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Oh, the difference a few months make. The murders have stopped, Lost's legacy is being fast forgotten, and Annapolis is making friends across the country. The appearance of a mysterious submarine in the waters of the bay led to (hopefully) temporary insanity for a few members of the Freehold, and the city prepares for the Crown to leave Winter for the first time in years. The city is at peace; but is it true peace, or just the calm before the storm?

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Freehold Pledge

  • Wording: "Here's some shit. You fuck with the freehold, you get fucked up and fuck off."
  • Task: Fealty
  • Boon: Vassalage, Blessing (2), Adroitness
  • Sanctions: Banishment, Flaw
  • Duration: Season

The Court Officials


Spring Court of Annapolis

Summer Court of Annapolis

Autumn Court of Annapolis

Winter Court of Annapolis

Dawn Court of Annapolis

  • Bill - Beast / Steepscrambler

Moon Court of Annapolis

West Court of Annapolis

Courtless of Annapolis

Motleys of Annapolis

Locations of Note

Map of Annapolis

Apollo's Pub

  • Get lost in the music.

Navy-Marine Memorial Station

  • Summer Court Headquarters

William Paca House and Garden

  • Spring Court Headquarters

Taylor Funeral Home

  • Winter Court Headquarters
  • Owned and Operated by Cordelia Cane
  • Recently acquired after the previous funeral home burned to the ground

The "Witch's Grave" at Turxtun

  • Autumn Court Headquarters

Back Creek Goblin Market

  • Bob "The Ent" can be found in the mortal world at the Port Annapolis Marina if you want passage to the Market.

The Graveyard

Venue-Specific Timeline

  • Annapolis, MD autumn 2010.
    • Not many these days remember why the monarchs of Autumn (Santa Muerte) and Winter (Lord Loss) hated each other. Some say they used to be like brothers (Or real brothers) before their durance but by 2010 the rulers hated each other so much that their respective courts would carry out their feud throughout the years. Santa Muerte had decided to win the feud once and for all, and he kidnapped Lord Loss’ son and told him to give up or he would hurt them. Without much choice in the matter, Lord Loss proclaims Santa Muerte the winner of the feud but when Santa Muerte gave Lord Loss his son he had died from an allergic reaction to a spider bite. It was an accident, Santa Muerte claimed that the kid had been locked in a room safe and sound and he had fed him every day. How was he supposed to know that the kid was allergic to spiders and that he would be bit by one while in the room? Lord Loss was overcome with sorrow, and such was his desperation and his desire for justice that he called upon his own Keeper and made a deal that would cost the freehold dearly.
    • Baron Perdition, the Prince of Broken Hearts, heard Lord Loss’ plea and agreed to a pledge. He would help Lord Loss take control of the freehold and its members in exchange for co-ruling the freehold with him. Lord Loss knew that the Baron could give him information on every member of the freehold that would grant him power over them. With all the details covered and winter soon approaching, Lord Loss prepared to take the city.
  • December 22, 2010
    • Lord Loss gets the crown from Santa Muerte and the crowning ceremony was mired with death. After stabbing Santa Muerte in the heart, Lord Loss went on to explain to the Freehold what he had just pledged with his Keeper. Baron Perdition had given Lord Loss information on every member on how to break their hearts. Lord Loss had then acquired that which each member loved most and held it ransom like Santa Muerte had done to him. With everyone under his control, Lord Loss became the Tyrant of Winter.
  • 2010-2014
    • The Tyrant’s rule started with death and it remained the theme for many years. He created a Gestapo-like secret police made form Winter courtiers called “The Unseen” that would keep an eye for insubordination or resistance. During the first few years of Lord Loss’ rule many changelings in the Freehold disappeared. Some were suspected killed because they fought back and other might have left the city, but with the Unseen about no one was sure. Lord Loss went to work on closing trod and trails that would lead into the city so as to minimize outside interference. There was no help coming to the changelings in Annapolis and the future looked gloomy as the life in the Freehold soon resembled a durance of its own. Baron Perdition did not waste his opportunity and soon his influence was seen all over Annapolis with innocents being caught in the middle of his games. The loved ones of the Freehold members were safe, for the Tyrant was true to his word, but the Lost had to sit idle and watch as the Baron corrupted their city. Everyone that tried to interfere was killed and soon the Freehold lost hope and the will to fight, which made Lord Loss stronger.
    • February 14, 2011 - David Krieger was caught trying to rescue the hostage Lord Loss held. Krieger's hostage and fiance was slowly broken down into component Abstractions (her smile, her blue eyes, her first love), which were sold to Goblin Markets, leaving behind an empty shell, as an object lesson to others who would attempt to defy Lord Loss.
  • Autumn 2014.
    • The Freehold gathered in secret and conspired. A conspiracy such as this had not succeeded in the 4 years of the Tyrant’s rule, but the Unseen were not going to find these conspirators because the Unseen were conspirators too. The Unseen wanted out of the nightmare as much as anyone else, therefore it was only logical that they would be the ones to plan his downfall. As it was one night of death that started the Tyrant’s rule, so it was one night of death that brought it to its end. With the help of the Unseen, the Freehold members stormed the Tyrant’s stronghold and killed him. Many changelings died that night, but the Tyrant was killed and the baron left the city.
  • Winter 2014/2015
    • After the death of the Tyrant, the Freehold was plunged into paranoia and uncertainty as members of the Spring Court were murdered right and left. The Freehold came into direct conflict with the Police, culminating in a hostage negotiation in broad daylight. A hesitant peace was brokered with the lead Investigator, and the Freehold located the killer of Spring Courtiers, a Wizened of the Summer Court who despised Spring for accepting Loss' rule. He was imprisoned and executed, buying the Freehold a moment of peace.
  • March 2015
    • A submarine appeared in the Bay and brought madness with it, filling the minds of several changelings with visions. Worse, when some entered it, seeking to destroy it, it drew them into the Deep Hedge, merely a stone's throw from Arcadia. They managed to escape, but the submarine remained lurking in the waters.
  • April 2015
    • An assault was launched upon the Freehold, with Honey abducted and murdered by misshapen clones of the Annapolis Changelings, and Apollo's Pub being warped and transported into the Submarine, only barely escaping.
  • June 2015
    • The Freehold competed in the local Summer games, in preparation for the games at Roanoke.
  • July 2015
    • A fighting ring of enslaved hobs and changelings was discovered operating in Annapolis. They "tricked" the Summer monarch, John Vimes, into pledging to fight in the ring for the rest of his life. The Freehold managed to free the Monarch and lead a slave rebellion, tearing the stadium down and slaughtering its leaders...but not before discovering the presence of a nearby Actor.
  • August 2015
    • The Actor of the Oracle captured the changeling Sahara, torturing and killing her before forging her body into a prop. The Freehold called in allies from across the country to launch an attack, burning through the Annapolis hedge to destroy their enemy. While unable to kill it, they successfully drove the Actor back into Arcadia...though at a cost.
  • October 2015
    • Servants of the Actor that had survived the attack gathered together and began to roam the Annapolis hedge, slaughtering hob villages by the dozen.
  • November 2015
    • The Freehold and its neighbors were gathered together by the local Goblin Market for an enormous party and war council, as the attacks upon Hob villages was discussed. After several hours of preparation the group hunted down the army, with Cordelia Cane performing a ceremony to take control of the enemy general ((a ten foot tall skeleton)) while the rest of the assembled warriors slaughtered the army around it. The Actor of the Oracle, responsible for killing Sahara returned only to find its army destroyed and its servant turned against it, and was quickly defeated.

NPCs and events of note

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