Forrest Frost

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Changeling PC

Player: Kevin Hislop
Character: Forrest Frost
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Hunterheart
Court: Dry
Freehold: Freehold of the Phoenix Guard
VST: DMH Changeling VST

The Idear

Name: Forrest Frost, The Sloth

Court: Dry (Summer)

Notable Traits: He is a 7' Three Toed sloth that tends to be hanging on to a large stick carried by his brother Jack. Every once in a while, he just seems to disappear something as big as him does this, no one knows...

The Frost Brothers

Folks He May or May Not Know

Von Jagen


  • Sounds of wet, sucking, sloppy chewing. Forrest is sitting nearby.
  • "He is a man of little words...but a simple nod often suffices for what is needed. Though frankly - I prefer the conversations of his brother." - Jacob the Liar
  • Sighs. "He SAID...." - Jack
  • "I appreciate his silence as much as I appreciate his moonshine...both are strong." - Reset
  • "Zippy The Sloth...don't fuck with him." Token
  • "Forrest is a good man. Although he is quiet, he makes himself heard when he deems it important or warranted." - Biancabella


  • Forrest makes some incredible moonshine, probably stronger than most anything else you've ever drank
  • He and the wombat are twins.
  • He makes all his shine in stills built by Jack. Says no one else can build one worth using...
  • He has a ridiculous crush on Ceili Kennedy.
  • Spends a lot of time at Ceili's residence.
  • Can often be found in the only place where you keep giants...the back of a Model T...
  • He once walked twenty miles to the hospital, in the snow, with his throat slit open....
  • He survived an attack during the Great War that killed all of his division.
  • He boxed with Spanish Influenza and won - before modern medicine.
  • He's invincible.


John Smith - Thank you, Jesse Robbins.
Forrest Bondurant - Lawless
Every adorable picture of sloths out there (i.e. every picture of a sloth ever ;) ))

OOC Information

Player: Kevin Hislop

MES Number: US2006027408

Location: Phoenix, AZ