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Never made a wiki, before? Want yours to stand out a little more than the basic template? The resources linked below will help you navigate some of the finer points of coding, designing, and image-editing. Have fun!

- Kimberly, Wiki Admin

Making a Page

1. Enter the title you want in the Search box, top right.
2. Click on the red link that says "Create page your title" at the top of the results.

Deleting a Page

Type {{DeleteMe|reason}} at the top of the article, replacing "reason" with the exact explanation for why the page needs to go.

Coding Help

Wiki Code Cheatsheet
This handy page summarizes a wide variety of wiki code, and gives examples of how to use it, where, and what it should produce.
Basic Formatting Tutorial
Wikipedia offers a series of tutorials to cover the basics, along with "sandboxes," which are safe pages to test your skills in.
More Formatting Help
This set of instructions is from Mediawiki.
How to Make Tables
Basic instructions for tables to organize information.
Adding Pictures
The many, many ways to place an image on a wiki page.
Adding Pictures 2
More advice on images from Mediawiki.

Style Help

Icons for Various Venues
Apply as you like!
A free, powerful image manipulation program with a wide range of options.
A free, great quality online image editor.
Choosing a Font
Want to look good? Read this and take notes.