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Character Information
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Antonio, TX
Player: Jonathan S.
Storyteller: San Antonio VTM VST
"Cine aleargă după doi iepuri, nu prinde nici unul."
~Romanian Proverb


Frank masked.

Name: Francisc Iepure
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla


Acknowledged in the Camarilla

Architect of the Ivory Tower

Authority as an Prince of San Antonio
Commander as an Prince of San Antonio
Sovereign as an Prince of San Antonio

Confirmed as an Elder
Established as an Elder
Priveleged as an Elder

Loyal by word of Archon David Daniel Steiner
Acclaimed by word of Primogen Dagmuar

[Okulos] <6> (351 to present)

The Man
Franc, as he has come to be called, is practicing conversationalist. He'll take the time to discuss with you anything you should wish and provided you have afforded his time well, will engage you in turn. He is well known for his active investigation of the pliable blood anomaly among Nosferatu. He has conducted research on the random development of estranged blood powers over many years. Described as a patriarchal pedagogue for his clan, he openly offers aid to any Nosferatu that require it...for any reason.

The Monster
Darkened eyes even when masked and speaks in a heavy Romanian accent. Wearing a grey hooded robe and slippers, Franc stands over six feet tall and operates with slow, but deliberate, movements. While he rarely shows his unmasked form, he is welcome to display it if asked. His skin is grey and peeling across the structures of his face. Multiple rows of large teeth line his mouth and sunken black holes exist where his eyes should be. Two elongated ears sprout from either side of his head. He keeps his hair reasonably well kept for a Nosferatu.

Frank unmasked.


Franc's Public History
This information is considered to be OOC knowledge unless otherwise discovered IC.


  • Franc has been known to eat his problems.
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  • "Here, let me show you...right this way, childe. Into the darkness." -- Franc
  • "It's so refreshing to have another Nos in the city. Making decisions for the clan, in the city, when it's mostly just yourself, gets exhausting." -- Mabel Ruby
  • "Stoneking know Elder Franc, introduce to to Elder Malastova. Ignore Stoneking. Will find later, not know what Introduction give. Decide then." -- Stoneking
  • "Elder Iepure speaks my language--and I'm not talking about words." -- Wohl
  • "I see a long a prosperous relationship forming with Elder Franc, he is very wise and knowledgeable." -- Dagmuar
  • "He is a man who understands the balance of facade and stability. A skilled Architect always does, he knows that he builds a house of cards and credits the person who makes the table it is set upon." -- Danielle Ropchan
  • "A fellow Architect, Elder Iepure understands the true value of extended commerce." -- Dr. Gabriel Tennyson
  • "Someone who goes back to the beginning of the Tower with me! If you need something found out, there's no one better to ask." -- Nkosi Mungisi
  • "Our scholarly brother. The Makers' library would not be as impressive as it is without Franc's assistance throughout the centuries. Always interested in the sciences and politics, he found the concept of the Camarilla fascinating; he could not help but be involved. Nowadays, he seems to have a fascination with the dark things that lurk deep beneath the warrens. I hope it does not prove to be his undoing." -- Marus
  • "My brother possesses a great gift, and is one of the few I enjoy speaking with at length during the darkest of times. His talents reveal themselves not only in the art he practices, but also in the profound ways that he affects and influences others. Our family would surely be lost without him." -- Ammarah
  • "My grandsire is a man of many words. While others of our clan will spy on people to get information, Franc can talk it out of you--without you even realizing what you're giving away." -- Dr. Sinclair
  • "Architect Iepure is known for his research into the pliable blood of our clan. I'm sure he'll be able to teach me a few things when we talk, and perahps, I'll be able to teach him something as well. Though with his experience, something new may be hard to provide." -- Bernard Green
  • "One of the few Elders I've met that understands duty to the Tower can, and often will, trump proper etiquette or social standing. He realizes at the end of the day, we all sink or swim together. Even the ones who can't cross water." -- Ethan Sullivan
  • "The mark of Elder Marus is clear upon this one, that alone should terrify anyone; and he has proven himself a Kindred to be respected. I look forward-warily-to working with him in defense of our Tower and Clans." -- Lexi von Jaeger
  • "A rather imposing Nosferatu, but I repeat myself." -- Earl Stedman Harrington
  • "Isn't it strange when the most adept at the game of banter that I run into, lately, are Nosferatu? How refreshing that he's not the pedant I expected, and almost playful. Maybe I finally have an incentive to visit his Domain more often..." -- Jayne Joyce
  • (In French) "Brother in clan and country, I do not think he and I will ever have much of an issue understanding one another perfectly.." -- Guillaume de'Marianne
  • "What a stalwart and caring man. I admire his staunch approach within his praxis and look forward to the privilege of knowing him better some day." - Jeannie
  • "The courtesy and grace that the new Prince as shown to the Magisters will not be forgotten. When respect is given , it is returned. I look forward to our future conversations." - Costanza Rodriguez
  • "He listens, but more importantly, he understands. He can see the true from the false where I cannot" - Alta Devereux
  • "There is no doubt in my mind that the Elder Architect only wants what is best for his city. True to Nosferatu fashion, he holds many cards to achieve this goal and plays them shrewdly. I wish him the best." - Edward Porter
  • "An uncontested praxis always makes me nervous, but he seems well respected and has the city's best interest in mind." - Astrid Malikov
  • "Long may he reign, long may his city stand. I will do my best to ensure this happens." - Nova
  • "We agree on so much. Now, if only we could find ways to implement and enforce the things we agree upon without making every other Elder in the Camarilla saltier than the Dead Sea." - Scarlett Thorne
  • (french) "I am more than thankful for his assistance when he offers it, as well as his subtly when he is aware of it." - Guillaume de'Marianne
  • "I think he's becoming my favorite." - Mabel Ruby
  • "He is still afraid..." - Stoneking
  • "I've met him twice now, and been impressed both by his politeness, and by the loyalty he has inspired in his city's residents. He is a good leader, if nothing else." - Martino Giovanni
  • "While I have a healthy fear of and respect for him, I believe him to be a good man, and so will trust him in the coming nights with what has been asked." - Brigette Cooper
  • "It surprises me that we have never hunted Sabbat together over the years. He would have been quite an asset during my younger day and a worthy companion in eliminating them. Sadly I have lost the chance as Elders rarely step down from the sweet siren of Praxis to join me in extermination. Still.. one can dream." - The Broken
  • "There is an undeniable mystique of power around the elders of his domain, and there is quite a preponderance of them. Between Elder Prince Franc and Master Harpy Tennyson, I shudder to think of the suffering to be visited on those brazen enough to defy our traditions while under their jurisdiction. Still, one must wonder what great intrigues are discussed in the backroom meetings of such an Elder-saturated Praxis, and even moreso how any Prince is able to manage so many ancient personalities." - Nathaniel Lannick
  • "He is one charming surprise after another. I look forward to taking him up on his invitation." - Clé deMontes
  • "Prince Iepure wishes to remind us we are all monsters. My hope is I can remind him, he's not, before it's far too late." -- Jayne Joyce
  • "An Elder of character and passion. He understands the old world way of things. We are of like minds of events and it is my hope that he can keep his Domain strong in these dark hours that are set upon us." - Robyn Remington
  • "Elder Prince Franc's leadership is quite motivating. A great deal got done in San Antonio this evening while ancillae and neonates tripped over themselves for the Prince's reward." -Nathaniel Lannick
  • "It impresses me greatly to hear an of elder architect of the tower who is ready to roll up his sleeves and dirty his hands fighting the sabbat. Primogen Marcus's dreams may yet be realized. Now if only Franc were not so quick to dismiss the concept of a brujah prince :-( " -Hugo
  • "I can tell when I look into his eyes, that he isn't sure if he wants to rip out my tongue or find other uses for it." - Jayne Joyce
  • "That's a funny way of saying your prayers. But he is an Elder and must speak many languages, so what do I know?" - Desdemona Graves



“Fear of things invisible is the natural seed of that which everyone in himself calleth religion.” ―Thomas Hobbes


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Player: Jonathan S.

MES Number: US2014080053