François Villon

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Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla ••••• •••••
Whereabouts: Paris, France
Controlling Storyteller: [mailto:[1] AGSL Masquerade]

Character Information

Name: François Villon
Clan: Toreador
Born: 1197
Embraced: 1230
Sire: Helena, Progeny of Minos
Generation: 5th
Villon is an Accepted Member of the Camarilla.
[6 Abiding] Confirmed, Privileged, Established, Authority, Commander, Sovereign
[4 Fleeting] Favored by Elder Rafael de Corazon, ???, ???, ???
Title or Position: Prince of Paris, France
Reference: WoD1 p57, PG2 p133, GC2, TC3, HoD, MC

Known Information

Known as the eldest and most powerful Prince in Europe, Villon was embraced in 1230 by the well known Methuselah, Helena. He rose to become Prince of Paris by 1666 and was influential even then throughout France. However, during the French Revolution, his holdings were stormed by both mortal revolutionaries and Sabbat members who drove him from the city.

Feigning his death for a few years, Villion returned to reclaim his city and rebuild his country after the ravages of the revolution. He was the focal point around which many influential elders, such as Mme. Guil, lent their resources in the name of the Camarilla.

Since then his power and reach have only grown, one of his childer even rising to become Justicar. A long time patron of the arts, many Toreador flock to his court just to catch his eye for merely a moment, on the off chance the Prince of Paris might take an interest.


Please see the Toreador Lineages Page


  • Known to be Prince of France as early as 1666
  • During the French Revolution, was attacked by Anarchs. Faked his death for several years then reclaimed his throne
  • Created the Hégémonie Toreador Law
Toreador Symbol.png


  • Most powerful and influence Toreador in Europe

OOC Information

This is a Canon NPC Please contact the AGSL Masquerade for ties or other ST-related things.