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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

Changeling PC

Player: Ryan B.
Character: Frank Doyle Jr.
Seeming: Elemental
Kith: Airtouched
Court: Dusk
Freehold: Lexington, KY
VST: Erik S.

Please try not to inhale

Character Information

Name: Frank Doyle Jr.

Seeming: Elemental

Kith: Airtouched

Court: Dusk Mantle 2

Goodwill: Summer 1

Notable Traits:

  • Usually seen with a pipe in his mouth. May or may not be the same pipe that was once used to smoke him. It's never lit, he's just blowing out his excess.
  • Speaks in a slight Southern drawl. He's seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas one too many times.
  • Slightly (understatement) Paranoid. He sees hidden motives and meanings and just about everything. Is he right? Who knows.
  • Owner and sole employee of Smoke and Mirror Investigations

Title or Position: Private Investigator

Archetype Achievements: Private Eye, Occultist

Physical Description

Mask: 5'9 male of average build, dark hair, unshaven face, and much of his skin is covered in a layer of soot (think a dirty Chimney Sweep).

Mien: A man made entirely of grey smoke whose only solid features are his clothes and equipment, size varies.

Clothing: Typically wears a T-shirt, jeans, a grey scarf wrapped around his neck, a white hat on his head, and sometimes wears a red jacket.


  • Close to catching his longtime nemesis the Doorman.
  • His version of getting to know someone is following them from a distance and later digging through their trash.
  • May or may not have written children's books in the past.
  • Claims to be asexual, but is attracted to intelligent women.


  • Case 1: The Doll House (Status: Completed)

A mysterious Hollow seemingly long abandoned guarded by bird puppet Hobs. Revealed to have been where the missing Spring Monarch, Thomas McGreggor was being kept, but only his blood was found on the scene.

Client: DJ Radix Payment: Freebie

  • Case 2: A Dog's Day (Status: Completed)

After hearing word of slavers in the area, my companions and I leapt into action, rescuing Noah "Puck" Puckerman in the process and introducing him into Changeling society.

Client: DJ Radix, Noah "Puck" Puckerman Payment: Freebie

  • Case 3: The Wolf's Bride (Status: Ongoing)

Hired by Henry Bryant to find his missing fiance Natalie Hart.

Client: Henry Bryant Payment: TBD

  • Case 4: The Missing Monarch (Status: Completed)

Though the culprit, Autumn Monarch Chester Morecroft, has been identified as the one responsible, the search for the Spring Monarch, Thomas McGreggor continues.

Client: DJ Radix, Thomas McGreggor Payment: VOID, Found without me

  • Case 5: Winter is Gone (Status: Complete)

The Winter Monarch, Jessica Snow, had also been captured, but thanks to myself and crack team of Changelings we were able to locate her, rescue, and punish those responsible.

Client: Jessica Snow Payment: Use of the Winter Monarch's library

  • Case 6: Fetching the Fetch (Status: Complete)

Hired by the dog to find his Fetch who may or may not in a football team in Florida.

Client: Noah "Puck" Puckerman Payment: Use of services

  • Case 7: The Name Thief (Status: Complete)

In exchange for scenes of the past, my companions and I were hired by a fortune teller to find a stealer of names, which as Changelings know hold power over the individual.

Client: Fortune Teller Payment: A glimpse of the past

  • Case 8: The Nutcracker Redux (Status: Completed)

A being known as the Rat King is building an army with an intent to take over the area. To stop him he must free the sheriff Tommy and the "Princess."

Client: DJ Radix, Tommy Payment: Protection of the Freehold, my own best interest

  • Case 9: Honey Trap (Status: Incomplete)

While visiting the Freehold of Annapolis, my companions and I assist the local Changelings in finding the whereabouts of the body of a recently deceased comrade of theirs who has seemingly risen from the dead.

Client: Faich Payment: Void, Unable to complete case

  • Case 10: Double Doyle (Status: Ongoing)

Curious about the status of my own Fetch, i've decided to look into the matter on my own time.

Client: Myself Payment: We'll see..

  • Case 11: Summer Games Shenanigans (Status: Don't Bother)

I somehow got roped to a series of challenges that didn't really matter to me personally and distracted from my work.

Client: Who cares Payment: Uhh..

  • Case 12: The Missing Mein (Status: Shelved)

Every Changeling in the country lost their Mein for a day which included prophetic visions and a volcanic eruption.

Client: NA Payment: Curiosity

  • Case 13: The Stick of Truth (Status: Ongoing)

The Mayor believes Changelings are evil child snatchers and has hired Hunters to capture us.

Client: My own self interest Payment: A safer Freehold

  • Case 14: The Changelings that Stole Christmas (in July) (Status: Complete?)

Three mysterious Changelings are pushing Christmas in July around town and have possible connection to Case 13.

Client: DJ Radix Payment: Get rid of those annoying jingles around town

  • Case 15: Red Dwarf (Status: Complete)

Dwarf-like Hobs are expanding their territory and blowing up anything that stands in their way which is a big no no for us local types.

Client: Mushroom Hobs Payment: A piece of their mushroom flesh


Smoke & Mirror Investigations:

Clients (Past/Present):



  • The Doorman, ???
  • Chester Morecroft, Rogue Autumn Monarch, Deceased
  • Crow CtL, Thief
  • The Rat King, True Fae, Deceased
  • The Top Hat Man, Possible Vampire
  • The Mayor
  • Hunters



  • "Frank Doyle Jr., Private Detective."
  • "I've seen some weird shit, but then - who hasn't?"
  • "Truth, Retrieval, and Peace of Mind at a responsible cost." - Smoke and Mirror tagline
  • "Ohhhh man! This guy is straight out of a comic book, man. He's a badass private eye, Lexington local, one of the few Dusk courtier's I've ever met. He's amazing to work with and works hard around town. Great guy!" ~ DJ Radix
  • "I am interested to see if this detective will come to the same conclusions that I have regarding the nature of Changeling society. Elementals such as we should engage in some sort of uniformity I think." - Professor Mercury
  • "I enjoyed the man, he seemed oddly interested in my medical bag, and he seemed to think I displayed the signs of a Serial Killer, or some other nonsense, but in the end we had a quite nice conversation and I think I belayed any concerns he may have had." - Ambrose Crom Cruach
  • "Frank can be hard to understand sometimes; also, he mumbles." - Lugh

OOC Information

Player: Ryan B.

MES Number: US2015030074

Location: Lexington, KY [ky-006-d]