper claymore-swinging technique.


Forges-Fury displays improper claymore-swinging technique.

1968: A metis pup with a withered leg is born to a passing Fenrir lupus at the Sept of the Fiddler’s Green, near Atlanta. The local Eldest Fenrir, a homid female of breeding age who had recently birthed a homid pup of her own, tells the rest of the Sept to leave the metis be and lets it lie in the dirt and fallen leaves. When it remains alive three days later, filthy, encrusted with the dried remains of its birth, and with enough breath left to squall loudly, she adopts it and begins to nurse it. She tells the rest of the Sept that it has passed its first test of Gaia and has earned the right to live. She also mentions that its caterwauling grew so annoying that she was eventually compelled to feed it to shut it up, and refers to it as “That Loud Pup” in recognition of this.

1968 - 1983: Loud grows up on the bawn, hidden from the world outside. He is left to fend for himself once he is weaned and manages to stay alive by feeding on bugs, small animals, and the refuse of the other garou. He learns to keep his head down and his mouth shut. Still, he is a metis, so he is abused often enough no matter what he does to try to prevent it. He finally snaps one day, and undergoes his First Change as a result.

1983 - 1990: Loud is taught the ways of the Garou Nation alongside several other Cubs. Once trips outside the bawn are authorized as part of his training he finds that a world exists, away from other garou, where he is not always the omega. When he is around humans in human form he is just another person. The outside world becomes his escape from his life as a mule.

After his Rite of Passage he becomes part of a pack consisting of the Cubs with which he went through the Rite, and after one of them manages to acquire something for him called a “fake ID” he accompanies his packmates to a place called the Metroplex. This is his first experience with music, and the variety being played there is raw and violent and stirs his Fenrir blood like nothing has before. As the weeks and months pass he becomes a fixture at the Metroplex and at other bars like PJ Haleys, the Wreck Room, and eventually Somber Reptile and the Masquerade. During this time he finally does something notable enough to earn even a Metis a Deed Name and becomes knows as Fights-With-Brains.

1991 - 1999: Brains enters a vicious behavioral cycle. The angrier he gets at his treatment by the Sept, the more determined he is to stick it to them by becoming the ultimate Fenrir warrior. He trains hard, throws himself into combat heedless of the odds, and is somehow lucky enough to survive the passing years. He eventually grinds his way to the Rank of Fostern, but he doesn’t hold that Rank for long. His Rage becomes increasingly difficult for him to control as his frustration grows, and he eventually falls victim to the Thrall of the Wyrm, is Scandalled back down to Cliath, and is renamed Fight-With-Idiocy before driven from the Sept.

1999-2010: Idiocy travels the length and breadth of North America. He meets a Bone Gnawer early on who teaches him how to survive as Anruth, and he also teaches him metalworking as a means of channeling his Metis anger and frustration into something useful. By the time the Ratkin War kicks off Idiocy has begun taking the first halting steps towards learning to control the Rage that has been slowly killing him.

The War itself is a bit of a mixed bag. True, it is terrible and the Garou Nation is hard-pressed, but amid the destruction Idiocy finally learns how to deal with what he is. He is a mule, and yes, he is a genetic dead end, but even so his life can still have purpose. He protects those who can breed, and he tries to help younger Metis along the path that he had to take alone in his younger days. By the time the Ratkin War ends the newly renamed Forges-Fury, once more a Fostern, realizes that everything he has suffered in his long and painful existence was correct and, if not just, then necessary. There is a reason why the Nation must continue to scorn and revile the results of its own corruption - to keep that corruption from ever becoming commonplace.

2010-2013: Forges-Fury is still Anruth when the Rite to bring down Anthelios devastates the Garou Nation, and he is in the thick of the fighting when the forces of the Wyrm take advantage of the damage done to the defenders of Gaia. Once the worst of the crisis is over and things start to settle back down he has a new factor to put into the decision about what to do with the remainder of his days, one inflicted on him by the years and years of relentless travel and constant combat.

He is tired. For the first time in his life he is beginning to wake with aches and pains that don’t seem to want to go away as the day wears on. His joints take a little longer to loosen up when he starts his daily weapons practice, and the soreness in his muscles lingers a little longer when he is done. Each new day on the road ends not with the satisfaction of another day overcome, but with the more mundane issues of the aching in his back, the pain in his feet, and most of all the agony in his withered leg. He has reached the point where his body has taken that decision about the future out of his hands, and he knows what he has to do.

It is time to go home.

Rumors and Quotes

Nordic Wolves.jpeg
  • "Fucking metis." - Patrick Kennedy
  • "He's loud in action and quiet in strength. May I live so long, I hope I can emulate that- he's tempered steel, bends when he needs to but doesn't break." Ali Kiercel "Firebreak"
  • "I sincerely wish that he'd been born a Fury Metis. He is a leader who refuses to lead because of how the Get raised him. It makes me sad." Demetra Papavasiliou
  • "He gave me a place to stay when I had none and even watches Jay sometimes. Yeah, fucker's good in my book." - Asha
  • "What can I say about my packmate and fellow Metis? He's fuckin' fierce and scary as hell. I wouldn't wish his fury on my worst enemy, well definitely on the Wyrm and BSDs but no garou enemy at least." - Jingles
  • "If they all knew their place like this one does, well the nation would be a much better place. He should be fucking put on a pedestal and paraded in front of the rest of their kind." - Declan Brennan
  • "Man! Did you see the way he tore the arm off that thing? It's totally bitchin! He didn't even break a sweat. Maybe next time I'll give the fomorii a head start just so it'll have a fighting chance. I think Forges Fury might like that." - Plays With Fire
  • "Great fighter. I trust him to lead on the battlefield. We get along pretty well, and given we were raised to hate each other, I wonder how good a Fenrir he is. Outside of my pack, he's my go-to on his tribe." - Pari Forakis
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Apocalypse PC

Player: Tony Perry
Character: Forges-Fury

Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Get of Fenris
Breed: Metis
Rank: Adren

Glory: 8
Honor: 4
Wisdom: 2
VST: Jason R. US20021151

OOC Information

Player Name: Tony Perry

Membership Number: US2002023315

Atlanta, GA